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Warriors go to school

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Annabeth, Piper, Thalia, Bianca, Clarisse, and Silena become the hit band warriors then are forced to go to school.

Annabeth walked in the recording studio. Tristan said, "When you're ready" Annabeth started singing "On Top Of The World"
Piper started playing the guitar outside of the recording studio in a white off the shoulder top with a paint splatter on the front of it, black ripped up leggings, black hightops. Thalia was wearing black hat, black tank top, black jeans, and black sneakers. Bianca was wearing a white tank top with a brown vest over it, blue shorts with suspenders, and brown cowboy. Annabeth was wearing a pair of amber skinnies, a light pink tank top, and some grey mid calf slouch boots.

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