International Marketing Chapter 10

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  • 1
    Intangible product attributes includes a brand's overall reputation or mystique.
  • 2
    Brand equity is an example of a tangible product attribute.
  • 3
    An express warranty is a written guarantee that assures the buyer that he or she is getting what he or she has paid for or that provides recourse in case a product's performance falls short of expectations, in an express manner.

  • 4
    Many industry experts agree that packaging must engage the senses, make an emotional connection, and enhance a consumer's brand experience.
  • 5
    Coca-Cola's latest packaging innovation is Fridge Pack, a long, slender carton that holds the equivalent of 12 cans of soda. This pack fits into refrigerator's lower shelf and is convenient for use by global consumers.
  • 6
    Nestle asked suppliers to find a type of glue to make the clicking sound louder when consumers snap open a tube of Smarties brand chocolate candies.

  • 7
    In 2008, the United States enacted a country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law. The law requires supermarkets and other food retailers to display information that identifies the country that meat, poultry, and certain other food products come from.
  • 8
    A brand is a complex bundle of images and experiences in the customer's mind. It is a promise by a particular company about a particular product.
  • 9
    A global brand has the same name and, in some instances, a similar image and positioning throughout the world.
  • 10
    Global brand is synonymous with global product and is often used interchangeably.

  • 11
    The Sony Walkman is an example of combination or tiered branding, whereby a corporate name is combined with a product name.
  • 12
    The "Intel Inside" campaign is an example of co-branding.
  • 13
    The "Virgin" brand is a global brand with several brand extensions.
  • 14
    Perceptions and attitudes about a product's origins can be positive or negative. On the positive side, "German" is synonymous with quality engineering as "Italian" is with style.
  • 15
    Studies conducted during the 1970s and 1980s indicated that the "made in the USA" image lost ground to the "made in Japan" image.
  • 16
    Many consumers consider products with labels such as "Made in Bangladesh" and "Made in Brazil" to be of inferior quality and value

  • 17
    Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system was launched in 2009 with the user-centric global advertising campaign keyed to the theme "I'm a PC, and Windows was my idea." This is an example of the dual-extension strategy.
  • 18
    Products that fall under the dynamically continuous innovation category require more R & D expenditures.
  • 19
    Sony created a new market when it introduced VCRs, which can be considered as an example of discontinuous innovations.
  • 20
    Whenever a new product interacts with human, mechanical, or chemical elements, there is the potential for a surprising and unexpected incompatibility.

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