Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or is it just your imagination? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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11 hours ago
On question 13 my old boyfriend's Taylor swift song would be look what you made me do.
Okie so I've been really busy lately hanging out with my now family, met new cousins (my uncle just married) but I gtg bye
Karol: I hear you. Most of my good friends have had some sort of love life that wasn't all that hurtful for awhile. It just stinks that i'm stuck not even able to talk to my crush, and they've all basically had boyfriends or knew that a boy liked them. Meanwhile, I've never known if a boy has liked me before and have no idea how to tell from just watching him.
Well, that's just life i guess. Wish it didn't have to stink so bad.
Miss Polite: why would you think we're mad at you? If anything you should be mad at me for talking nonsense all the time :p
Sundae: oh, he knows perfectly well what it means in English, and kept saying it.
And your friend and I would get along PERFECTLY, lol. My friend used to like Jack, but he had a daughter and she stopped liking Why Don't We in general.

My best friend Rossana (I've mentioned her before, she likes Daniel Seavey from WDW) has never had a boyfriend or even talked to a guy in general.
Now she's texting me that a boy is kissing her cheek, and she likes him, and they're acting like a couple...
I just feel so bad because my love life has been nothing but hurt, and I'm afraid nobody is ever gonna love me...and she'll leave me for him and I'll be all alone...again
I’m really sorry about that. I have a done of grammatical errors and autocorrected words. I think it’s easy enough to understand...I hope. No one has to read that or anything. You can just ignore it.
Miss Polite:
I have DouYin? DouYin is TikTok but it’s the Chinese version. I used to have Tik.Tok so I’m sure you can find my old account. I bet it’s really cringeworthy. I have a fake account called Izzy and Gabbri. My friend and I pretended to be twins on TikTok. So if you can find that😅. I have an account called arielletraveller8 and one other which is ariellewolf. And then my sister has an acct. called PrincessPennyPie and there’s another from my other sis called KoalaChloe. My sisters and I were obsessed with TikTok when we were younger but now it’s banned in China and you can only get DouYin. Yeah... you don’t need to search any of those up unless you feel like it. It 100% sounds like he likes you but I’m sure you’ve heard of the other situation like yours that makes us all worry all the time. Um. Do you like him?

Does he know what that means in English? If he does then well..... if he doesn’t he’s probably just teasing you and doesn’t realize what it means and thinks it’s a funny joke. I’m China people think it’s a really funny joke because it’s a different culture and that’s what you call boys who are your close friends. So it could be something like that.
Also...I have a friend who would get along with you perfectly. All she ever talks about is Jack Avery and Why Don’t We. 😂
Sorry everyone. I’ve realized the last like 10-15 times I’ve been really sad when I come on here. I’m not typically a sad person.
Miss Polite:
Thanks. My day was okay. I’ll talk about it.. you don’t have to read it though.
We sort of had a normal day. The teacher who... well, she didn’t ever teach me but she talked to me a few times. I never really knew her...which almost makes me feel worse. She worked in the kindergarten with my brother. They’ve decided not to tell any kindergarteners and left that to parents. So my parents are just sitting there contemplating whether or not they should tell my brother. I feel that death should never be something we hide from others...even if it hurts people or they are children. I think the teachers in the kindergarten block should have told all the students and parents- especially my parents - should be able to tell their children. It makes me so angry that they’re scared to tell young children. When I was younger people didn’t listen to me and never told me anything and now I’m a mess and don’t want to say anything to my parents. It’s important. They don’t want to find out more when they’re older and understand it. Tell them now. There was actually a child I knew who’s parents never told her when her grandmother died and they told her she’d gone on holiday. She was still 8years old and telling everyone her grandma was on holiday. It had been 5 years since the death and they were still too scared to say anything. When she turned 9 they told her and her daughter cried and didn’t talk to her parents for a month or so afterwards. She was one of my best friends and for 2-3 months later she cried everyday to us and felt that she could never truly trust anyone again. That’s what happens when you don’t tell gets worse and worse to tell them in the future and when you finally say it, no one ever wants to trust you again. And now everyone is doing it to their children and students. They’ve told all the kids who barely knew her - the ones in 6th grade and above but have told us that we’re not allowed to talk about it over WeChat or in school because we they weren’t 100% sure it was the teacher from our school. But it was confirmed that it was her later. And she and her daughter were born in the car. It was her 6yeat old daughter though. The girl who was on theatre with me is leaving our least that’s what someone told me. My friends Rain and Joyce say there at lunch. They were crying and I just sat there. I’m so awful. I couldn’t even cry. The other kids in my class are so terrible though. They were sitting at another table just laughing and talking like nothing ever happened. I saw teachers who cried so of the teachers in kindergarten’s face was so red and puffy. I feel like a jerk since I never even made it a priority to talk to her. I even was annoyed by her just the other week since my parents didn’t tell me til 4:15 that I needed to pick up my brother and he needed to picked up at 4. And she was there as an after school care person and asked me if I could please clean up the mess because she had to run to her meeting. I’d understood. She’d been super nice. I just had been annoyed because I’d had a bad day and that made it slightly worse. And now she’s. Well. You know.
And why was it her? Her of all people? I drive under that bridge every day. So do a million other people. 8 million people live in this city. 8 million. And more than a million pass under that bridge every day. So why did only 2 cars get crushed? Why was it a teacher? Why was she from my school? Why wasn’t it me? Why wasn’t it someone I knew well?
It was just chance. I drove underneath that bridge not even 20 minutes before it came down. And people are making jokes about it. Someone said “You know she’s lucky, she doesn’t have to come to work on Saturday.” Since all teachers and students are supposed to go to school today. My parents told me that I should just stay home. People in comments sections are saying “It’s just China. China’s construction just sucks” For anyone who doesn’t know, China has some of the best construction in the world! Some other awful person wrote “Taiwan now JiangSu...this why you don’t buy expensive stuff made in China” Like, people died. Does that not register with people? Are humans so awful that they don’t realize those were humans with actual lives, with jobs, with families and friends? Are we living in a world that corrupted? And the worst part is people think it’s just because it’s China. This country has improved so much, so much more than the US has in the last 20 years. And people make fun of it and are so racist and it angers me. Today I guess everything angers me. I’m sorry. I’m ranting.
2 days ago
Not threatening you guys..just telling you all some facts about my personality...

