InuYasha Character Quiz

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You think you know everything about InuYasha and it's characters? If you can't finish quiz you don't really... You should take it!

  • 1
    InuYasha is a...
  • 2
    How long was he bound to the tree?
  • 3
    Who did he mistake Kagome for first time they met?

  • 4
    How old is Kagome in the start?
  • 5
    Where is Kagome from? (Not when)
  • 6
    What or who pulls Kagome into the well first episode?

  • 7
    What weapon does Kagome use in the feudal era and who else uses the same?
  • 8
    The sacred jewel... what is it's full name?
  • 9
    Sango is a...
  • 10
    Sango's younger brother...

  • 11
    The leader of the band of seven.
  • 12
    Who killed Kyokotsu, the biggest and weakest of the band of seven?
  • 13
    Who was never after and never possessed any jewel shards?
  • 14
    Koga is a...
  • 15
    Who are Koga's "Left and Right" hand men?
  • 16
    Which of the following is NOT a band of seven member?

  • 17
    Banryu is whose weapon?
  • 18
    When Sesshomaru and Jaken came across Rin she was dying because she was...
  • 19
    When InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippo meet Koga how many jewel shards does he possess and where?
  • 20
    Shippo is a...

  • 21
    Kaede is younger sister to...
  • 22
    Do Koga and Sesshomau ever meet?
  • 23
    What episode do you meet Rin and Koga?
  • 24
    Sango's demon cat is named...
  • 25
    Who said this "Guess you haven't gotten too far with Kagome yet, huh?"
  • 26
    Koga said he would marry Ayame on the night of the?

  • 27
    What shape does Naraku have on his back?
  • 28
    Which two characters can sense the presence of a jewel shard?
  • 29
    Who killed Shippo's father?
  • 30
    The Soul Survivor of the Thunder Demon Tribe?

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