Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or are you just imagining? Is he giving you nice looks one day but the next, you search his eyes and see nothing? Find out here how he feels!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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What the heck?
My phone showed that there weren’t any other posts other than from like 9days ago. And the. I posted my thing and all these other posts showed but I can’t respond because I have to go and play a board game with my family😖.
C xx:
I completely understand. I just got my period in November and I was the last girl in my class. The whole class knew I hadn’t had my period and the boys teased me soooo much. So yeah, I understand wanting it. But like it’s all right. The girls liked to complain to me about their cramps and stuff (which I miraculously don’t get, thank gods) and it almost scared me. But liek, don’t worry too much. It’s sort of just irritating when you have your period because it’s just there and you can’t wear anything without wondering if it’ll leak.

MightyMouse: If he’s asking you questions like taht homecoming one...he probably likes you. Keep updating. We’ll try to help!!!!!

Um. Start with something both of you guys like. Do you like drawing or a bored game or some book that he likes as well? If so, start a conversation about it. 😊

Goat girl:
Come on. You are probably super pretty. I’ve never worn make up in my life except when I was working on this (unprofessional) TV series for YouTube and I personally think that people who don’t wear make up are usually prettier (except for me, I’m the exception to that😅) but like he’ll probably still like you for your personality and if he doesn’t, he’s not good enough for you😉 Also that’s super cute.

Oh and guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been in here. I’ve just been busy. (The rest is just for people who might be semi-interested in my life😂) There was exams, then there was this celebration week before Chinese New Year and then we started break and then I was pretty busy and then a few days ago I had to go to Shanghai for a family reunion and we were supposed to be in Shanghai until Tuesday and have a huge giant family dinner tonight but conora virus started spreading even more - 1200 something cases - and we had to leave so we wouldn’t get locked down in Shanghai where we had to be with my grandma who let’s dad and her get very annoyed by each other😅 Okay. No one even wants to hear about my life.
I’m going to just say this. I don’t like Jackson actually. I sort of started to realize it. I think I was just in a bad time and Jackson was there sort of trying to help me and I relied on him and that made me think I like him. But like, I looked back at what happened and thought about the differences between the times I’ve had a crush and him and I never really thought of him unless I was with him or was texting him. And I only wrote these things after I texted him...and like. I don’t think I ever really liked him. Which is a relief because Livina keeps mentioning him when I’m around him and she won’t admit it but she definitely likes him.

Anyways I’ll try to come and respond every so often. I’m really disappointed because I was supposed to go visit my bestest of friends and film Season 3 of a show but now that won’t happen because lo and behold this epidemic pops out of nowhere and now my parents won’t let me take the train there by myself and of course El and Ri might be stuck in NZ because planes to China are being cancelled all over and Luce can’t come because ‘Why would she come if El, Ri, and I aren’t there when all she was going there for was to see us?’ And of course, my friend Claire is going to be there but then again, I can’t come so😭😭😭😭 Yeah. I’m really disappointed because I’m supposed to be going next week but of course I can’t because my luck is ‘amazing’. So yeah...sorry for complaining. I’m just in a pretty bad mood about this. Anyone in China, please be safe because the corona-virus spreads really fast😬 and of course, globally, everyone be aware!
3 days ago
so Matt is, confusing me. I think i still like him, and he's still showing lots of signs of liking me. But idk, i how much i like him keeps going up and down. I think he's trying to hint he likes me, even though i already know(though he doesn't know that). I showed him another art piece, and he said i was the best at it. I want to believe him, but i just don't know, i don't think i'm too good yet because i just started a little more then 3 weeks ago. But he's so sweet, and my heart won't make u its mind what i really think about him.
3 days ago
Felicia: well i guess you could try dropping hints you like him, that's the only thing i can think to do.
3 days ago
Guys, what do I do. I really like this guy but he is dating someone else named natalie stoudt and she is a freak. this kid is really hot but she is really ugly like a mushroom. lol. he also flirts with me. what do i do?
4 days ago
Ok guys I left for a week cause my phone broke and all of a sudden this just blew up guys calm down XD
9 days ago
Purple: That pretty much clears it up, it's pretty obvious he likes you.
9 days ago
Goat girl: Well he butts in conversations whenever I talk to anyone, especially if it’s a guy or one of his friends. Might be that he just wants to be friendly but idk it happens ALOT. And yeah he looks in my eyes whenever we talk
9 days ago
9 days ago
ngl this was one of the best quizzes i've ever took considering in most quizzes i had to "lie" bc some choices didnt match the setting that i was in. also another thing, (im going to sound so stupid) all these quizzes say that he likes me but i really can't tell bc ive only talked to him like 3 times and he did look into my eyes, but i really doubt that means he likes me,,,right?
9 days ago
Hmmmmm yes does it squirt tar
10 days ago
Purple: I've like a guy longer, i actually just got over him after nearly 3 years. I would say he likes you, but just in case look for a few more signs. Does he look you in your eyes when you talk, does he act any different around you then other people(even a little bit). Stuff like that.
10 days ago
Hey guys! So I’m so sorry to bother yall but I REALLY like this one guy who I have had feelings for for about 2 years! Yeah, that’s a long time 😂. Anyways I’m really confused as to whether he likes me or not since like I’m too paranoid to ask him out unless I’m 100% sure. So he does stare at me a lot, we sit at the same desk and we talk a lot and laugh too, he does break the touch barrier at times and brushes his hand against mine. All my classmates ship me with him and they don’t even know I like him 😂. So that’s great, what do you guys think? I really would appreciate opinions
11 days ago
Hey Karol he looks pretty serious about u catching feeling he is anyway so yea I ave my period too I’m 12
12 days ago
Hey guys!
About that boy that has a crazy crush on me- we webt to a theatre today, and there was one actor who was SO H O T and he even looked at me a couple times, and he looked kind of like Thomas Doherty but that's besides the point.
I was sitting with him and two of our friends, and one of them has curly hair, so I couldn't help but play with it as I love curly hair.
He got all jealous and started slapping my hand away from him, but I said "hey, I don't like him, I've got a boyfriend anyway". Even though I don't.
I showed him a picture of two teenagers hugging but you could only see the hair, and the girl's hair is the exact same length and color as mine.
He stopped joking and flirting with me, even though he started again when he noticed I was blushing when the actor looked at me.
He got the message, and I'm glad. It was really starting to bother me.
13 days ago
What do you mean "Does it squirt tar?!"
13 days ago
Hi im a 18 yearold man and i likes boys please help but i have another question does it squirt tar?
13 days ago
Because girls if it doesnt, I dont want it.
13 days ago
Hi im a 18 yearold man and i likes boys please help but i have another question does it squirt tar?
13 days ago
Hi im a 18 yr old man and I like boys please help. But i have another question, does it squirt tar?