How Attractive Am I?

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Ever wonder, am I attractive? Sure you do - we ALL do. This quiz is just one person's opinion, of course, so please don't get down on yourself if your score isn't what you were hoping for. Take it now to find out how attractive you are on a scale of one to 10. Please share with your friends if you think they'd like it!

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    What color are your eyes?

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2 days ago
Hi everyone

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3 days ago
hii,, btw stranger u are so 🌻 prettyy
Quizzes don't... DEFINE your beauty. You are beautiful and amazing and talented no matter what anyone says. You are perfect.
7 days ago
rose moon i solved the mystery its because you are but it still is wrong because it should say 10/10 tho i dont know you and you dont know me and you might never see this you are no matter and everyone here
11 days ago
Me and my strange self landed 9/10
A mystery that shall never be solved
13 days ago
I got 9/10 which is pretty good if you ask me
( plus if I got like under 3 or something I would think “ hm does my bf not like me or-“
14 days ago
I am ugly af. I got a big forehead, love handles. I got a good personality tho. I got a fricking 9/10. is the test wrong?
15 days ago
everyone bellow me, i don't have a manz and all of the manz won't really like bratty girls. no one likes bratty people..
19 days ago
Hi my name clara I got a 10/10 I'm happy I now have boyfriend I'm happy he's happy and I love him
20 days ago
to whoever reads this❤ if laughter is the best medicine, ur face must be curing the world.
20 days ago
Hello, I got a 9/10 obviously, I have so many friends like so many and all the boys like me ofc. Watch out for your mans 😖☺️🤪
20 days ago
hello all peasants, for i am the sexiest most beautiful person ever. Yes i got a 10/10. Better keep ur eye out for liqusha bc I AM GONNA STEAL YO MANS! PERIODT.
22 days ago
i got 9-10 i am very popular so like i already know ppl call me heather most of the time (means ; very pretty) ...i mean like im not sure bc this quiz doesnt realllyyyyy mean what they say but whatever...i mean like ty i do wanna be a model but my parents wont let me but imma see...!
25 days ago
They said I'm ugly how RUDE
25 days ago
Hello do you watch my channel if so I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH💕
29 days ago
Haii I got 9/10 but I don’t really believe yes I am popular people do like me but that doesnt mean I’m cut or pretty my friends and I have rated each other and I always get like a 5/6 because my head is little and I’m skinny I am 12 by the way I would say that I have grey haze lush eyes to and I am like a 5/6 to mehhhhhhhhhh
32 days ago
I find myself looking like trash but this quiz says 9-10 and others say " YoU lOoK lIKe A moDeL". I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I remember in the locker rooms the "popular girls" asked if I was going to become a model. And my "cRuSH" said I "F-ing beautiful". Random people at the dentist and groccery store say I'm "beautiful" but I just don't see it. All of the people on T.V. and youtube look amazing. I don't even know how to wear makeup so I don't. Are they seeing something that I don't? And If so, what is it! My self confidence is 0.
33 days ago
Ohh also in fourth grade there was this boy Chris, and my best friend asked him if he like me and he put 2 big thumbs up. And he would always ask me if I liked him and I was like I don’t know dude what the hell im 10! He would come to my desk and say this.. Mykie do you like me in a serious voice. That was last year BTW
33 days ago
What do you think?

I have blue eyes and kind of blond/brown/dirty blond hair, light freckles on my nose, I’m the adverse height and weight for my age ( 11 ),I have a slightly thin face shape( kinda round but a bit long )Nice lips that are naturaly a nice pinky red colour, I am kind of fair skinned but have a bit of a tan( I live in Australia! ) I am smarter than most kids in my class,and as far as I know 2 boys I know had a crush on me but there have been a few boys who I think Ed like me but didn’t say anything.. As explained below-
In second grade (8 years old) a boy that I kinda liked one day said do you know who I like? when we were chilling at school and he says that they start with a M and then proceeded to tell me that it was me so we hung out with each other for a bit until we were put into different classes for next year.(he is still kinda cute) and in third grade (9 years old) we were having free time and the kid who liked me, his friend accidentally blurted that the guy liked me.(I did like him a bit)

That all! What do you think I am?( attractive wise!)
35 days ago
I am in year 7, and I have to deal with scary seniors on a daily basis telling me I should try out modelling because I'm so cute. Now I wish I wasn't. IT'S TORTURE!
46 days ago
The hair color and eye color questions seem a little sus when you realize the "pretty" traits like blue eyes and blonde hair are traditionally Caucasian 🤔