Are You A True Werewolf?

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Take this test to see if you’re a true werewolf.

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    What is your favorite food from the ones below?
  • 2
    How do you walk?
  • 3
    What are your dreams about?

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  • 5
    Halfway done! Whatcha thank?
  • 6
    Can you tell if there is a full moon without looking for it? (Internet counts as looking)

  • 7
    How do you feel on a New Moon?
  • 8
    What animal spirit do you think guides you?
  • 9
    You see someone you've seen around (or a stranger) in a fight or something like that, what do you do?
  • 10
    Last question. You glad?

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with killing is normal, I don't mean like that someone would randomly kill creatures of comparable intelect. but I mean that it is just something that happens and so as long as you don't killed for wrong reasons there is no real reason to regret. for example one part of killing would be a random animal for food or defence, most people are okay with that thought, but for food they will not want to do it, for defence most will fear it but often tend to do it to soon due to a lack of insight and confidence. there is also killing creatures of comparable intelect such as humans, wolves or werewolves for example out of defence/to protect something if they are a serious danger for you it can be concidered defence. however here I would always preffer to not have to go for the kill, especially for werewolves(luckly never had a evil werewolf).. but if for example to save the lives of my family I have to kill some evil humans than I would not feel regret and wouldn't feel bad.
I don't call it murder, since only when there is intent, and when the intent is to cause harm or corrupted, than it is murder. killing to live is something natural, and nothing to be afraid of.

if scared humans are reading this. we won't kill friends or people who might be or become friends we only kill to live, so out of defence or for food. and no wherewolves(at least here) do not eat humans or wolves, it is not a war time and there is food, in the human world enough and even in the wild there are still places with food. you can see us as the good of both worlds, and so we are actually more likely to be friendly than humans are, because of in our nature the survival of others is important for our survival. humans and wolves are both like us. while ofcource for one grown up in the human world, humans would feel more familiar while for those grown up among wolves/wolf werewolves, wolves would feel a lot more familiar. still the instincts show signs of both worlds. and so both are friends.
Well fighting can be fun, as long as your opponents fight for fun or with a strong but pure reason and not out of hate or to hurt you, but most fights are not like that. killing is normal, but often not necessary, I can do it to, but often prefer to win the fight by not fighting. they dare attempting it in school, since there are usually a lot of people around, most blind in senses but they are there. what where the other attempts and who/why. do they know what you are or does everyone know. as for the blood thing, I would not test it. trust me while sometimes such things do happen it might not always work, and ther are moments/places where healing is heavily hindered. for example in citys it will often work quite weak. for me healing works
the best in/below the a mountain(between mountains) in a place with water and a forrest.

