Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But is HE interested in YOU? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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29 minutes ago
So uh I have a question😂😂 So before I told my crush I liked him he was being really nice like one day this kid said something rude to me and my crush asked me on sc if I was feeling ok and he was sorry for what the kid said to me. Then another time he asked me what was wrong because I was upset and I told him I just can’t trust anyone anymore and he said you can trust me. But then I had my friend tell him that I liked him and he said “oh” later I told him I’m sorry and stuff and he said “your good” and I asked him not to tell anyone and he said ok? So I kinda think I’m in the friend zone?? Can someone help me😂😂
3 hours ago
Hey ....., xxxxxxxxxxxxx
13 hours ago
Hey! So I chickened out and didn’t ask A, but some stuff did happen. Me and him talked a lot about the randomest things and we teased each other a bit to. We looked at each other a lot and kept smiling and blushing. Also he just said random things in my conversations with others and talked to me. Then later I was talking to him and our friend Dom about superhero’s and me and A were arguing (we were on the same side) against Dom and we talked about Green Lantern who I don’t know a lot about. And A goes “he literally got superpowers from getting married” then he looked at me and smiled!! We have 2 more weeks of Friday practices then we go into regular practice and games so then we’ll see each other at least 3 times a week.

Same as Lace and Ryan, it depends on how it happened.
14 hours ago
Jass, I agree with Ryan. It all depends on how he said it.

And I see there’s no response to my updates... no pressure...
18 hours ago

If he told you he forgot to bring chocolate, it either means that he likes you, or he’s dissmissive of you. Did he sound sincerely apologetic when he said it? If he sounded apologetic then he probably likes you.
Best way to say i love u is to give a chocolate..........

Guys! U know what today I get 3 chocolate from six different boys of my grade. 3 guys(sam, john, charles)proposed me today but i said no to all as i have huge crush on tej..... I was hoping that he will give me chocolate but today again and again he was coming to me and everytime he said," i forget to bring chocolate........"

I also think he like me bc when charles,john and sam gave me chocolates he was looking very angry but when i refusf their proposal he seemed very happy

What do u think guys?



I m very happy but i m worried too bc tomorrow is my grammer exam............and on monday physics,wednesday maths and i hate all these subject.............
On chocolate day we give chocolate to whom we love......

What’s chocolate day? If it’s the day you eat chocolate then not happy to me, since I ate my chocolate yesterday.
Happy chocolate day to all
Chains’ Update...

Okay, this one is actually good this week! Yay! So of course the thing with Anton went down T-T and I’m not sure if I should be screaming with joy that their friendship is over or be helping fix it since they are both my friends, or even worse, try to sabotage it more! Okay, definitely not the third one, but you get my point. So the interaction with him wasn’t an incredible amount, but at least we didn’t claw each other’s eyes out XD. I didn’t really talk to him until Spanish, when we had to sit at a certain table and that would be our group and I pulled Anton over to sit with Chains, Laila, and another girl and Chains immediately went “No! Not you! I can tolerate these two, but not anyone else!” Lol, and I was like “What? I’ve been nice to you though!” And he just shook his head. Don’t take it seriously though, he was in his joking tone, and really, so was I. Plus, that’s just how he is. Yeah, then he made fun of my mom for driving in circles XD.
Anton’s Update 2...

So back to the card, he actually slipped it into Chains backpack when we moved classrooms! I was pretty much dying at that point and tried to just ignore it, but honestly, Im kinda interested in how this’ll go. It is a secret admirer deal, so no one will know it’s him unless he makes some sort of slip up. But on the bottom of the note it said ‘Approach who you think it is and ask them about this note’ so I’m gonna test it and see who Chains goes to. I’m kinda hoping it’ll be me, but I’m also not lol. I’m wayyyyyy too wrapped up in this.
Anton’s Update...

So do you guys remember when Anton told me that he also liked Chains? Well he actually wrote a secret admirer letter and asked me if he should give it to Chains... multiple times. I tried to discreetly lean on the safe side and tell him it’s not a good idea (I’m kinda being selfish with this decision, but you guys can understand after all the Sid trauma I went through this year). Anyway, so at the beginning of the day, Anton and Chains were all buddy buddy (like always, and this is only because Chains is allowed Anton’s phone and he knows the password) but Chains starts to ask Anton to take a photo/picture off of the Internet of Chains. Anton refuses, and Chains grabbed Anton’s phone and tried to delete it himself. Anton jumps up and tries to grab it out of Chains’ hand and suddenly, I’m witnessing a physical altercation! They’re going back and forth trying to get the stupid phone, and the teacher spilts it up. They get mad at each other for the rest of the day, and I’m pretty much going back and forth between the two.
Nathan’s Update...

So not much happened with Nathan. At the beginning of the day I sat with him, but then I didn’t sit with anyone because too many friends wanted me to sit with them or another friend wouldn’t let me sit somewhere so I just wandered around the classroom for the whole day and popped in on random tables lol. Anyway, but in Dodgeball, I was his second pick and I was out most of the time (it was an off day for sure, I was also kinda sick. But during lunch we sat together and yeah, that’s pretty much everything... except a story that Kylie and Savannah told me. Apparently a few years ago, Nathan had a crush on Ava, but a girl named Gloria liked him (or he liked her too, I don’t really know). So Ava put a note in Nathan’s box on Valentines that said ‘do you like me, yes, no, or maybe’ with the checkboxes and all that. Nathan refused to answer, even when she confronted him the next week. A whole bunch of drama went down. Gloria left, and Ava and Nathan aren’t friends anymore.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry about the late update, it’s been incredibly busy this week
Bear5 ~

I think he likes u
I’m lonely forever ;w;
Ahh! I can’t get it right! Tomorrow is National Singles Awareness Day!!
Sorry I meant that tomorrow is National Singles Appreciation Day
2 days ago
Guys did you know that tomorrow is National Singles Day?!!
2 days ago
he treats me like a legit friend and he treats my friends like acquaintances