Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or is it just your imagination? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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41 minutes ago
Ryan’s Song Recommendation of Wheneverhood: Wrong Side of Heaven, by Five Finger Death Punch.
4 hours ago

It’s all a roll of the dice. I made friends with my gay friends before they came out to me. Having gay friends is exactly like having straight friends (I think. Most of my offline friends are LGBTQIAP+.), except for the fact that they’re gay. You story sounds SO COOL! I’d really like to read it!
6 hours ago
Lace- thank you!!! love ya
you're lucky you have gay friends... I've hgotten to the point where any boy I become friends with (like, really god friends) either friendzones me or vice versa. If I had a gay friend, we could be real friends... not in love or anything. (unless he's as attractive as Nico Di Angelo or Keith Kogane... then there'd be a problem)
g'night for now!
8 hours ago
Ryan and Karol... Yes! I finally know the songs y’all are recommending!
Karol... Good luck friend! I’m sure you’ll pass!
Fia... That sounds like a great story! I hope I’ll get to read it one day!
Sundae... Good luck with your maths!
Hi... Hmm, personally I’d keep my mouth shut and look for my next crush, but if you’re a more assertive type person, then you could tell her and see what happens. Also, I have one pan friend, one (maybe two) gay friends, one bi friend, and three straight ones. I have more friends but idk their preference.
13 hours ago
Ryan- that sound really cool! I am currently writing a story about anthros (half animal half human) who live in the Bermuda Triangle. There's Aurora, Trix, and Luna, who are best friends (trix and Luna being twins). Then, there's a huge war, and that's when Leo and Maddox come in to play.
I don't wanna spoil it, since I want to post it on wattpad someday, but that's the characters...
The plot is much more complex😏

Kinda nervous, my last exams are in two days. Hope I pass!
Love to all.
Song of the day- Welcome to my life by Simple Plan

Heh, heh... It’s a pretty common name, though. I actually know three Liams, not all from school.

I’m writing a few fanfics with original characters, and an original series about four kids, Tony DeGroot, Minnie Sawyer, Zia Hernandez, and Gina Agme (totally a real last name. I looked it up.), who can use magic (except for Gina.). I haven’t completely figured out the magic, and a new name for my villain (the old one was Liam, and I’d been debating changing it for a while before I met my third Liam) and generally what the story’s about, since I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t know how to start it.
hey guys!!!!!!!!!

ryan and lace: i started a book about assasins and will probally enter that in a competion anywys its a girl and she kills someone then teams up with a (in my head at east) super atractive dude cause they work for the same company (its complicated) but yea i totally have q crush on this dude and funny enough i named him liam
Ryan’s Song Recommendation of Wheneverhood: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid, by The Offering (I’m adding variety now!).
I don’t really think there’s anything you could really do, since she’s straight.... but, hey, at least your friends! I’d say that you should try not to show as much that you like her...Gods I’m way too harsh.... but I think that would be the best way to keep her as a friend.
As for who I know.... My friend, M, is asexual poly-romantic and there’s Ryan... so yeah.... I live in China so diversity about that stuff....not exactly the norm, which makes me really clueless so I’m sorry if I wasn’t much help.

Honestly that’s only happened to me once.😅But it has happened!
No idea why he started being mean but I feel like it has something to do with when we went back to Czech Republic 🇨🇿 and saw his ex-girlfriend and stuff........ so, who knows???

Hey!!!! You’re back!!!!! How’ve you been.

Mental Maths (yup, we get tested on our mental maths😭), Maths vocabulary (Maths is big in China...), Geography, and Science.
So.... besides mental maths, I should be pretty good tomorrow😆.
Today’s Maths test was awful😭😭😭😭, I think I only got around 80%. History was okay. So far, I only know that I got 1 question wrong. English was great so that was today!!!! Guess what? Joshua gets to skip this week because he’s only been year three weeks🙄.

That has never happened with me. My characters are more like friends to me, mostly because I ship them with each other.


