Does The Shy Guy Have Feelings For Me?

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You like a shy guy, and now you want to know - is he interested in you, or just shy? Take this quiz now and find out! I guarantee you it's one of the most accurate quizzes you'll ever find. And remember, shy guys are awesome because they don't run around gossiping about people and will keep your secrets. That's just one wonderful thing about them!

  • 1
    How does he react when he sees you?
    How does he react when he sees you?
  • 2
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 3
    What does he do when you catch him staring?

  • 4
    How long have you known him?
  • 5
    How does he act when he talks with you?
  • 6
    He is ___ and you are ___.

  • 7
    How does he act when your friends mention you to him?
  • 8
    Has he ever:
  • 9
    How do his friends act around you?
  • 10
    On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), how much do you like him?

  • 11
    Do you think he likes you? (BE HONEST!)
  • 12
    How are his pupils when you and he are looking at each other?
  • 13
    If he saw you were upset, he would:
  • 14
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 15
    Does he ever find an excuse to be near you, or show up at the same places as you, mysteriously?

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11 days ago
me again: did i mention i have this app which tells me he stalks my instagram daily? is that odd? does it mean something orrr
11 days ago
basically a few months back when he joined our school he sat next to me in english, we talked a bunch and he would tease me about. here’s some stuff that happened:
i got cookies from a friend at christmas and he asked for one and i said no and we laughed about it.
i wished him luck on a basketball game
we laughed about my height (i’m small)
and more...
i landed myself in the biggest crush ever, then we moved english classes, and all though we stayed in the same class, we weren’t next to eachother or near eachother at all. it kind of sucked, but i mostly got over him. we didn’t even see eachother much.
over lockdown, i was manifesting for a ‘future boyfriend’ to move in on my street and we could date.
then we start going to school, and walking home i see him going home to a house ON MY STREET.
so we’re neighbours now, and we see eachother a bit more often.
i pennyboard by his house everyday (not on purpose, that’s just where i pennyboard)
and we make eye contact sometimes walking home. the other day we were walking through the halls and i saw him looking at me, idk how long he was looking because i glanced away quick, but it still happened yk?
so yeah. now i have a crush on my neighbour and no idea if he likes me back. so it’s a bit awkward, advice is welcome :))
211 days ago
it says he doesn't know how he feels about me XD
233 days ago
He Always Looks At me But..We never Talk He seems To nervous to talk too me when am around his Friends..I always Hear him Talking To his Friend About me..Maybe He doesn’t like me?
354 days ago
Friends... sounds good to me :)
378 days ago
I really like this boy but I only see him in martial arts, which is 2 hours a week. I dont have his number or anything, and I'm scared to make a move because I cant avoid someone that I go to a small class with. Theres only 3 people participating in the class, plus the instructor. If I mess up our friendship, I'm doomed, but I'd be so happy to be with him. I'm also socially awkward and everything I say or do embarrasses me
396 days ago
it says hes not sure

well me either AHHAHAH
506 days ago
I really like this boy at school and i think he maybe likes me.
541 days ago
I really like this boy and he seems to like me too but he has a crush. And it’s someone out of school. She’s on his baseball team. And I was wondering why he just wouldn’t make a move and then I thought about the girl he liked I had no chance with him. He’s probably wondering why I’m not making the move either. And then it hit me. And then I started laughing. It’s because along time ago I had a crush and he still thinks I have a crush on that person. So we both want each other but we know we can’t have each other. Classic love story.
577 days ago
He likes me but I do not like him back because I like one of his friends and he likes me and the bad thing is that my crush knows that this guy likes me.
So everything is a little awkward right now
579 days ago
What the weird thing is that he used to be so playfull around me, and now he's so quiet. Did I do something wrong?? ☹️??
612 days ago
He always looks at me gosh I fell creepy.....I remember when my mom picked me up from the karate club and I asked if we can go get a drink so we went and have a good time when we finished we crossed a road and... ....I saw my crush staring me throw the window just looking directly at me and it's not this time is everytime I go take a math lesson he is at the window and watching me so shy. what should I do my friend think he likes me and I'm not to sure xD
623 days ago
Hit or miss?
I guess they never miss
You got a boyfriend
I bet he doesn’t kiss ya
He gon find another girl and he won’t miss ya!
He gon skrr and hit the dab like wiz khalifa
He gon play with dem balls like it’s FIFA
659 days ago
@bread %uD83C%uDF5E miss huh? u gotta boyfriend i better he doesn't kiss ya!
661 days ago
HiT oR mIss I guess they never-
673 days ago
So the boy I like... He's pale and when he blushes, he blushes a lot and it's super obvious. The other day at lunch I saw him and remembered he needed some classwork. He looked normal, but when I walked up and sat down next to him his face got all red and he smiled at me really big. We had this sub in math class that gave us her own seating chart, which seperated us. He seemed to be fine with his new group, but when our teacher got back and we told her about the seats, he said that he liked sitting "here" (with me) better. Note: he is the only boy in a group of girls.

Next: one day him and I were walking to class together after lunch and his best friend was standing there and she made a face at him before saying something, despite being in a conversation he made an effort to keep walking with me.

The test says he doesn't know how he feels about me yet, but I have a feeling that it's because of the time frame. "A few months" was not an option. Only "a few weeks" and "about a year." I chose a few weeks, because I've only known him for 4 months.PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
674 days ago
Stop making me sad
724 days ago
So I met this guy a while ago and he asks me if I still have a bf most of the time he asked it was a yes but today it was a no he had a weird look on his face but we kept talking about stuff and unlike most people he actually tried to talk to me. Apparently we have the same favorite massacre. Don't ask
725 days ago
Likes me. Can't wait! But I don't know what to say . . .
767 days ago
This is difficult. It's my best friend's brother (she doesn't mind) and he's older than me. He goes to high school (10 grade, just recently started), and im in 8th grade. When I'm at her house, he always stares at me and looks do away quickly when I catch him. One time I was watching TV in the living room and my friend was in the kitchen (they are connected with no wall), her brother was "asleep" with the blanket over his head. She came back and told me that he was staring at me the whole time. Also, I left my shirt there once and my friend wore it to school. That morning though he asked her why she had my shirt on. He's also written about me on a white board she has in her room. It was a joke. But also, he's indirectly complimented my eyes. My BFF says they were discussing me and she said, "she's so funny, right? " And he said, "yeah, she is." Then she said, " and she's my best friend. And her eyes are so gorgeous aren't they? ", and he said, "yeah they are." (she loves my eyes). She also says that if he brother thought I was ugly, he'd just straight up say it. When his friends are over too, they always look at each other with this look. I don't know if he likes me or not, what's your opinion?