also as a most important, how is it for you to have noone in your family like you, isn't it hard. also do they not know. does the friend you protectt notice something. also it is a good quality to protect that what is dear to you, that is more important for a pack in a alpha(since you mentioned that) than strength. since what good is strength if you use it like a human (just letting the others die for your gain in useless stuff). I used to have to fight my brother and his friends, also some evil humans who had very wrong ideas due to the delusion of being above everyone else and attacking people for that(didn't have to really attack them. only needed to made a fool out of them, so I just showed how slow and uncoordinated/stupid they where to eveyone by running straight past and around them while they tried to catch me as a "group" where they constantly looked like drunken sheeps nearly falling every time I passed them and made them even more angry, eventually I jumped over a fence which they where uncapable of getting over somehow. so since they where screamin about their things while standing angry at the fence this was a great opportunity to throw sand in their faces. the reason they where after me was because one of them stole something from me and I took it back by ripping it out of his hands(by overpowering him greatly). later he went to his family or friends and they came towards me proudly and while being serious saying that you can't take something someone has stolen from you back. the first person had my arm because I knew he was to weak, so I didn't think he would try something stupid like that. the only thing I did that could be seen as violence was slinging him of my arm, since he didn't want to normally let go.
btw. sorry I didn't see your comment before so I send something in between.
2 days ago
yes, I am the only werewolf in my family, I was a former packleader, but the pack rebelled because I never let them fight unless necessary, I became a leader because of my reflexes and strengh, I could take on up to 5 opponent at once, but I do not enjoy fighting, I am capable of murder, but not for no reason, I would die for, and kill for those close to me, I have a friend who is the so called 'runt' of her family, I often find myself fighting to protect her, the reason I call myself darkness is because of a nickname that friend gave to me, I have survived three attemted murders within my own school, one of them was a poison that was slipped into my bottle, which is why I have fom that point never left my food or drink alone, I have a problem with bleeding, the slightest injury can cause me to lose a pint of blood in minutes, but my blood regenerates quickly, I can lose up to 60% of the blood in my body and I will have it back the next day.
4 days ago
attack people, unless they seriously attack you, if they hurt your family or close friends you can however directly bite them to death, or just attack them since in that case you should. an uncle of my father(who is dead by now, otherwise i wouldn't tell this story) once when my dad was still young protected my father and his brothers and friends when they where attacked by a mafia located in a nearby village(those things where quite normal here back in those days). he singlehandedly took out the mafia/ made them flee(btw. this was actually a quite bad mafia, so he probably saved a lot of lives and helped a lot of people by doing so, but he only attacked because they attacked his family and their friends, so he was far from evil and would normally not fight, even over stuf where most people fight about). my father saw the beginnin(ofcource after the mafia was fighting already) he jumped one of the bad people and bit his ear of. he then let that person go and panick towards the others aftter which they left. from here my uncle followed them outside, and we don't really know what he did, since there was noone of us outside, and he never told what he did there(he did however clearly describe how it was to eat the ear, but that is rather normal in my family, if someone has seen it anyway you tell the details to full extend) but whatever he did managed to get them to completely flee the area and to further increase our family's association to werewolves. later however during my high school time there was some kind of a cult in that area where that "mafia" used to be which turned out to see them selves (and somehow actually be) werewolfhunters. one of the was actually in my class, and was nice in the beginning and actually kind of like a friend until he discovered my last name(was around the first week). from that moment he started with weird questions. later he wanted to see me do weird things/get proof. and eventually he was nonstop trying to make me fight because he beleived that would certainly shift me.eventually one morning in one of the last years he saw me do something and was sure that I was a werewolf. from that moment he didn't dare to come close anymore and would constantl talk with his friends about how to capture a werewolf and that it would probably be legal. I could hear him (didn't have many other thins to do at school) and a old friend of me was friends with him and sat in his group in the class. btw, I didn't tell anyone on school that I was a werewolf, though more people expected things due to things I did and could do. also some believed me to be a vampire. but from that moment on there have been quite a lot of attempts to kill me, from the older people in that cult.

okay this went a little off, but see it like this, getting into a fight is often not the best choice. you need to also consider your self not getting hurt and your family's safety. also the real fast healing tends not to work as stable at many random moments, a wound then can give some serious trouble. also I would recommend avoiding any type of bullet or attack, there is much more that can kill you than just a silver bullet. also the metal that is actually irritating to touch is not actual silver but an metal blend that was used in the past which looks like silver(I don't know exactly what metal it is, but i have a pocket watch made from it, and had a old water cooker made from it(looked really nice, but ofcource we couldn't really use it, since it was really irritating.)

as for some older subjects, yes most werewolfs lick their wounds clean and also blood is something most like quite much(sometimes I wonder if vampires are just werewolves but without the wolf part, so less wild/nature oriented). but, real meat and blood tend to awaken a werewolf and make it happy and energetic.

as for the secret part, in general you don't have to keep it to much hidden because most people are so busy believing you cant exist that they will not notice you. also you could tell people but in general you don't really gain something and they will in general compare you to movies and legends where we are depicted as bad. also like you said many like staying in the shadows and sneaking up on things, just telling something like that for stupid reasons such as mainly noting or perhaps for some Emotional support? mostly one would lose more by telling than when keeping it secret. also some people will know you are speaking truth and some of them can be dangerous, while others can actually be great friends but that is mostly if you go fully public. I haven't told poeple I physically know, and in over 20 years this was no problem(online you can tell it because they can not proof you actually are using just some messages, but if you show contact information they might come or trolling people might attack you). also for actual werewolves once you are close to each other, you will often not need to tell it when you know each other.

