How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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    What color are your eyes?

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PBoss (80753)
125 days ago
All you KIDS should stop arguing over being pretty or not and obviously, I am talking about Caitlyn and Clara. I mean- get a grip on yourselves. We are all teens or preteens so please stop acting like 10 year olds. I do not need trouble, just trying to settle things.

Boi (49090)
126 days ago
I'm a teen and I got 9-10
How though?

-I have slight freckles
-short hair (shrinkage is real with my curly hair)
-I'm pretty short for my age (5'2)
-I don't really know how to describe my body, I'm no where near skinny but I'm also not extremely fat. I have a pretty big chest, butt, thighs and I also have a slight stomach. My hips are there but not at the same time. I have a slight waist.
-I used to have braces
-I have big brown eyes
-My face is round (I have apparent big-ish cheeks), my eyebrows are really light but also have a shape, I wear minimal makeup (mascara and eyebrows if I'm not lazy that day)

To top that all off, I rarely talk because I suffer from major anxiety sooo
Cookie (78121)
127 days ago
I also have

-Medium hair
-No make up (I just don't like it)

Cookie (78121)
127 days ago
I got 9-10 of course that WAY to high. -_-

-I'm Female
-Blond hair
-Blue-ish Grey-ish eyes
-5 foot (I'm not that old so :b )
-Kinda skinny

So yea definitely NOT 9-10
Abby (11947)
128 days ago
My self confidence levels r so low probably going to die alone. No one would ever like me. 9/10 but still don’t believe. Wish that standards were different. Why can’t all boys beat kind and funny without trying to be cool.
Randomgirl (34946)
129 days ago
Thanks my result is 9-10 but one look at me and you'll change ur mind...
A'myre (34307)
130 days ago
Im 9 out of 10 im not ugly yayyyy
Lexi ¶•¶ (81687)
132 days ago
Um Caitlyn is so not telling the truth, its obvious...😂😂😂
Tasosa (95257)
133 days ago
I had no confidence anyways
EFAN (73422)
133 days ago
We are all perfect it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from we are all special.🤙🏽 10-10
nive (24861)
134 days ago
i got 9-10 ur very gorgeous lot of people love u ,u have sweet persnality
Katie (06059)
135 days ago
Umm I am totally so confused. It said I was a 9-10 I mean thanks but I’m not “gorgeous”. But I took this Cause of I’m board so it doesn’t matter. You are beautiful no mater what❤️ -xox Katie
Caitlyn (26765)
135 days ago
So whoever Clara is please stop
Caitlyn (26765)
135 days ago
And about the boys "falling in love with me" that wasn't even me that was a dude at my school. I didn't even type the comment about what I look like.
Caitlyn (26765)
135 days ago
Can ya'll 💗 that wasn't even me that said that 💗y comment about whoever the hell Clara is and how I'm "More pretty then her" She said that about herself trying to be me look at her numbers on the top and the comment she said that I said
135 days ago
Bailey (27323)
136 days ago
Btw Caitlin great job on the “different profiles” falling in love with you lol BS dude you don’t need to go on an obscure website pretending to be like 4 guys “falling in love with you” and freaking out lol
Bailey (27323)
136 days ago
I got 47% 7/8 and 33% 9/10 7% 1-6! Actually pretty happy but this test can’t really tell you much 😂 why would you need to know this? Idk but it’s my comment so deal with it ❤️
Kyle (27634)
136 days ago
Back off Caitlyn. you are being very rude. I’m sure you’re beautiful but that’s no reason to treat someone like that.
Clara (21412)
136 days ago
whoa chill. im sure ur pretty but i was jsut saying u souldnt fake being other ppl to make it look like ppl love u. i didnt ask for a fight but ur getting pretty rude... just calm down a bit ok.