I don’t think there’s much you can do about your crush, seeing as she’s straight. I know that it’s hard to get over a crush, though.
If we’re just counting gay or bi, then I have one friend who’s gay, one friend who’s lesbian (I have a crush on this girl), and two friends who are bi. If we’re talking about the entire LGBTQIAP+ spectrum, then I have only two friends that are straight. I, myself, am asexual polyromantic (romantic attraction to some, but not all genders).
Lace- I actually did. My character, Leo, is suposed to be badass, tough and evil, but deep down inside he's a huge sweetie.
sjc- heyyy! we're all good here. How about you?
Hi. I am a bisexual girl, and I have a crush on a girl right now. She is in my class at school and we are really good friends, and she is so nice. She is like obsessed with telling people off for swearing, or being in the classrooms at break times, but she's soooo nice. She is also the head girl of my year in my school. She is so nice and so kind and she's really funny as well. Also we are like exactly the same. We both suck at sports, both love Reading and writing, both bad at math. She is so awesome, but I don't think she likes me as more then a friend, but I'm afraid my friendship with her will be ruined if I continue liking her and don't say anything. That's what happened with me and my old crush and she hates all my friends and me now. So yeah, I REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL SO MUCH!!!!! She is so awesome and hilariously perfect. Like, she is the closest to perfect ever, except in looks (she doesn't look perfect, but I prefer people who look normal like my crush). I do know someone who is perfect though and that's my other friend who is vegan, good at everything, and is extreamly good looking. Put she's not perfect in a well-behaved way like my crush is.
Anyway I need advice about what to do coz I really really like her so much that every time I see her I get butterflies and I actually imagine myself marrying her.

I also have another question. How many of your friends are gay or bi, because ligit all my friends but 1 are (I have 5 friends: me (bi) , my vegan friend(bi) my two other friends (gay, gay) and my crush (straight)

If course my crush is the straight one though. Of course.
Hey guys!! It’s been a while since I’ve been on. How is everyone? Btw, I’m a Ravenclaw
Sundae... my new goal is to figure out why he’s being so mean all of the sudden, lol. I can totally see why’d you’re a Ravenclaw though.
Karol... lol, I’m not that crazy about it XDDDD.
Ryan... honestly I could see you as a Gryffindor.
Does anyone here fall in love with characters they made up themselves? Like, most of the fictional characters I crush on are characters I made up. I make my guys too loveable lol.
2 days ago
Well, for some girls it’s that he is pretty cute but I tend to ignore yeah. He also is really smart (yeah, okay, maybe that was part of why I liked him) but he abuses it by never working hard in school like whatsoever. He’s really funny, and a bloody brilliant actor (and that’s coming from more than just me, other students say that too, and so do some teachers). Honestly, he wasn’t anything like this (this meaning a bully, a jerk, e.c.t) but over CNY (Chinese New Year) holiday, something changed...he started being really rude to me and just completely ignoring 90% of homework, teachers, y’know that stuff. And now it’s spread to other people and he’s being a jerk to more people.
I’m a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Pottermore says I’m Ravenclaw though.

I’d love to respond to that but.....but..... I dont really play any video games😅 Sorry.

Got my maths, history, and 2nd English exam today!!!!!
2 days ago

I’ve taken the Pottermore quiz twice. The first time I got Gryffindor, and the second time I got Hufflepuff. I see myself as more of a Hufflepuff. Everyone always thinks I’m Ravenclaw for some reason, though...
2 days ago
oh, my brother has a figurine of Spitfire, too!
2 days ago
Lace- Heyyy~!! welcome back!!
I can't tell my brother you like/liked Skylanders... he, too, adores them. Like, he has sooo many figurines and books and I just can't.
I personally don't like Harry Potter, but my friend had me take a quiz and I'm the only Hufflepuff... everyone else is a Slytherin. I preffer sticking to the Percy Jackson fandom... daughter of Apolo al the way, bro!!
2 days ago
Ryan... aww, that’s so cute that you still like Liam... sorry, I’ve shipped it from day one. Same with Sundae and P... mY oTpS nEvEr WoRk OuT aNd I sTrUgGlE...
2 days ago
Random Question: What is everyone’s HP house? I’m a Slytherin, so Ryan’s comment about P got me wondering.
Sundae... yeet wth is wrong with that boy and how do so many girls like him? Like, I literally thought he was pretty cool for the longest time.
Inside Jokes Question: My inside jokes are more like random nicknames or quotes or stuff like that. Like, I call this one friend of mine Pillow for absolutely no reason. I’m also constantly asked if I’m high which I guess would be another inside jokes.