Am I in Love?

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Everybody wants to be in love, but how do you know if you truly are? Elementary, dear test-taker - by taking our "Am I in Love?" quiz, of course! The higher your score, the more in love you are. But don't worry if you're not in love quite yet - there's still plenty of time for all that. It's fine to concentrate on the many other very important things in life. Want to take the quiz? Let's go!

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    How do you see him/her?

    How do you see him/her?

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Anonymous (15236)
89 days ago
((fuchsia)I love him more than anything and everything.. But am unable to confess it to him.. I wish there was a way for this...
Anonymous (79227)
96 days ago
It said I just like him. But why am I not satisfied with that result? We like/ love each other but I'm not sure. I dont understand myself anymore >_
.... (67222)
96 days ago
I think I love him, but I'm not 100% sure. Plus I'm in 7 grade suppose to be in 8 grade but my dyslexia made me reapet 3rd grade. He's little sister who is a year younger than my little brother told me that she asked him oh your ganna marry her and he said how did you know my plans. I didn't how to feel at that moment so I just continued do what I was doing plus I was only there to vist for a few weeks that was last year. I started liking him and told him that in a text it took him a while to tell me he does to at the end he told me he needs to go and he loves me which left me shocked.
.... (67222)
96 days ago
20956. Tell him.

Banana. Yeah it is it said you like him/her.

He told me he likes me to and said to keep it a secret. Maybe because were young. He also said he loves me.
BANANA (41426)
96 days ago
It's blunt...
Legit just:
You are in love with him/
... (20956)
98 days ago
He's my best friend. Idk what to do...
Ana (64567)
102 days ago
So I’m 25 and I haven’t had the best life my sperm doner didn’t give two thoughts about me to even try to be a good father so I didn’t know what to look for in a man and my step dad at the time was emotionally abusive and did things like pin my mom and I up against a barb wire fence with his car I even lost half of my two front teeth because he hit a gate with his car and it smacked me in the mouth so needless to say he was no Prince Charming so my first few guy interests were all fails. Then I met Steven yes it was online but he’s been my best friend for 5 years we have Skyped many times so we both know what each other looks like we have said very personal things to each other about his past and mind and he has been there at 3am for me when I called him up bawling about a guy he’s my rock. He’s by no means a model but he’s so cute to me with his dirty blond curls he’s just so boyishly cute he’s got light green eyes and I’m no prize but he thinks I’m beautiful he makes me laugh when I don’t want to we have so much in common and when I go pms on him he doesn’t hold it against me over the years I have fallen in love with him. He’s never asked me to change anything and yet I would. I would do anything or be anyone he wanted me to but he just wants me to be me he’s always scared that I will find a man who will hurt me in some way and tells me never let anyone put me down or treat me bad I have had guys try to date me ask me out and it never works out with them and I have realized it’s because they are not him I only want him I could see me marrying him and having kids. He is my other half it’s just cruel we are so far from each other but I know even if we marry different people I will still love him til the day I die.
Grace (42888)
104 days ago
Im in love with her.... but she's in love with someone else. I love her so much. I would do anything for her. I love her.
avi swati (61080)
110 days ago
I really love him.... and I can't live without him...... I love him so much.... hmari life day by day bhut hi complicated Hoti ja rii h... bhut sari problems aa ri h....l can't understand m kya kru esa jis se sbkuch Normal ho Jaye......hmare relation ko lekr Jo b problems h vo khtm ho jaye..... because en problems ki bjh se khi na khi hmare relation m problem aa ri h...hmare relation m sbkuch vesa nhi rha h ab jesa pehle tha.....but I still really love him.....muje aaj se pehle kbi kese se true love nhi hua....but jb ab kese se true love hua pta nhi q itni problems aa ri h...sbkuch itna complicated q ho Ra h.... I know bo b mujhse pyar krte h...mere sath rehna Chahte h...but Jo problems aa ri h un problems ki bjh se vo Apne Dil ki baaton ko Apne Dil m rkhte h chupa k..... I don't know m esa kya Kru jis se sbkuch Normal ho Jaye pehle ki trh......but I really love him.... I love him so so so much.......
Nicholas (11989)
114 days ago
Yeah so here's my story... I'm 14 now and she is to we started talking about 2 years ago but that was just as a joke and I had never meet her and I didn't like her( as joke I mean just to talk to someone but pissing them off) so we where talking and everyone knew we where talking so them we kinda became the the thing everyone spoke about in the year level. She became on the most popular girls just because of her Instagram name which was spelled wrong but she didn't know for example when the class did a Kahoot everyone's name was her Instagram name. So like when ever name is mentioned everyone looks at me because I started it all.
But last week I was with my friend and he goes to school with her and she was at the same place, for the whole night we spoke to each other and got along very well and by the end of the night we kissed even know we kinda hate each other from what has happened in the past. When she got home she messaged me and said I think I love you I said the same back then we spoke for the rest of the night and then we spoke the next day and we kept saying how much we love each other and how much we think of each other but she doesn't want to date right now because she is moving schools.
Over the passed couple of days I keep texting her because I really like her but she doesn't talk to me how she had earlier in the week
What does this all mean?
Sydney (98463)
115 days ago
i love him.....ok there I say the truth
Sydney (98463)
115 days ago
I like this boy named jace and he likes me but he doesn’t know I like him but I know he likes me because his mom told me and I started blushing, I hope we have a chance I mean we are only in sixth grade and he was gonna ask me out to the dance and to be his valentine and I would say yes but unfortunately he had to do chores and couldn’t make it but it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet so I hope we have a chance and his mom told me that she was eas droppings on him calling his friend saying how much he had liked me and I was so glad to know that he liked me back so I am waiting for Valentine’s Day but unfortunately he moved schools but I know we’re he lives and plus he could always ask me at the dance and I would say yes and then tell my mom and be doing high pitch nosies and jumpings and making letters and sending them back and fourth to each other , thank you for reading my huge comment I hope you and crush get a chance or at least go to a dance ,ok byeee love you guys😽😻🤪😜😘😍😇😋💋
rose (00317)
115 days ago
Enter your comment here.i don't know but when I cant look at him coz when I look him I feel uncomfortable
Mayg (99873)
117 days ago
I definitely like him...I just don't know how to go about it.
PTOAOEP (50789)
118 days ago
i love everything 'bout her, Even her pimpless...
A Girl (79097)
119 days ago
i like him but we are not interested in relationship but. he always says n texts me that he misses me n i also miss him very much
alexis (84282)
121 days ago
i am in love with my future husband thats how confident i am, know i,m going to marry him
Crystal (67747)
126 days ago
I don't care what any of these tests say I know I'm in love with this guy named devin. We have known each other since we were little and we both admitted as kids we felt something we both admitted we still feel the same I told him I love him last night but he didn't say it back so today I said on a scale from 1-10 how much do you like me he said you first I said 100 he said same even tho we aren't dating and he has never had a gf before I wonder if he is just scared to say he loves me.
Jhto (65630)
127 days ago
I am in love with jhankar Grover
Tina (76280)
127 days ago
I love him..