Should I Date Him?

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Hey, girls! Do you have a special guy in your life? Is he a friend or your boyfriend - or do you not know yet? Do you wonder, should I date him? If so, take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Is he your age?
  • 2
    Do you hang out often?
    Do you hang out often?
  • 3
    How long have you had a crush on him?
  • 4
    Do you get nervous when you talk to him?
  • 5
    If you had to choose between your crush and your favorite famous person, who would you rather date?
  • 6
    On a scale of one to 10, how hot is your crush?
  • 7
    What's his best quality?
  • 8
    Do you think he likes you back?
  • 9
    How often do you see him (even if you don't talk to him)?
  • 10
    How busy are you?
  • 11
    Do you try to look better when you know you'll be seeing him?
  • 12
    Are you always yourself around him?
  • 13
    Do you daydream about him?
  • 14
    How long do you think the relationship would last (be honest)?
  • 15
    Have you only thought about one person this entire test?

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3 days ago
If you want him to like you, just follow my steps! Step 1: Get to know him, starting with his favorite color. When he tells you an answer say: Mine is (your favorite color), so he gets to know u better, too. Step 2: Be friends with him. Say: I like talking with you. Can we be friends? Try to be friends with his friends, too. Step 3: Get his number. Say: Since we're friends, now, can I get your number? Step 4: Text him. Send him things like: This video made me think of you.
And stuff like that. Send him 😉 emojis. Step 5: Ask him out on a school dance. Say: Can you go the the dance with me because nobody else is and you're my friend. Step 6: Ask him to be ur boyfriend. Say: I had fun at the dance and so on. I wish you all good luck!!!!!!!
14 days ago
Yes, you guys are made for each other! Work hard to make your incredible relationship last! Everybody wants what you two have, so enjoy it! I wish you the best.

So guys I am 11 I have met my soulmate and everyone thinks I am crazy seriously what do I do 😫😫😫😰😰😰🥵🥶🤒🤕🤢🤮🤧☠️
15 days ago
Soo I’m “interested” in this guy. But the things he wants in a relationship is the opposite of what I want. I mean we get along good but I think I’m confusing crush with like best friend. Because I wouldn’t date him because I just don’t want to bear the responsibilities of a relationship and also I’m tryna focus on school
17 days ago
il him to much and want him to l me back
21 days ago
I've been told indirectly that he likes me. Then I asked him directly and he confirmed it but idk if i like him back..
Kind of don't care but I don't want to hurt his feelings. I don't know what to tell him bruh
28 days ago
It says that we are made for each other. I would date the guy I like but he likes me and my bestfriend and my bestfriend likes him too. Things are just so complicated sometimes.
54 days ago
Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a couple of days... I’ve liked him for a while now and when I told him he broke up with his girlfriend to be with me ❤️❤️ And now we spend so much time together even tho we only have one class together... we go most places together and just randomly hug it’s so cute, and he’s pretty tall and so we r like perfect hight for each other ❤️❤️ And today he said to me that he loves pe now coz it’s a double period of me ❤️❤️ He melted my heart... sorry to bang on just thought u guys could get some relationship goals out of this 👌👑
And we just told each other we love each other
60 days ago
Says we’re made for each other 😊😊😊😊😊
66 days ago
So I like this boy and i dont know if he likes me and he is so cute but kinda mean but he does some types of flirting but I dont think I notice it but I dont think that is flirting if you dont notice it but anyways should I ask him out I mean he is kinda mean to me but not that mean as all his other friends so should I ask him
66 days ago
I have kissed someone before but he said I was not the one for him and now a boy I my class named Lucas asked me to be his girl what should I do
74 days ago
I started crying when it asked for the famous person because it has been Cameron Boyce since I was little and he died 5 days ago😭😭😭😭
94 days ago
So there’s this guy that I really like and I know he likes me. We get along really well and I really want to date him. The problem is that he lives a couple hours away and I don’t have a license yet so our families only see each other about once a year for a couple days :(. I get kinda deppressed every time we leave and for a couple months after. I really want to at least kiss him, tho. What should I do?
96 days ago
I rly like this guy and i got made for each other, but i'm scared to tell him i like him. I actually think he DOES like me, and even though we don't have any classes together, the two days when our entire grade was together, we hung out SO much. Its the 2nd to last day of school tomorrow and h is going to a different high school so its also kinda like why tell him cause nothing will happen but ALSO why not cause u will never see him again. idk what to do cause we haven't spent that much time together, only those wo days, and then also a lot of time during a school musical, but i rly like him a lot. Should i tell him???
97 days ago
Just found out I’m actually bisexual, not lesbian. He’s actually three years younger than me, but people think me and him should date. I already won his heart. I’ll ask him as soon as possible about it.
103 days ago
It says I need to step it up and win his heart, but like, that’s the problem. I already won his heart years ago by accident... he just hasn’t fully won mine. BUT I’M LONELY GOD DANGIT and I need answers! 😭
105 days ago
When I see him in person I like him but when I haven't seen him in a couple of days and we are just texting he annoys the hell out of looooool
125 days ago
We got yeah, but I am not sure if he likes me! My friends say he does, but I am still not sure. He always make accuses to talk to me,
128 days ago
OMG Danial is like the number one guy to die for he is soooooooooooooooooo gre at funny sweet and kine . I LOVE HIM💖😍💓💞💍💍💍😇😇😇😇
140 days ago
Rami malek is the most hottest beaver in the world but maybe he got the mazelen chichicahahauaau
140 days ago
i actually think my crush likes me cuz on Friday i went to a dance and of course he was there but when i walked past him HE tried to hold my like i wanted to DIE