Should I Date Him?

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Hey, girls! Do you have a special guy in your life? Is he a friend or your boyfriend - or do you not know yet? Do you wonder, should I date him? If so, take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Is he your age?
  • 2
    Do you hang out often?
    Do you hang out often?
  • 3
    How long have you had a crush on him?
  • 4
    Do you get nervous when you talk to him?
  • 5
    If you had to choose between your crush and your favorite famous person, who would you rather date?
  • 6
    On a scale of one to 10, how hot is your crush?
  • 7
    What's his best quality?
  • 8
    Do you think he likes you back?
  • 9
    How often do you see him (even if you don't talk to him)?
  • 10
    How busy are you?
  • 11
    Do you try to look better when you know you'll be seeing him?
  • 12
    Are you always yourself around him?
  • 13
    Do you daydream about him?
  • 14
    How long do you think the relationship would last (be honest)?
  • 15
    Have you only thought about one person this entire test?

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533 days ago
Like I’m only 15 and the chances of us lasting forever is very unlikely but I liked him for like a whole year and then I went off him because I thought he was a bit of a 💗boi /player so I’m not sure it will last i mean I met him like 2-3 years ago at school and we flirt all the time and we hang in the same group but I’m just worried it won’t last long (+ he’s really cute AND TALL) and I also don’t want him to expect stuff from me because tbh I’m a bit of a prude I haven’t kissed anyone yet and I’m 15 that’s like a record I don’t want him to pressure me because I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to pressure and I’m scared but I don’t think he would do that but if I didn’t why would I be writing this rn .....
535 days ago
So...... I met this guy in December 2017. When I first saw him I thought he was cute and wanted to know him a bit more. I talked to him later that night and he said he just broke up with his ex fiancée. We got it off right away and started talking almost every day. We are both pagan, and at the Festival of Beltane he kissed me. The next day four days later I find out he was still engaged. She dumped him right after his 25th birthday ( I’m almost 18 for clarity). After 2 years, she fell out of love with him. Now he is flirting with me. I still like him and am not mad he lied because I knew about her, though he didn’t tell me. I still want to be with him once I turn 18. This test helped my make up my mind and go on a few dates with him and get to know him better before making our relationship official.
540 days ago
but... do i like him?? he likes me and he told me and... and im not sure if i like him backk... i mean i do, his personality is awesome and we are literally the same and we like the same things but... but i dont know... i dont really like his looks.. BUT looks arent evetything that matters.. are they?? ohwell.. i need to figure out on my own whether i do like him or not.
554 days ago
So I like this guy, let’s call him X so I like X and X likes me. We go to the same school and we have mutual friends. At our last school dance he asked me to slow dance I was like yaaassss. Now people are calling me his girlfriend! And being really annoying about us “getting together”...What do I do?
559 days ago
okay. So I really like this boy, and he truly likes me, but I don’t know how to ask my parents if I’m allowed to date or not, I’m 15 and we both play sports, and we are both academically focused!!
560 days ago
so this guy likes me and i DONT like him back but this dumb quiz said we should date but i really dont like him!
566 days ago
Guys, help! I never trust these quizzes! I'm not allowed to date, but I can hide it from my parents and I'm deeply in love with him. He thinks that I just like him and he just likes me. He asked me out once and I said no. I dated his friend but we don't even talk anymore (me and my ex) I don't know what to do if he asks me again.
583 days ago
Okay so there is this boy let's call him J. Me and j went out in the past at least twice in middle school and once in freshman year, we broke up because he said I was detached ,but I just didn't understand how to be in an actual relationship, after we broke up In freshman year I got into a big argument with him in class over something dumb and I had to be escorted out of class by security ( because I was ready to whoop some ass) but after the fight we stopped talking to each other. I saw him at the beginning of the year of 10th grade and he was looking like a snack😍, I kept trying to get his attention and talk to him but he didn't seem to interested so I gave up but today he hit me up and asked me if i still had feelings for him, I said yes and he said he wanted to be with me I said I wanted to be with him too but now I'm starting to wonder if I made the right decision or not. Please help me make a clear decision and is it too late to say no after I said I liked him? Please help!!!
