Are you fat quiz?

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Do you want to find out if you are anorexic, skinny, healthy, chubby or fat? Then take this quiz to find out

  • 1
    How many meals do you eat in a day?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    What are other people more likely to call you?

  • 4
    What is your favourite type of exercise?
  • 5
    How long do you watch TV for every day?
  • 6
    Do people stare at you when you eat at a restaurant?

  • 7
    If you stand up and look down what can you see?
  • 8
    What size clothes do you wear?
  • 9
    How far does your belly stick out?
  • 10
    What do you think of your belly?

Comments (59)


24 days ago
I got anorexic. I'm 4'6 and 55 lbs.
43 days ago
I’m 12 5ft 1inch I find out on most quizzes that I’m anorexic and severely underweight
58 days ago
I got skinny?? 5'3 at 106.4 lb
61 days ago
Am I fat? I'm 5'4 112 lbs and I look skinny from most angles but I have really chubby arms for some reason.
69 days ago
I did it again and got: “ You are fat.
Go to the gym you big blob. Go and see the doctor before you die of obesity.“ It just called me Skinny?? For those asking, I’m 12 stone, 5”8 .
69 days ago
((navy) I got “skinny” I’m anything BUT skinny. I’m almost Obese / Extremely Over weight... but I’m eating >300 calories a day! Which is good because less is more! 😌
73 days ago
60% skinny
20% anorexic
10% chubby
0% obese
Is this quiz correct or am I becoming anorexic. Because I think I am fat but everyone says that I am a stick. Anyone else like This?
77 days ago
@Kenzle it isn't possible for a 10 yr old to be 995 pounds. The heaviest person was a little bit over 1000 kgs, and he couldn't walk and he was 17 yrs old. Are you exaggerating?
82 days ago
This comment section scares me
98 days ago
Everyone’s being rude and saying 300 is a lot I weigh 995 and I’m only 10🙁and atleast you don’t fall and break the floor
98 days ago
I know I need to loose 700 pounds but it’s hard I got the 100 percent how
Bout you guy I weigh 995 pounds
152 days ago
I got anorexic but I’m 72lbs. That’s too fat to have an eating disorder
177 days ago
yay! I'm chubby. Got to keep gaining though!
184 days ago
I’m avg weight I’ve been told by doctors apps and everything so I’m ok... but wow I was reading what others can get and the fat one is sorta rude
204 days ago
@obesesumo Me too, I'm also thicc
232 days ago
My diet is to wear supper small t shirts and eat till it rip my belly IS looks like a beach ball
245 days ago
It said fat bit I'm more than that I'm morbidly obese I'm 367 lbs 4'5" and I'm only 11
258 days ago
I'm obese MY mom love making ME fat and fatter I'm so obese and huge that MY belly is on my lap
299 days ago
I love eating everyday my mum and dad yell at me for it but it's ok I will eat so much so one day I will squash them BC they ruin my life :((((((
299 days ago
Dear big sumo I have a crush on u BC U bought me KFC the other day it's my fave now I'm 298482829298 pounds thank u so much