Have you found your soulmate?

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It is hard to explain.

  • 1
    Love has ups and downs.
  • 2
    Love is to be selfish with your partner.
  • 3
    Love is a game to find your soulmate.

  • 4
    You must never be desirable on love.It will take longer if you desire everyone.Don't do this.
  • 5
    It is okay to disagree between soul mates.
  • 6
    Soulmates are never fighting.

  • 7
    Love takes a short time to figure out.
  • 8
    Love isn't found by everyone.
  • 9
    Your soulmate doesn't always want you near them.
  • 10
    You think love is about jealousy.

Comments (20)


842 days ago
Does it still count if your lesbian
846 days ago
Idk who it is tho but i got 10/10. It said "Why the heck are you taking this? You should know." Wooow
859 days ago
im not a peole person
898 days ago
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 9/10...*comes back a week and starts talking about a cute person i just met*
957 days ago
Uh 10/10
I'm not exactly sure who it is though....
1012 days ago
8/10...umm is that good?
1100 days ago
9/10 Yes!!! This is interesting……
1117 days ago
i’m my own soulmate sweetie
1133 days ago
Yass 10/10! Has a crush, but is still as single as a pringle :(
1157 days ago
I got 10/10 yass baby
1675 days ago
I got 10/10 Yay!!!!!
1713 days ago
One one of the questions i wanted to put: GOD loves you
1866 days ago
Well I've being crazily in love with this guy for over 9yrs now I tried to shake this feelings off but doesn't work n the problem is he doesn't even notice me. He likes the perfect girls , I think I'm going to go crazy. But I got 8/10.
1894 days ago
9/10 wow now where oh where are my love..........cause i don't know where he is
1918 days ago
i got 8/10 and i mean there is this girl but idk she asked me out then backed out cuz my sister called her and now she hates me😢 single life group✌
1924 days ago
I got 5/10. Yay? I mean, these are all opinions in their own little special ways.
1971 days ago
I have met a married lady but we fell in love, but cause I lied to her,cause I also was involved with someone I didn't love, I told her and now our lives are falling apart. I accepted it that she's married, and even though she's married with kids, I love her more and more everyday. But she distand herself from me. I have never loved anyone the way I still love her.
1978 days ago
I got 10/10 still single ;(
2002 days ago
I'm single, but I got a 9/10. I mean, there's this one guy that I really like. But he's not even the same age as me. We've never met. He's a YouTuber, but you know, it's hard to explain...
2070 days ago
I got 9/10 but I'm still single