What kind of girl would you be?

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You wake up one day and your body feels different you look down and realize you are a fir

  • 1
    What would be your reaction?
  • 2
    You realize that you can't stay inside all day and need to put something on what would you wear?
  • 3
    You realize your hair is a mess. What would you do about it?

  • 4
    You open a drawer and it's full of makeup. What do you put on?
  • 5
    You get hungry and decide to go out. Where do you go?
  • 6
    At the restaurant a cute guy named chad starts flirting with you. What would you do in response?

  • 7
    He asks you out. Where do you imagine the two of you?
  • 8
    On the date you are standing next to him when you get the urge to kiss him. What do you do?
  • 9
    After the date you meet a girl named Sarah you become best friends and she asks you. What you want to do you ask her if you can?
  • 10
    It late and your tired you decide to go back home you realize that you smell kind of bad hopping in the bathtub you...

  • 11
    After getting out of the bath you...
  • 12
    Youย’re really tired and are about to fall asleep you...
  • 13
    You realize that the bed you slept in has no sheets you decide to...
  • 14
    Right before you pass out you hear a little voice in the back of your head that asks if you would like to stay a girl you decide

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1575 days ago
.: Oh my God am I a lesbian?
1819 days ago
Oh no, i wake up and find that i am a fir whatever shall i do