Sundae : don't wanna hurt your feelings but how was your day in school...maybe sharing it with us help you recover... because

"Mental injuries are much more persistent than physical ones"

UG is the short form of my now you guys know that my name starts with U...😅😅
2 days ago
Karol : just like you..I'm pretty good at giving empty threats..but when someone gets on my bad threats won't be empty then...😈
2 days ago
Karol : if a guy flirts with me...even that is ok..but idk why but I just find "call me daddy" or "call me mommy" types of phrases very very disturbing...and unlike you I have hit many guys , and even M over stupid things but I can never hit him in way that actually may hurt... whenever he flirts with me..I will be like...I will kill you then hit him very lightly on his shoulder or so...we are so alike in some situations right Karol...

So I was wondering are you guys mad at me...bcz I feel that I haven't been getting a proper response from you guys...

Sundae : since you missed so much of update about M, I will tell you what happened shortly...
So one day after complimenting my lips M asked me for my notebook and then said "give me that also!" I was like "what" he pokes his lips and then pointed towards me and then pokes his lips...I was like... 😬 So he was like at least give me...poked his lips pointed towards me and poked his cheek..

He wants me to kiss him on lips but he know I won't do that so he was like at least kiss me on cheek...
This is what I figured out my his actions...

Also guys I wonder do any of you use. tik tok...just curious😅
2 days ago
Ok so A was being s t u p i d as usual and suddendly turns around and asks "what does this mean?" And I asked him to repeat because he was going way to fast for me to understand, and he says in English "call me daddy"
I turned soooo red and I said "never repeat that again, espescially not to an American girl. It's already a good thing I haven't slapped you yet." Since I've never hit a guy this was obviously an empty threat, and he knew it
So A just locked eyes with me and repeated "call me daddy." As though he were expecting me to!!!
I had no idea how to react, I swear😳
3 days ago
Sundae: They are in a better place. I'm a Christian and am praying on the bus for them right now. So sorry for your loss. I know these words seem empty, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
MyNameForeverMystery: I agree with Ryan.
Sorry for such a short update, but here's some news.
Sebastian Stan (MCU actor, Bucky Barnes) is coming to Rome in May, and there's a 99.9% I'm going to meet him!
Also, Why Don't We, I've mentioned them like 100000 times, bear with me...
I might get to meet them too!
This is pretty useless, but honestly I don't know what to say, so...
Deal with me being dumb
3 days ago
If anyone really wants to read into the accident, here’s a website. So far I haven’t read anything about people dying but considering I know someone who died in it and who was rushed to hospital as soon as they rescued them... I’m pretty angry they won’t say anything about any casualties. /regions/asia-pacific/242268-china-road- bridge-collapses-october-10-2019
3 days ago
Hi everyone. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to burden you all with that. Thank you so much to everyone. I don’t know what school will be like today but...yeah.

