Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or is it just your imagination? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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9 hours ago
Sjc: yea, I’d love to know!
XOL: sounds like things are going great! Keep talking to him!
Update: today was good with my crush, let’s call him Tim (that’s super far from his real name lol) but anyways we talked of course, and we had each other laughing in orchestra, he was teasing me a bit about a silly thing I wrote up for the class, but kindly. Also, I got lost in my head and messed up a little during the song, and he was actually really nice about it, he tends to be pretty sarcastic with everyone so go figure. Apparently we are also, describing ourselves and our crushes now, on here goes.
I’m short and muscular from running, and I’ve got wavy red brown hair and greenish hazel eyes. I am friends or on friendly terms with pretty much everyone in our grade, and I am probably little too much of a people person. I also have a reputation as a spelling nerd, I’m going to the scripts national bee this spring.

He is tall, fairly athletic with dark skin, and has these really pretty warm brown eyes and unfairly long lashes. He’s really smart, and incredibly good at math (I’m taking 9th grade math in 8th grade which is honors and he is taking 10th grade somehow) He’s also pretty hilarious and goofy, plus hes just a really good person. So that’s the tea, sisters.
9 hours ago
Ok J’s actual name is Juan, which is what we always call him at school.
9 hours ago
Sjc: iiiiiiiii doooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Ill let u guys know what happens tmrw.....if anything happens..................¯\_(ツ)_/¯
9 hours ago
just do whatever feels right. i think it's to early on to tell with Clayton, but with Lake it seems like it's going well.

Fun fact:
Me and J actually went to kindergarten a different school together, but we didn't talk them. We actually didn't talk a ton until this year.

Any of you guys want to know J's full name?
10 hours ago
fia rose: nah it's fine i don't think Lake likes anyone tbh,

Ggg: no they're not rae and i still talk XD

ok UPDATE sorta:
today was extra astonishing LiKE aCTUALLY. so Lake starts talking to me constantly and sends me this meme dissing kpop *cries* and ya we actually TALKED. like not just me going up to him he literally came over to my class just to tell me that his friends ordered GrubHub*facepalm* and the truck actually came. - today was food truck day XD. talking about food truck day i'm going to introduce a new boy - Clayton. i think he might like me, but i need y'all to help me see if i'm right. so Clayton and I were - are - really good friends and he offers candy to me whenever he brings any *yay*. once i was talking with this other boy in the hallway bc this boy knew my crush because of someone spilling tea - and then Clayton comes up, hears about it, and seems sorta excited while asking me who my crush is - it's lake but i didn't tell him that. today he gave me m&ms and was being super nice - i forgot to bring my money today and he gave me $10 to use. he said i didn't have to return it but imma do it anyways. He was the person that ordered Grubhub - with another few friends of his - and they got Taco Bell...... they spilled a soda and got taken to the principal's office XD. anyways Clayton and I talk really well but i have a suspicion he likes me.......... i like him a little but Lake is my crush right now so he'll have to wait a bit XD. *according to my girl friends i'm a total player sry people*
what do y'all think????
11 hours ago
Can't really tell cuz it's really to early to make assumptions but I'd say keep talking to him and at least become good friends with him.
Keep talking to both j and Kris!!
But I ship u with j lol :)
13 hours ago
Yeah I do like J.

So not a ton happened today with me and J, just talking whenever we saw each other in the halls. We were talking about superheros at one point. I was late to gym because of a jazz band performance in the park, and when I walked in, I saw him staring at me.

So idk if you guys remember but there was this guy Kris? Anyway if you don't basically he's on my track team and I hangout with him and my other two friends. Idk if I like him. He liked this other girl for a while, she obviously didn't like him back and she was one of those girls who is kind of... well fake. He was to good for her, but I couldn't exactly say that. Today he told me he stopped liking her a few days ago, and I met him about a week and a half ago. We always hangout at practice and he's really nice to me and funny and we joke around a lot. Yesterday he offered me his jacket yesterday at a track meet. He was putting his sweatpants on over his shorts and I picked up his jacket and said "Is this yours" and he said "Yeah but you can wear it if you want" and he knew I had my jacket in my bag (team jacket for track). I would've worn it, but I had a race in a few minutes. I honestly don't know if I like him. What do you guys think?
14 hours ago

Wait, we were looking for Riordan fans? I’m a Riordan fan!


