The Absolute Ultimate Gilmore Girls Fan Quiz

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This Is The Absolute Test Of Gilmore Fandom

  • 1
    What Movie Does Rory Refer To Upon First Meeting Dean While Clearing Out Her Stars Hollow High Locker?
  • 2
    What Was The Name Of Maury And Babette's Cat That Passes Away?
  • 3
    What Does Rory (Accidentally) Steal After Her First Kiss With Dean?

  • 4
    What Shaped Magnets Does Luke Buy At The Town Rummage Sale?
  • 5
    What Is The Test Subject Rory Misses Due To Being Late?
  • 6
    What Colour Does Paris Say Makes Her Head Look Big?

  • 7
    What Do Lorelei And Rory Name Luke's Toolbox?
  • 8
    Why Does Lorelei Love Using Her Bank?
  • 9
    What Does Rory Call Jess After He Steals Her Book?
  • 10
    What TV Character Was On The Frisbee Jess Finds While Cleaning The Rain Gutters?

  • 11
    What Does Jess Steal From The High School?
  • 12
    What Musician Does Richard Complain About During The Bracebridge Dinner?
  • 13
    What Flowers Are On Suki And Jackson's Wedding Cake?
  • 14
    What Is The 'Unfunny' Graduation Gift Lorelei Receives From Christopher?
  • 15
    What Is The Name Of Lorelei And Rory's New Neighbour Who Asks Them To Water His Lawn?
  • 16
    What Colour Are The Break Cards Used By Contestants In The Dance Marathon?

  • 17
    How Many Seconds Does Paris Tell Jamie She Will Run Away From Him In?
  • 18
    When Rory Organises The Alumni Lunch With Darren Springsteen Who Does She Say He Will Be Expecting?
  • 19
    What Is The Name Of The Independence Inn's Night Manager?
  • 20
    Who Does Miss Saline Say Rory Looks Like?

  • 21
    What Colour Dress Does Lorelei Wear To Rory's Graduation?
  • 22
    What Part Of Her Yale Orientation Pack Does Rory Lose?
  • 23
    Where Does Rory First See Marty?
  • 24
    What Is The Dragonfly Inn's Opening Date?
  • 25
    What Does Rory Review That Doyle Calls A Yawn?
  • 26
    What Does Lorelei Tease Rory About When She Goes To Spring Break?

  • 27
    Who Does Kirk Think Is After Him During His Night Terrors?
  • 28
    Liz Wants Her Marriage To TJ To Work Even More Then She Wanted ....?
  • 29
    The 7 Story Jump Rory Does With Logan Was First Tested With What For Safety?
  • 30
    When Rory Is Hung-over From Founders Punch What Does She Crave To Eat?

  • 31
    What Article Is Missing A Picture In The Yale Daily News When Paris Is Editor?
  • 32
    What Does Logan's Brother In Law Josh Lose On His Wedding Day?
  • 33
    What Is The Theme Of Lucy's 21st Birthday?
  • 34
    What Does Lorelei Tell Christopher She Is Hiding Under The Bed For His Christmas Gift?
  • 35
    What Is The New "In" Word April Says When Visiting Luke From New Mexico/
  • 36
    What Sport Do Lorelei And Rory Play To Take Their Minds Off Their Boy Troubles?

Comments (9)


1151 days ago
Terrible spelling is Miss CELINE not Saline
LorElai and SOOkie
and Paris says to Jamie 3.2 seconds is not in the answers.
And Rory and Marty first meet in a class (that apparently is japanese fiction)
Rory has a burrito not tacos
1368 days ago
Ktc no they first meet in a class watch the episode before calling ppl put on being wrong when they're right
1465 days ago
To fix: Lorelai got Rory tacos (hard tacos & soft tacos), plus curly fries and a couple other things. When Paris questioned the tacos, Lorelai explained tacos are the best hangover food.
1465 days ago
To ktc: Rory & Marty were the first ones to a class, both extremely early. They didn't speak to each other at that time, but in class is when they first saw each other.
1479 days ago
Rory first meets Marty the night after he got drunk and he woke up naked in the hallway.
1519 days ago
Rory has a burrito when she's hungover, Lorelai gets it for her especially.
1660 days ago
#6 pink makes her head look small
1661 days ago
#17 the right answer was not an option... The right answer is 3.2
1733 days ago
#21- Rory has two graduations. You should specify HS or Yale
#22- She doesn't lose her map, the part of the map that showed the Old Campus is ripped off