Do I still love my ex?

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Did you have a breakup and think you still love your ex? If so, please take this quiz

  • 1
    Who ended the relationship?
  • 2
    After you guys broke up did you ever text him again?
  • 3
    Do you ever see him? What happens?
  • 4
    Is he in a relationship currently?
  • 5
    Are you in a relationship?
  • 6
    You see your ex walking with his new girlfriend. You...
  • 7
    How long has it been since you guys broke up?
  • 8
    Why did you guys end the relationship?
  • 9
    His friends come up to you and they...
  • 10
    Whenever you see your ex, you...

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Sophia (77138)
I miss my ex so much it’s been a few months now n he is “linking” with someone n he always talks about her all the time. He dumped me cuz his friends were apparently saying things that got in his head about us. The worst thing is he dumped me on our 3 month anaversary. I haven’t said this but I stil love him n to think he doesn’t love me back kills me inside
sad (42637)
11 days ago
I really miss my ex a lot I was really sad well he didn't seem to care, we were together for a year he loved me than dumped me on my birthday.
Lexie (50126)
30 days ago
I broke up with my bf Jack because he did a prank on me and my friend helped him. She asked him out over text asking him to cheat on me and he said he would break up with me instead. I saw these texts and I immediatly found him and called it quits because i didn't want to deal with it. I didnt find out was a prank until a day after which was too late. I miss him a lot and I still love him but he's moving to Hawai'i for 6 years and I will be gone by the tone he gets back and I will never see him again😭
emoji (02757)
142 days ago
ok so i started liking this guy (I'm at an only girls school), when I was almost 9. It was mostly fuelled by me maturing early and wanting a boyfriend. I hardly knew his name and I actually thought his name was something different; his brother's name! But that year, in summer (I'm in australia), we hung out heaps (i found out his real name) and he held my hand and it was awesome. A year after i started liking him, I started to get desperate. We hadn't seen each other much since summer except for the occasional smile. So, without my parents knowing, I got instagram. he had it and i followed him. I went crazy and liked all his pics. He liked a couple of my selfies. I also tagged him in everything. he told me to plz not tag him in everything. i didn't even read that message. I saw stop taggingg and then stopped reading and clicked out of it. A couple of days after my 10th birthday, he sent me in a group chat, a rude and abusive message and blocked me. Late that month, we started texting again. It seemed like it was all fine again. Then the next month, he blocked me again. i saw him in summer and we didn't talk. i locked myself out from the world and didn't see anyone the whole summer. In late summer, when we went back to school, he went out of his way to in person say sorry. he said he didn't mean it and we were cool. Then, i started to get over him. one of the girls in the group was an ex best friend bus we fought after the whole thing. she was really annoying. but she kept it going by talking about h=it constantly. my real friends that i always liked more than her gave me good advice and stuff. then later that year, he was at it again, screaming at me, when i was over it and didn't really like him. that night, he was the one with the problem. i kissed another guy midyear then and we went on one date and then he broke up with me (long story). but now I'm almost 12 and wondering what the hell is going on
kira (70716)
143 days ago
my husband nd i got divorced last year,honestly i still love him vry much but we had to divorce bc our marriage ws working out atall...2months afta our divorce i discovered i ws pregnant, but i didnt tell nt a bad psn i wanted to tell him bt i cudnt he has already moved on ,his girlfriend moved in immediately we got divorced am sure they were dating evn wen we wer married
Je (51725)
144 days ago
so my ex broke up with me 6 days ago and already has moved on I really love him but have some doubts like if he’d like me back for one or just that stuff with stay awkward
Ashley (91355)
146 days ago
So I wish my ex Jeremiah can see this message and this message is for he.
Ashley (91355)
146 days ago
I broke with my ex for 1 year. At that day I broke up with he , he said I very love him but I suddenly don't know why at that moment I didn't love him anymore but now it change, I always thinking about he , I miss my ex. When at lunchtime cuz were the same school and at canteen I look at him and he also will look at me and he already now I still love him now. He doesn't scare me now I know he will never be my boyfriend but if I love him he didn't love me is ok and he got new girlfriend I'll never mind
Veema (61263)
150 days ago
I broke up with my ex about 3yrs ago and I caused the breake up but since then I had tried to contact him cause I feel I still want him but after we get talking I disappear on him. And now am back again telling him how much I want him, don't know why I always walk out of the life just like that without saying bye, but what has me curious most is why I keep coming back, to look for him so desperately
Person (99791)
158 days ago
..... It says I still love my ex but I don't want to. I have feelings for someone else and I didn't love my ex. I still don't love him, only as a friend. I broke up with him and he was really sad and he can't get over it. When he was with me he was always happy, and now he doesn't even smile. I feel bad bc he can't get over me. What should I do? I can't stand knowing that I made him sad.
Yasi (01281)
161 days ago
Well i think i love my ex or i dont ?? Well i dont know . It was me that i broke up with him but now i think he is dating my bff and im jelouse a bit.