593 days ago
He told me he liked me. Then he said "I hate you" then I shot back "i hate you too!!" And started crying (but he didn't see me cry).Then he acted really weird the rest of the day he didn't smile,didn't laugh,or talk. .PLEASE!!! HELP!!
595 days ago
Me and this boy KEEP Getting told we should date and that we are so cute together we act cute together and we play cute together we touch each others arms
596 days ago
Firstly, I'm unaware, if what I feel for this girl is a crush or just someone I want to be a good friend. For now, I think I like her, and that she likes me, but neither of us mentions it. She likes to talk to a lot of boys but usually pays attention to me the most. Next year, I am moving to a nearby city and don't know if I should ask her out before I move because I know she will say yes, but I don't want to start a relationship until we can actually have a chance of lasting. I'm afraid of trusting someone and don't know what to do. Help?!
598 days ago
So, I liked this guy at my school and I've liked him for a week now, I told his friend and his friend has kind of been getting him to try a relationship with me just once, so the day he found out I liked him he told me he only liked me as a friend but then we started hanging out more this week and spending More time together as friends and today he asked me if I felt awkward if we held hands and I said no, although we doesn't hold hands today but then later when he told me that, right before the bell rang for 6th period, he told me he was beginning to like me, I needs to know if he is the right one for me by another person's P.O.V. besides this test, the test told me that we were made for each other what do I do?
600 days ago
Hello guys
Okay,here's my story
So I have liked this guy for like a year now ...we used to always talk,like we couldn't stay a day without texting or seeing each other..he told me he likes me and i told him i like him too,but i wasnt ready for a relationship.i was 16 back then and i'd be 17 this year.After our confession of feelings, we started talking less.But this year,we've rekindled again and he came over last night...we're pretty good musicians so we sang together while he played the piano and then he sang his own song to me...and spoke the lyrics to me too..."I love you,I need you,I want you..."and so on.he's in my head like I can't even stop thinking about him.I feel I'm not ready to I'm kinda naive but I'm scared of anyone taking him from me...I need advise guys...should I date him or not.and if I should,how do I tell him I want to date him???
613 days ago
I like this boy who’s in my friend group but he’s smaller than me and has the same last name and all my friends think he’s weird and will judge me I’m so confused if he likes me too I thought he did
614 days ago
so I just broke up my boyfriend because he thought that I was cheating on him but I wasn't so but I think he still likes me and I still have feelings for him but I also like his best friend who I think has feelings for me but Idk wat to do
623 days ago
So this guy likes me, is my best friend. He asked me out, took this quz to see what i should say. It said say yes but idk, Btw he is a few months younger, than me... ill tell u what i say..
629 days ago
So my crush acts like he likes me a lot as in he has literal pictures of me in his phone he has held my hand. He doesn't seem to know what personal space is when he's with me and my friend says that she heard him say that he likes me. Another thing is we were going to apply to different high schools and separate and I told him which schools ideas applying to and suddenly he told me that he applied for all the same ones. Anyways I'm not allowed to date but I like him more then I liked my only other crush who i liked for 5 years and I've only liked this current guy for a few months. I'm thinking about asking him if he likes me but I'm scared to do anything involving our relationship. If it helps I do have his phone number. Please help me I don't know what to do.
632 days ago
Okay so I like this guy my classroom and his name is Cameron he's cute and this girl named India she acts like she's all in a bag of chips but she really isn't she's disgusting and she plays too much and she thinks that she's popular just like the rest of the girls night classroom I really don't understand what's the thing about being popper anyways I'm really scared to tell him that I like him my friend so she can hook him up hook me and us up but I said I'm good and then I regret it because I want to date him and then I want him to know I told all my friends my secret that I like him and nobody has told him yet I'm so glad that nobody told him but then again I'm not if somebody just tell him I'm going to be like oh I don't really care if you like me or not please don't answer that because I don't want to get hurt
637 days ago
So plz I needz advise
637 days ago
Oh my god sos I took the test for two different people and it said I should date Noah and then that Robert was made for me