Are you a demigod?

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Are you a demigod? This is pretty much according to what Rick Riordan's book series' demigods are like. Hope you enjoy

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    Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD or thought you have ADHD?

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87 days ago
Ok, so apparently I'm a child of the big three. So confused. idk, I'm looking further into this, if any monsters want to trifle with me, they can go to tartarus for all I care. Try me boi! (I always thought, well, if I'm a demigod, I'd defiantly be a child of Ares or Hades. dunno. this is new to me....
105 days ago
Omg my name is actually orpheus and I am a child of Poseidon and I actually got stuck under my mom's paddle board and it was underwater and my mom said that I was stuck under there for three minutes because she didn't know where I was((teomg al))
140 days ago
Good, but maybe not make it about the common guessable stuff. Probably make it more deep and hard to figure out
142 days ago
Omg! I am a child of big three.... help me man!
156 days ago
go to long but not short, island where nobody ever been. He will meet you.
161 days ago
OMG I am a child of the big three
170 days ago
you are the worst boiiiiiiiiiiii
170 days ago
no offence but its scientifucally proven that Greek gods are not real cause um science
186 days ago
I've always known I was probably the daughter of Apollo. Not a big 3 but still a major God. All the things line up. I have adhd, i might have dyslexia, I don't know who my father really is because I've never met him. I've been told he has blue eyes and golden hair just like Apollo and just like me. I also am attracted to music and been playing a string instrument since I was nine. I'm also very good at mathematics and medicine. And i recently started drawing really well, when all of my life I couldn't draw pretty much anything well, and apparently the gods often gift there children with abilities once they're older so that was kinda wierd. No joke these traits are Apollo's most prominent things he's a god of. It's freaky
215 days ago
Are you a demigod?
A child of the big three. I suggest you seek help IMEADIATLY some you don't get eaten.
322 days ago
It says I'm a child of the big three and I just turned twelve...
338 days ago
I think I am a demigod. Either daughter of Athena or Apollo. I get SOOOO much deja vu. And I live in MN and camp half blood is in new York. and I'm not 100 persent I'm a demigod! Mostly because I'm a Christian! I NEED HELP
349 days ago
I am a child of the big three am I really in danger or what
352 days ago
so i am a child of Poseidon here and i already knew it but i am a demigod so yay me
398 days ago
when does camp halfblood start
399 days ago
Child of athena (i know that for sure) so this just confirms that i am an actual demigod
432 days ago
Child of the big three here. Am I really in danger of being killed by a monster?
578 days ago
Hey um i just want to know if im really in danger and will be going to camp half blood so please tell me and im the son of a goddess or Olympians[encluding big three]please help me.
938 days ago
Great test, but I just wanted to point out that if you were diagnosed with dyslexia, you wouldn't be able to read it, therefore wouldn't be able to answer the question. Not that I am dyslexic, I managed just fine.
1098 days ago
I cannot sit still in class