Like Ggg said, text him about, just, things. Like, if you want to know anything about him, just ask. It’s pretty obvious that he likes you, so he probably won’t withhold much information from you.
15 hours ago
Karol: Yaaas kween there’s finally a camp halfblood fan out there thank you

Fia Rose: I have mild acne so I just use my moms neutrogena facial cleanser in secret lol

Uh so I’m sorry I haven’t been active. I have a stye on my left upper eyelid and it’s been swollen and I hate it. To any of you who’ve had stye before, please give me advice. I’m really self conscious now and today I stayed home because it was so bad that I couldn’t open my eye all the way. I’m doing warm compresses but it’s not improving much. If you have any advice, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks! 😔
15 hours ago
Karol: don't b scared. If u have his number, u can text him abt other things besides school. Find out what his interests r and tell him abt ur interests. Taking abt stuff u have in common can give u a good conversation. Or find out what he likes and start a convo based on a question that relates to it. Make sure the questions r open so that he doesn't have the opportunity to respond with just yes or no.
If he's into marvel instead of saying
"r u going to see the new movie?"
Say, "what do u think of endgame? R u going to go see it?"

Or if he's into sports, instead of saying "what team do you like? How was the last game? Did u see it?"
Say something like, "what sports do u like? Do u prefer ... over ...? Or what happened at the last game with ... and ...?"

Hope this makes sense and helps in some way... :)
18 hours ago
took me long enough to read all this XD
Guys I want to text John sooo bad, but we never text. when we do, it'sabout school work and such. maybe i could confess via chat, but i saw a video where a guy said some awful things to the girl who liked him...
so I'm kinda scared...
Whoops I almost forgot u sjc!!

Keep talking to him!!!!! And be his best friend!!!! Do u have crush on the dude or no??? Bc I ttly ship it!!!!! It seems to me that he's really depending on u to b there for him and its sooooo cuuuuteeeeeee!!!!!!
Fia rose:
Copy and paste the link and make sure that there is no space between "fore" and "head". Honestly I wouldn't care if the guy was jealous. U could dance with him, but make sure u friend zone him if ur sure that ur not interested.

Keep talking to him and make sure u guys stay close!!! If u think u have a crush on him, then maybe try a little flirting but don't make it extremely obvious. Also if u guys r good enough friends then maybe u could just outright tell him how u feel. If he doesn't feel the same way, then make sure u let him know that u guys r good friends anyways.

Girl y don't u talk to Rae?????
Ask her if she and (I forgot ur crush's name) r like having a thing. If not and ig she is a good friend of ur's then u should tell her how u feel abt him.
If she tells u that they r in a relationship, I wouldn't call her a good friend anymore, and I'd find another crush.

Hope this helps everyone !!!
thank you so much for trying but i cant get the link to work :(

alsoooo guys i was talking to my mom and honestly i have no idea how the topic of me and g came up but it did and aperently my mom and g mom have been talking and a while ago i liked g but not now and aparently my mom said g is "head over heals about me" ah idk what to do!!!! he is going to be at the dance on saturday and im worried he will be jealous or mad if i dance with not just him sooo someone please help haha ik ive been asking for alot of help lately but please i really really need help with this!

im sorry to say it but im pretty sure he doesnt like you. but if u rlly want to talk to him try a cheesy sciency meme or pun those r always fun lol. my brothes love to play video games as well so if u know of any games u like to play u could talk about that (if your allowed to) you could always invite him over to hang out and play some video games or just do science hw! hope this helps!
Thanks XOL I appreciate it
Mildly Demented Goober: oK i'll try but i need real topics lol i just can't think off the top of my head. Never wonder if you're good enough. that is unacceptable. i'm not trying to be pessimistic, but honestly if you start thinking that it's probably time to get a new crush... but YES ASK HIM. in a sorta friendly + flirty way tho. Don't tell him what you feel like if you do that it's gonna be.................. let's just say ive been thru it firsthand XD
XOL cool darn autocorrect
Is friends not isn’t. And cool it’s ok to talk about yourself a little too! Don’t focus just on him.
So, I’ve never posted much so Imma just lay it all down. We’ve been friends since 5th grade, and we’re in 8th grade now. We’ve never been super close, but always undoubtably friends. Then this year, I started noticing him differently. He’s not really popular, very intelligent and kinda nerdy but hilarious too. Starting January ish I started to like him. In February he switched seats in our orchestra class to the chair beside me. For no reason, apparently. He has occasionally said very kind things to me. (About my personality, accomplishments etc.) There was an awkward moment a couple weeks ago where we were talking in a bus ride (we had just finished sharing headphones to watch comedy shows together for an hour and a half) and he said out of nowhere: Last year you were kinda invisible but this year...., (long pause)
Me: I was more outgoing?
Him: yeah, yeah I guess so. It didn’t work out too bad for you.
In a weird way it was the nicest thing he’s ever said to me. Then, I catch him looking at me. A lot. We also kinda catch each others eye and share looks sometimes, he always smiles and laughs around me and stuff too, even when my jokes are stupid puns (a good deal of the time)
But then of course, there are doubts. He sometimes gets really quiet around me for no reason. And while I don’t see him interacting the same way with them, he isn’t friends with other girls, who are all my friends and would be wonderful people to like and sometimes I wonder if I’m good enough. Anyways, what do y’all think? I’m trying to decide when to ask him out or if so inputnwould be great. ANy advice is welcome!