Am I A Good Person?

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If you're doubting (or just wondering) whether you have good or bad morals, you're in the right place. Try my quiz! It never hurts to find out where you stand as a human being. You might be awesome just as you are, or you might have some work to do - and that's OK! After all, no one is perfect. ;) Find out your result now!

  • 1
    If you see someone crying, you:
    If you see someone crying, you:
  • 2
    If you think someone's ugly, you:
  • 3
    If someone picks up a lost purse, you:
  • 4
    If your friend asks whom you trust the most, you...
  • 5
    If you're going to a church, you wear...
  • 6
    If you are very religious, and someone who follows a different religion preaches to you, you...
  • 7
    On average, how many times do you lie in a day?
  • 8
    Would you tell a white lie to make someone feel better?
  • 9
    Of these, which philosophy do you most agree with?
  • 10
    Which of the following do you think is the correct definition of "moral"?

Comments (59)


Abby (35169)
10 hours ago
Lmao it’s says I’m not a very good person. I hope you all die soon.
I cryyyyy (95890)
12 days ago
It says I'm "ok", but I could improve
Tara (26182)
17 days ago
I am "a good person" it says... yay ^-^
aibek (32053)
25 days ago
You're OK, but you could definitely stand to improve. Watch others and learn from them. You'll start to notice which types of behavior is socially condoned and which is not. But I learn from myself only because I Am ZLATAN and I can't go to church I am muslim.
ihavenolife (24028)
29 days ago
You're a good person. Keep it up! The world needs more people like you, ones who set a good example for those who are less moral but who want to change. One important thing: Don't get self-righteous about your own behavior. Many people find that a turn-off.

That;s peculiar because my friends said I suck.
peanut (44001)
77 days ago
mine sain you are a good person. keep up the good behavior. well, good lick to ya'll!
Private (44159)
78 days ago
I got ok, I am in the comment below yes, I try really hard, and I seem to get nowere I dream of becoming a auctress but when people hate me (like my BFFs mum) it crushes me, anyone got any advice? Please because I have no really close friend because my BFFs mum hates me like I said up above
Private (44159)
86 days ago
It says I'm a good person, I can kind if believe that, I am only disliked by 3 percent of the world I reckon my mum says she is sick of the ( she says my name) fan club in a joking vice because so many people say I'm great (; but like people say nobody is purfect!
Bethany White (02293)
99 days ago
Im a good person. Keep up the good work. well i guess i can believe that
DAT BOIIII (99341)
101 days ago
anonymous (25644)
102 days ago
im okay but I could do some good but I don't get it, I thought I was a bad person generally cuz once I saw a certain somebody crying and I ignored that and that bothered me the whole day. I was thinking what if that person might end up doing something bad just because I could have confronted them and make them realize that the reason they are crying is right or wrong. I know this makes no sense but I stand by it till this day!!!
Anhar Alsaidi (77359)
104 days ago
What you said i was ok im ugly dumb and not good enough im nice but sometimes people are so vilont and vilonce is the wrong way to treat people thry hurt my bestie and said to fight with them and one girl wich is my worst enemys sister she pushed me down and her dumb friend she fighted me and i was like vilonce aint good aand then my enemys sister she pushed me to the floor when they forced us to fightand then she had to fight with my enemys sister and then she almost broke her tooth but when they play this quiz they will see this coment and she maybe come to my house and will be like delete this and would be like no queen of vilonce then i will leave :)
Loki (11800)
112 days ago
I'm OK except for the lies I tell (15+ times/day).But there's still good in me (lying ain't that bad).Thank you Tom Hidleston.
#cakegirl (27205)
117 days ago
I love being a peron but I hate people that arnt a big inflewince on me or that aare a bad inflewnece
Elephant Girl (61793)
121 days ago
I dIdN't EvEn GeT tHe RiGhT aNsWeRs!!!!! ): I'm depressed.
ok (12587)
122 days ago
oh nevermind...well.. does it really matter if your a good person? I am for sure but.. nobody is perfect.
ok (12587)
122 days ago
what the heck is a mortal?
miranda (02181)
124 days ago
I do lie but I'm agreed that I well get in trouble thank u
Anoymos (16623)
131 days ago
(NobodyInParticular (83036)) I think you are right.
Wow (40606)
147 days ago
Am a good person. For sure