you seem to have a lot of werewolf traits but one thing that would help you is to train and play in the forrest(a werewolf can play even when it is far over 60 years old). follow and learn to feel and follow your instincts, and you'll learn to know the wolf you are, also it learns you to not be used to a single form. in general when and how or even if someone will transform I can not easly say. many don't however for me I had one almost shift not long before. and I don't know if you have seen that what looks like a large single raindrop which often has a weird way of coloring(energy). but also comes in weird places and leaves no water behind. this is not something everyone sees and not something many see often, but if you have seen it then if you somehow seem to see something looking like that but staying still and large then it is clear. you will also notice that your instict suddenly takes over, you might seem stunned for a while but you will only and will do exactly what you truly want. ofcource this is only based on mainly one of m transformations since in this transformation someone ales actually saw me (my father). I don't know much about other people transforming, however based on what one of my aunts said one of my cousins(one of her sons) has a decently large chance of also having shifted. but I do not know what others feel/see. only a friend who could also see the weird energy like drop thing. so if others transform it might would be interresting to see what they expeirence and to see, how it compares to how if felt to me.
4 days ago
you shouldn't take it as a insult indeed. one needs to be strong enough to take such things, and get stronger. and yes to me it sounds like typical werewolf stuf, however I can't ofcource say for sure about someone online, especially with so little information. and also I don't really know what the internet and such knows. but anyway I will assume you speak of your true feelings, events and behavioutm, and that you are a actual werewolf. since it are actually typical things you'll start to accidentally do around that age. however there are a lot more traits and a lot more and more advanced talents. however that can also be something specific to my family(yes there are many like us in my family). for the things of not feeling however, you should be careful that unless you know you are healing really good at that moment you don't disable your pain and discomforts to much when not needed and when not training. except from those basic talents such as high immunity, better hearing, seeing, faster thinking, high intelligence(very common among werewolves, many werewolves are considered highly intelligent), the behavior, the/your instincts(one of your greatest powers, and also a great teacher). better feeling, etc. there are also a lot of talents that some of us have. this are different talents and some of them many of us have(such as dreaming what is going to happen, feeling, hearing or seeing electricity/magnetic fields,etc.), there are also a few much rarer (such as seeing echo's of time, or changing the weather or even reality itself, also some might have a abnormally strong empathy, so rather than the average werewolf from which a decent amount can feel what others are going to do, these few take it so far in detail that they can even know exact thoughts. actually thes rarer tallents are mostly extreme natural tallents of things any halfwolf should be able to do, which causes them to be able to do a lot more. actually these days transformation itself seems to be among those rare talents and many might never know they are a werewolf. the best way to increase the chance of learning such things is to be raised as wild(or close to nature) as possible. at older age also works. but you have to be ready to accept the change, at-least for a while, or for often. werewolves are wild/natural beings and could be seen more as a fae(nature spirit) than a normal modern human(if the werewolf lives as it should). as for behavior, I have a question? are you actually completely alone in this? so I don't mean most of your family doesn't talk about it and so some do not even know. but I mean are you the only one in your family who is a werewolf(I cannot say much about that, since all i am used to is a close family with many clear werewolves and many(the rest) clearly carrying it.). or is your family not close enough to do things like going to the forest, chasing or you know, stuf, do things normal humans would run away for because it is to much fun for them). well or you family just uses different norms. but in general you don't
9 days ago
although I do not take your views as an insult, I have already achieved some of the talents you have mentioned such as not feeling pain, and I have also achieved immunity to most diseases (I shook off bird flu and coronavirus) and I do not feel heat or cold, I counteract my low agility with the speed and power behind my blows, I am also trained to use a variety of weapons if need be, though I prefer teeth and hands, I also have very good reflexes
9 days ago
I think for many it is like that.
10 days ago
I don’t know why I took this even though I already know ima werewolf
11 days ago
