How Attractive Are You?

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Ever wonder, am I attractive? Sure you do - we ALL do. This quiz is just one person's opinion, of course, so please don't get down on yourself if your score isn't what you were hoping for. Take it now to find out how attractive you are on a scale of one to 10.

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    What color are your eyes?

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💕💕 (87066)
118 days ago
I have green eyes that EVERYONE compliments me on and all of my friends are jealous of my straight teeth. I always see guys staring at me to and my friends always tell me that someone likes me. I’m an only child so everyone thinks I’m spoiled but I’m not.
Faith ❤️👑🌷 (31381)
118 days ago
Well I did the test again and it gave me a 60% which I got 9/10 and people say that I’m a too nice 😇and that I lot of guys like me and I have a sweet personality which everyone says at my school and that I’m popular👑 I didn’t really think that I’m pretty or have a great personality but I’m nice to others that’s what all matter to me helpings others ❤️and have a great time In life what every you get is not true you are your own people don’t tell others say about you 😉 be yourself and if nobody likes you then something is wrong with them 💔
119 days ago
I got a 9/10... But I’m not a peoplie person, I’m SUPER sassy, and I’m not interested in a love life. 😂
I have blue-green eyes and messy dirty blonde hair. And weight wise.. well. I’m not skinny. But I have muscle tone. So I don’t know. 😂
This test is messed up.
Erica (81704)
119 days ago
9-10 welll.......idk alot of guys alot stare at me but there's one guys that i have alot of feelings 4 and he likes me bck 2 of hia freinds told me and they also told me that he keeps asking them if he should ask me out i go bck to skool 2morrow sooooooo......I SHARED MY LIFE WITH U(dont stalk me😂)kkkkk byeeee alllsooo watch Azzyland on utube GURL TALK MEETING OVER😂😂
Joslyn (50402)
119 days ago
My eyes are Hazle, so why not ad that in there as well
Joslyn (50402)
119 days ago
My hair is a mix of brown, blond, with a hint of red.
Carmen (09625)
119 days ago
Ayyyee 9-10 very gorgeous
Nightmare (34190)
120 days ago
im a sexy S.O.B
%uD83D%uDE31 (63343)
121 days ago
What up?
I like cheese
Do you?
I'm weird
Don't we all LOVE pretzels
Or wuz it cheese
Or was it pineapples
yogurt (20249)
125 days ago
i liek miencrift very mooch
Sammie (72420)
125 days ago
I m 7-8 very good looking
Opinion8ed (33341)
126 days ago
I’m very gorgeous apparently but tbh I’m probably actually 1-2 but that could be my negativity talking
no (75551)
127 days ago
mine said 9-10
You are very gorgeous! A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality. two people like me i don't know if any one else likes me but now i am dating someone
Ava Herman (59051)
127 days ago
I got 9_10 I'm gourgouse
bukle (46773)
130 days ago
I got 75 percent is that good
Faith ❤️👑🌷 (31381)
131 days ago
It’s said that I was A 53 %
You are very gorgeous! A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality this are lies
shelbie (02160)
132 days ago
"how many people have a crush on you?" so far 0 but that wasnt an option
Sadie (61576)
133 days ago
Only like one person likes me BUT IT DIDNT HAVE THAT OPTION
Sadie (61576)
133 days ago
Omg this makes my so mad it said I might get 1-2 “you should see a doctor” but I don’t get how my real result was 33% but it said 9/10
Bekah (33839)
133 days ago
I got a 60% so Jesus you messed up 40% of my face!