I think you should talk to your friend about this and ask her about this. I don’t think he’s a very good person if he’s doing this but of course I don’t know him so I can’t completely judge, but I feel like it would be a good idea to tell everything to your friend.

Liam sounds so much like Jackson it’s ridiculous. But if you’re off for a week, is it possible you do about an hour or so of ‘extra’ work for school so you don’t have to catch up on so much stuff? If that’s possible that would probably save you from having to catch up as much. I’m not sure what to say about the farthest you’ve been from home because I’m used to it so I don’t know what it feels like to do that for the first time.
3 days ago
💗 it. Experiment: failure.
3 days ago
Wait a second... it didn’t censor me.


3 days ago

I’m so sorry for your loss.


This guy sounds like a pretty crappy person, of he’s in a stable enough relationship to be almost doing it, but also flirting with you. If you like him, then you should talk to your friend, but it doesn’t seem like he’s worth it.

People who have been talking about Washington D.C.:

I’m really stressed because it’s the farthest I’ve ever been from home (I live in Vermont), the longest I’ve ever been away from home- a week-, and I’m going to be missing school, so I’ll have a lot to catch up on.

So, me and my friend Emily were talking about what a trashy DM Liam is. Examples (I do this a lot)-

He convinced me that a knife was worth something, and that I should give it to a vampire lord (I was the only one left alive), but, once I did it, the Vampire legit threw it away, proclaimed it was useless, and killed me.

He made an NPC fall in love with Evan’s character because he had a high strength and a high charisma (and to mess with Ethan).

He said that me, Emily, and Eden should do what an NPC said because we’re girls and “he’s really hot” (his words). EVEN THOUGH he knew that I’m asexual, Emily has a boyfriend (they’re the longest lasting couple in the school and they’re SO FREAKING ADORABLE. I’m friends with both of them, and it’s a little awkward.), and Eden had no interest in boys.

After I succeeded in my Death Saves, he tried to kill me immediately afterwords.

He wouldn’t let my kleptomaniac character steal 5 rare books.

So... trashy DM. Yeah.

Ryan’s Not-A-Song-Today Recommendation of Wheneverhood: The Dragon Prince Alternate Intro: Soren Version (I freaking adore Soren.)
3 days ago
Prays from my family.

At recees T said today I went around steallibg everyone's phone. And then he put his Hans into put hoodie pocket and said boop lie he was showing me how he took their phones. And then he said I'm going to be a criminal all and my face is gonna be on TV well my mask is and IMA send you a picture of my mask so you know its me. And then I will shair my money with you.

Like OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG. he is gonna share his stolen money with me!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

But yeah I have an orchestra concert tonight so yay! I want to song but I don't wasn't to leave orchestra but I dunno what to do.

A song that I like- older- by idk who it is by
3 days ago
Sundae : If you ever need someone to talk to , don't hesitate to reach out to us, I wish you nothing but comfort and strength..
RIP to your teacher and her daughter..may their soul rest in peace... I'm sorry to hear about this loss...
3 days ago
If you ever need someone to talk to , don't hesitate to reach out to us, I wish you nothing but comfort and strength..
RIP to your teacher and her daughter..may their soul rest in peace... I'm sorry to hear about this loss...
3 days ago
Hey everyone. Sorry I’m so busy. There was a bridge collapse right by my school a few hours ago and I literally cross under that bridge every day. Some truck driver overloaded his truck and the bridge cane crashing down and it killed one of the teachers at my school and her daughter who used to be in theatre with me. Can everyone please pray for them? I’m not a religious person but this is so awful. I feel so bad. Why her? Only two cars were crushed in the incident. Why her car?
If you search up ‘Bridge Collapse in China’ and gonto ‘Filter’ and put up ‘in the last hour or week’ you’ll see the collapse.
I’m sorry the first time Im back in the last two weeks is this. I’ll respond to everyone in the morning probably, I’m just too sad at the moment and don’t think I can respond.