Hi Darkness, those things are indeed things that tend to happen. however about the running, I guess you haven't learned to use your actual talents, and you probably also aren't seriously training, while when running running fast probably because that is more fun, right. the thing is you can use that what I called tallents for simplicity reasons to do things like getting stronger, faster and literally no longer get tired or feel pain. ofcource this should be learned in a playing way and by forcing it to much since for example the body temperature tends to drop quite far and the body is actually under a lot of stress since it isn't just like adrealine but rather a secondary thing that should come naturally. it could be seen as the oposite while having a more powerfull effect. to learn this you should just feel it and not take it to serious in the beginning. it differs heavily and I don't know a standard learning method but it should work kind of instinctively.
11 days ago
You should be carefull sending out public information, especially since anyone can acces this as long as they have a computer and internet. perhaps this chat is specifically only for those with the sure true werwolf status 100% result. but still. for example I use a differentt name while for some they might be able to know who I am. however, for me it is rather hard to hide since there are actually a lot of legends about my family and originally before watching lots of movies/series was common our family name was basically almost always the first thing associated with werewolves. locally there where actual cults going after us, however they still don't seem to get that we are in general smarter and faster than them. btw I'm not in America for those here who are, since probably most are. as a werewolf/halfwolf as the therm I preffer(since in general we are more friendly/gentle than most humans(towards intelligent beings who are willing and seem possibly to be able to be our friend), this is based on my family so it might differ for most). also when going real wolf in my opinion based on the feelings etc.(while my father seemed quite careful and somehow scared) it is one of the purest things that can happen since you know and do exactly what you want or feel like and there are basically no normal humanlike emotions so you won't as easly do bad things(only perhaps when someone does something against you at that moment and most likely when defending something or someone it is easy to hurt someone but in general it is a much purer form/state than human. however even in my Family this seems rare and I have only had it a few times(these times don't seem to match the physical full moon even though that one makes you happy and stong/fun) where it happened/worked from which most where only partly. except from me I know of only one other person in the family having the same. however for around half of those there are clear talents/traits noticeable the other half seem just slightly more naturally talented in things than most people. so I think the transformation stuffis something like a form of instinctive magic(k) due to a lot of us having strong talents that would be described as magic(k). however I wondered in case someone has more experience with it how to do/control it on will? and relax I am not someone to pick a fight, such things are often not worth the trouble. and I know some things that where noticable around those times but I don't seem to really understand yet how to do it. I expect my father knows it but he does not want to talk about it. however seemed to expect it or know really well how to handle it. since the first full time he seemed to know quite well how to get me out of it wihile he didn't seem sure it was me until after since he didn't lower his knife before. but he avoids the topic, my grandfather died before he could really tell something about it(there are extreme age differences in my family)also I basically never get learned things about it. only either by myself or a specific aunt well and some cousins which I later was no longer allowed to see for around 10 years.
so also to make this clear since I see some comments which where probably influenced by movies or tv shows: you should not want to supress what you are, even if you are one of the ones that might actually transform it doesn't make you a evil monster, it only makes you act more free and pure. as for the other things you can ealsy hide it by making people think you are either pretending or by making them used to you doing weird stuf. ofcource it is often not smart to straight up show it. but for most things you could as well be someone who was raised to be fast, smart, strong, etc. and you might as well be specialized in speciffic things. the thing is they often can not recognise it if you don't act to stupid or have some acidents, unless they are trained to do so. but beleive me in my experience those last might figure it out based on things you wouldn't even think of yourself, also they already know about us.
14 days ago
I bit a kid and broke his arm, I'm a good strong fighter who can run 300m without tiring, if anyone has a pack I would be happy to join, my only weakness is I don't know my own strength and often launch people halfway across a room with a playful shove
19 days ago
When i am in my werewolf form im getting my brother
26 days ago
im part human and part werewolf
30 days ago
I'm in hereford city
31 days ago
I'm in the U.K. Just trying to make it 19 characters.
31 days ago
well hell hounds are interesting, I guess you are a relative of werewolves so yes your welcome
31 days ago
I live in britain so no, also sorry for not replying I was away
33 days ago
I'm a beta hell hound werewolf human hybrid
33 days ago
Nice to meet you guys
33 days ago
I'm kidding I'm a hell hound are hell hounds allowed here