Am I in Love?

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Everybody wants to be in love, but how do you know if you truly are? Elementary, dear test-taker - by taking our "Am I in Love?" quiz, of course! The higher your score, the more in love you are. But don't worry if you're not in love quite yet - there's still plenty of time for all that. It's fine to concentrate on the many other very important things in life. Want to take the quiz? Let's go!

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    How do you see him/her?

    How do you see him/her?

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I don't think I can be any more in love! He defo likes me as we were a thing once upon a time😍 Xxx
6 days ago
Well, I got in love. Taking a lot of tests and all are +. I'm pretty sure I'! bi anyway, but I realised I like hugging her and holding her hand and crap. She also looked really pretty with her hair up with two framing strands. Welp, off for more tests!
20 days ago
I am definitely in love. 😍
34 days ago
I have a boyfriend Called Geared hie is a good boyfriend and I love him so much and he is so cute omg xxxxxxxxx
34 days ago
I know he love cause his friend told me he's cute and all that.. but he's not my type and this test say me and him have a perfect chance and don't screw it all...............
40 days ago
I’m in love! 😍🥰
42 days ago
BUT I’m still not 100% sure because he always talks to other girls right in front of me which is awkward.
42 days ago
Ok I shall let all my feelings out. He’s soo cute and sweeeeeeet! He always compliments me and tries to help me when I need a helping hand. One time he caught my eyes in the hallway and we were just staring at each other and blushing for a minute.
50 days ago
50 days ago
So everyone is way to desperate and is asking me out but I always say no like lol down there but I know he’s the right one cause we knew each other since kindergarten and I’ve liked him since then as well but he’s always so nice and adorable to me hope he asks me out!
72 days ago
I have a valid reason to think that too. My friend Annie was talking to me about how much I don’t look like my parents. I have tan skin, and dark, thick, brown curly hair, and dark brown eyes. And my dad has black, thin hair with blue eyes. My mom had light brown straight hair, but bleached it blonde, and she has light brown eyes. My sister has light brown hair, with light brown eyes. But my whole family is pale except my dad. But I am tanner than all of them, and as a baby, I looked like a different race than my parents claimed me to be. And I still sort of do. I know this has nothing to do with this quiz but, I just had to say it. But my whole life I spoke English, and some Spanish but that’s it. What if I have to learn a whole other language? I am not trying to be racist so please do not comment that I am racist.
72 days ago
I think I’m adopted.
73 days ago
Ughhhh I can’t tell anyone who I have a crush on, the only person I can tell is two of my friends SHOUTOUT MY BFFS ALEJANDRA AND YAYDI FOR KEEPING MY SECRET!!!! I really like this guy, he the type I like, he will protect me at all costs, and he’s funny, loves to laugh, loves adventure, AND HE’S HOT!!!!!!!! 👍 He always is telling me how beautiful I am, and his friends are always telling me how he wants me to go out with me. A lot of people have a crush on me, (not trying to brag) but they do, and the people that do have a crush on me usually make inappropriate remarks about how they like me. Stuff like “I could work her good.” But he isn’t like that. He doesn’t make remarks like that. He doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I’ve had people ask me out, I said no every single time. Because none of them were “The one” and my parents would kill me. But this boy, he’s the one, I can feel it in my bones. What I think I look like around him: 😏 VS What I actually look like: 0///- ///0 Should I say his name? Tell me if I should. Hopefully knows who I am here.
73 days ago
Hmmmm uhh so he's told me he has a crush, but the problem is he told me it was on my sister and that he's had it for 2 weeks, but the day before he told me, I decided I had a crush on him.... So yayyyy this is sooo much funnn *sarcasm mixed with sobs*
74 days ago
I think I'm in love with my best friend. Sadly I think she's straight. I almost melted when she smiled at me the other day. Perhaps she might like me someday.
91 days ago
Lol I guess I have my first crush. My friends won’t believe me.Oh boy
101 days ago
how am i supposed to know if i am in love if i havent been in love ever
101 days ago
hahahhathis actually helped me a lot
106 days ago
What's up bro Idek why I took this test so............ Yeah byeeeeeeeeee
107 days ago
I m not in love or m I?no m not though maybe m falling with this guy
He is a stoner,frnd cricle is also not good
My frnds doesn't approve him!he is not that famous though but there's something about him I find attractive,he is so micheveous,he approached me first 1year ago in school,he texted me over social media but I didn't care too much after 1year I liked him he ignored me in the beginning but right now he started showing me that he is interested but we don't talk!he sits in the next row outside Nd same goes for me but we r shy!idk what to do!idk what he wants
I m scared falling for him as this is the last year of school life,I don't want to get hurt