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  • 1
    Each input port in a high-speed router stores a shadow copy of the forwarding table
  • 2
    Packet loss at input buffers cannot be eliminated without the use of infinite buffers
  • 3
    HOL blocking happens at ports

  • 4
    If all links in the Internet were to provide reliable delivery service, then TCP reliable service would be redundant
  • 5
    An ARP response is sent in a broadcast frame
  • 6
    The size of the address space, listed in decreasing order, is IPv6, MAC, IPv4

  • 7
    The frame structure of 10BaseT, 100BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet is the same
  • 8
    Path loss results in blurring of the received signal at the receiver
  • 9
    Before an 802.11 stations transmits a data frame, it must first send an RTS frame and receive a corresponding CTS frame
  • 10
    Acknowledgements are used in wireless (802.11) but not wired (802.3) Ethernet

  • 11
    Consider a TCP connection going over Mobile IP. True or false: The TCP connection phase between the correspondent and the mobile host goes through the mobile’s home network, but the data transfer phase is directly between the correspondent and the mobile host, bypassing the home network
  • 12
    Two collocated 802.11b APs with two different SSIDs operating on two different channels will have a maximum aggregate rate of 22 Mbps
  • 13
    End-to-end delay is the time it takes a packet to travel across the network from source to destination. Delay jitter is the fluctuation of end-to-end delay from packet to the next packet
  • 14
    A CDN should provide DNS with the host name and IP address of it's authoritative name server
  • 15
    DNS standard has to be altered to support CDNs
  • 16
    Today’s Internet network layer provides QoS guarantees for multimedia traffic

  • 17
    A packet that is received after it's scheduled playout time is equivalent to the packet loss
  • 18
    If stored video is streamed directly from a Web server to a media player, then the application is using TCP as the underlying transport protocol

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