Are you a demigod?

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Are you a demigod? This is pretty much according to what Rick Riordan's book series' demigods are like. Hope you enjoy

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    Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD or thought you have ADHD?

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37 days ago
Merry Christmas.
39 days ago
Chat dead?
56 days ago
@psoj I feel discord would be better that way it's a group chat if others want to talk
56 days ago
Also yea how is it exactly the gods fell and is it only greek?
56 days ago
Dang this place got some activity all the sudden
57 days ago
The gods have fallen, what do you mean by that? Sorry I’m a bit slow sometimes but like what happened to them, I mean there Gods.
64 days ago
hey yall. its been a while, huh? As u guys might remember, i thouthg i was a son of zeus, then jupiter. I havent been claimed yet. that led me to the conclusion that

1 - i can see thru the mist, and play some sort of role i just havent discovered yet
2 - I am a son of Tawaki, who is the Maori/New zealand version of Zeus/Jupiter.
3 - the Gods have fallen.

Ik u might not belive me, but ive been 16 since june. its too much for me to handle, knowing that my godly parent wont claim me. However, if you guys need a more secure way to reach out to me, lmk. I will give you my phone number.

The Son of The Lightning God
76 days ago
yo @Lotus, I agree lmao-

Also stay safe you guys.
78 days ago
Blaze, I wish I could talk but I only have time for this small message. I am currently stuck in a middleschool and they think that I am an allumni and they are throwing me a party and I can't get out. The entire school somehow knows me even though I don't know them. Which is kinda creapy. They are starting to come back from the dunk tank area so I have to go. See you out there brother, and other demigods.
78 days ago
Am I the only one who loves that it mentions this is not a dating sight. Like what we gonna do? 💀
82 days ago
I honestly got no idea, but I hope they're alright??
85 days ago
Hello people. And not people. Also is @Blaze dead or not???
91 days ago
If you know who I am you may be suprised to see because.. Im dead. I can barely explain what killed me but I can explain where I'm at, I think. So I was battling this monstor that I have never seen before, but what happened waas they took away my powers! They then used my powers to kill me and after i died I didn't go to the underworld I just started floating and I went through the ground for 2 years! I was then teleported to my old house and able to walk around again, but when I tried to leave the bouanderies (sorry my gramer is geting pretty rusty from being away for so leng) of the hous, I hear footsteps coming from outside and the y dont sound human to me. I can't leave the house but I can help you with the war from here if you need it.
91 days ago
Is anybody on? Cause I got alot to explain about my whole situation.
92 days ago
If any o e is the son of the big 3 yourin danger
107 days ago
I've been good, thanks for asking. You?
111 days ago
111 days ago
@Foster I remember you I don't know where everyone went but hiw you been
112 days ago
So. The last time I visited this place was years 2018, maybe 2019 or 2020. I recognize some of you. I definitely remember Daughter of Athena.
Man, it's been awhile. I'm assuming most of you guys are new, and the ones I talked to back then, well, they're probably gone. Unfortunately.

Maybe the ones I knew are here, and I just don't remember. In case this sparks up any memory, I was the son of Poseidon. From awhile ago. And boy does this site bring back a lot of memories. I've been safe for the past few years, if you don't count my abusive father.

Anyways, that's all. Hello to you new and old people. Hope you guys are doin' alright.
121 days ago
Hello. Can I just say (not in a creepy way) that I’ve been reading all the comments on this quiz for literally years now and am really sorry to everyone getting hurt and attacked and going to war. Sounds rough.