On the other hand

Therr is a guy that i liked since 2nd grade that noe is my bff ex and i never told him my feeling and now what he did to my best friend i dont know do i like him ?

Madi (75977)
176 days ago
We were in fifth grade and I’m really cautious and crap. So when my best guy friend and my freaking twin brother told me Ryan liked me I was like no not true they’re pranking me then his friends and my friends started telling me that so he asked me out I was scared af so I said ok and not yes and I think that threw him off but we dated for 5 months and like 2 weeks into the relationship he said I love you and I was WOAH WOAH WOAH SOMEONE LOVES ME!? and I kinda blushed a little and then he said do you love me too and it was super cute and I said yes and so we like the freaking power couple. We found out we were going to different middle schools and it was gonna be hard. So I kinda said well Freaking move on already so I kinda started falling for this one guy and I realized OH NO HOLD THE PHONE HE A DOUCHE BAG. So I told me bff that I was starting to like this guy and she told her friend in the other middle school to tell Ryan that and she freaking did so on the second day of school he broke up with me. So I thought I was goochie and then 5 months later here I am crying my eye balls out at 2 am realizing I never stopped loving him so BOOM.
Someone (99791)
177 days ago
I went to the mall with my boyfriend who I absolutely love, and my ex went with us. I just couldn't help but look at my ex because he had this rebel type vibe to him and I think he looks hot when he has that vibe. I took the test and it says I still love him. What do I do? If you have any suggestions Please help!!!!!!
AYYYYY (52726)
178 days ago
i knew it i ended it because they wernt happy and i knew it to i thought i was jealous but they both fought more than me hell they even broke up for a while i know there relationship is 💗 but im happy and i have helped than through it i met someone and now im happy
jade (63156)
186 days ago
i need advise my mum and dad says i cart be with my true love and its makeing me feel so upset i dont know if i should ignore what they are saying or to listen to them i feel so happy whenever im with him ive known him for 5 years and still want to be his i dont know what to do.please help me someone just abit of advise will do just fine for me to make my mind up on what to do
helly (13312)
187 days ago
please i nid advice ... ..Idk if i still luv my ex or not its not that we broke up he had to move away and we lost contact he tod me that he was going to come bck,but am now am seeing someone else and i love him,i still tink abt my ex alot and i tink am in love with two people wat do i do am so confused
Alisa (82459)
188 days ago
Well, he and i actually met over a groupchat, and he started calling me doggy. I played along and called him owner. We became close and once had a weird chat when he was outta his head (high). Then,
i lost my phone for a few months and i realised that i liked him. And i told him, then he actually asked me out and i obviously said yes. It seemed as if it wouldve lasted forever, but he said i wasnt what he was looking for in a girl.
Now we barely talk but we're "friends. "
Holly (27388)
190 days ago
Hey yeah when me and him met we hated eachother but over time we came to understand eachother amd we started sharing lots of things and helpings eachother then few mounths later he told me he liked me and I was so happy so we kinda just vibed for a while then he asked me out. In the beggining it was beyond perfect but then again when is it ever not? So yeah we dated for a while but then we had our firts arguement about something really big. Like it wasn't a petty arguement so I guess that took it's toll on our relationship. After that we would argue reguarly. Then one day he was in an 'accident' you could say. He broke his neck but he wasn't paralized sho that was a real miracle. I loved him so much so I stayed but then the arguements would get worse. He would get moody because when I'm going out there will be guys as well etc. But we always sorted it out. He had the cute est ways to make me feel better. But then one day he ignored me flat out. Then the next day we had yet anouther arguement and he said he feels he is hurting me so he left me. We continued being friends but we were still in love. He asked me out agaim but I was scared so I said no. Omg. How I wish I said yes. Our friendship is over now amd he hates me and somedays O darn hate him as well. He has a new gf now and they have been dating a while. It's just... I really thought he loved me. And maybe that was the problem.
Lizzie (41529)
192 days ago
This guy and I had known each other for a couple months and then he asked me out. I didn't have a phone at the time but we still were hanging out and we did everything together. After a couple months he broke up with me and said he wanted to wait to date till I got my phone back. He said we were still friends and now everything is weird between us and I'm still in love and I think about him all the time! what should I do?
ANON (45155)
198 days ago
ummm. well we was on a break. he 💗ed a girl. then lied to me about it. and when i didn’t wanna go over to that girls house to 💗 him, he got mad. and after a few times he broke up w me. 🙃