Does that special someone like you back?(GIRLS ONLY)

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Are you tired of taking numerous quizzes to see if that someone likes you and YOU STILL DON'T KNOW! Look no further, this quiz is designed for girls of every type. (TAKE NOTES FOR FUTURE REFERENCES: D)

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    What caught your eye for this boy?

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Kaii (95121)
Uhhh well none of these personalities fit me I’m outgoing and energetic weird but in a good way and I’m friends with everyone including the popular kids but I’m not POPULAR. Plus it doesn’t say what to do if he’s my best friend and he likes mostly guys and has only liked a few girls (he’s bi)
Sassy Gurl (39960)
19 days ago
Uhhh it says i should get a restraining order.....
Azzlyn (22898)
40 days ago
Brendon Urie is his name. Jk but I live for him
Confused (76433)
54 days ago
Why is there not a no option for the phone number and a, I don’t have his phone number, for the following question. Also why do we have to like them. I don’t like the guy that likes me my friend asked him out of my behalf (which I did not ask them to do because I don’t like him) and the day after he said he would go out with me( so I’m not really sure why I took this quiz and it was disappointing to see the lack of effort put in. There were several spelling mistakes)

-no hate but I wouldn’t make another quiz unless it’s better quality
Some Gay girl, but maybe bi (57837)
58 days ago
Why does this have to assume I like men... It could at least say “What attracted you to this person?” Or something, just saying-
No hate-
A girl (02327)
63 days ago
I need help, I don't think he likes me but we are in the same class so he knows me I subbed for his astag team 2 times and he shouted my name like encouraging words like “go on” or “I am free” I just don!t know I wish there was a way u can tell if someone likes u or not.
Felisha (24732)
66 days ago
love (74362)
83 days ago
I really think that I'm in love with this guy. I've known him for four years, and we're really close friends. But he feels the way I feel about him about my best friend. I just don't know what to do. I try to get over him, but I can't, and it just gnaws away at me.
.... (16723)
93 days ago
I wanttttt boyfriendddd
No one (58552)
107 days ago
OMG this guy I like is super super hot like a boy version of Kim K
Hi (87056)
150 days ago
His middle name is mark his favourite colour is blue he has blonde hair he has Crystal blue eyes he is HOT
Hi (87056)
150 days ago
Get too know him? What about me knowing him for 3 years!!? This is not right
Jaslin (78849)
154 days ago
This is wrong.... I know him already well enough, I don't need to know him better, I already know everything about him. And he doesn't like me, I know it☹
Sansgirl101 (42845)
155 days ago
I just took this quiz because a lot of people have been telling me to break with my boyfriend, because he’s only dating me for my beauty and popularity. I now know thats not true, because of this quiz! Thank you so much whoever made this quiz!!!
me (58931)
157 days ago
he luvz mehe touches me
Danielle (84098)
175 days ago
I like it but i don't think that my ex still loves me
Tauheed (66908)
188 days ago
I am alone any one love me
Someone (50336)
189 days ago
Oops forgot to change big into boy
Someone (50336)
189 days ago
I’m a big and my I did this to see what I act like to my crush and it seems that I don’t like her so I have to overcome it
Meharmah (14914)
192 days ago
Thank you for letting me know