Dilemmas of leadership: Map making test

This tests your knowledge of the map-reading testing and making ideas in the Dilemmas of Leadership textbook [Chapter 1]

  • 1
    Role modelling is an important part of map-making in chapter 1
  • 2
    The most important leader studied in chapter one is Nelson Mandela
  • 3
    Map-making in chapter 1 is based on the work of the designer of the London Underground
  • 4
    'The map is not the territory' is a way of saying that maps are representations of the territories they describe
  • 5
    Map making is more a matter of interpretation than of logic
  • 6
    Listening to what you are being told is a form of map reading
  • 7
    Listening to what you are told is a form of map-making
  • 8
    Map testing is important in making sense of what you read
  • 9
    A definition is a form of conceptual map
  • 10
    The Tower of London is not a conceptual map

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