Does He Like You? Ages 12-16 girls only!

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Every girl as that special someone who she thinks is interested in her... Is he interested in you?

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    To start off... Have you ever caught him staring at you. If so what does he do when caught?

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Lonely Child (06753)
11 hours ago
So there is this boy....We’ve been friends for years. Once we moved to our next grade(grade rn) he kind of shut me out.

We were friends, and then we were distant, and so on. Now, we are back to being our best friend selfs.

But he seems different then previously. He’s way more open to me, unlike before. He tells me everything, and promised to. If I’m sad he tries to comfort me by talking about why he is sad or something.

I’m soooo confused if he likes me because weeks before he broke up with his girlfriend and said he wanted to be single for as long as cane be.
Help Me!
Stella (04066)
21 hours ago
Darn...the boy I like keeps talking to other girls!!!
a girl from Paris %u2661%u2661 (54653)
22 hours ago
Sorry, i'm not very good at english, i'm french
a girl from Paris ♡♡ (54653)
22 hours ago
My guy friend used to answer me immediatly, we talked evryday about personal things and studies, he is my classmates, he was the first boy that i really trusted and gave him my phone number, this year, he has suddenly changed, i don't think i've done something bad to him because i respect him and so he does, now he ignores me and sometimes avoid even talking to me, i am usually the forst who starts the conversation, he does but rarely. Now, he doesn't even see my messages, he sometimes reply them but then vanishes. He is online but doesn't talk, it makes me a little anxious and confused.
Need help here !!!!
Ella (57779)
23 hours ago
There is this boy in my HPE and homeroom, and we are friends. We often laugh and talk. Then the other week I told him I was going somewhere and he randomly shows up. He also compliments me. The whole grade ships us but ppl also say he likes this other girl. I’m very confused, does he like me?? Pls reply :):
Alayna (78761)
There is this boy I really like,it’s just my cousin asked him if he liked me.He said no,but when I’m around him he seems to like me.Im just confused does he like me or not??
Lace the Humorous (48769)
4 days ago
To Jam:

I think he either likes you or he's flirting with you.

Hope this helps!
Lace the Humorous (48769)
4 days ago
To Ellie:

He sooooo likes you! It just seems like he's trying to show off when he sings and I mean, the cheeks always being red around you is a dead-giveaway.

Hope this helps!
Jam (16071)
4 days ago
There’s this guy that sits in front of me and he always looks at me during classes... buuuuut he always gets introble because of that. But he still looks at me!! I WANT ANSWERS NOW!
Ellie (72160)
6 days ago
There is this guy in my class and I really like him. I always catch him staring at me. One time he was doing a presentation and when he was standing at the front (while the teacher was talking to him) we both looked at each other at the same time and locked eyes for a few seconds then I looked away. When we talk he sometimes looks at me in the eyes if not he looks near my eyes. When we talk his cheeks turn red instantly. My friend once asked him if he liked anyone and he said no but she explained that it looked like he was trying not to smile and was trying to look serious. He is shy and reserved so it is hard to tell how he feels. We both love music and sometimes he starts randomly singing near me and I’m not sure if he is trying to show off. My friends think he likes me but I still have my doubts.

Please help me I have never liked someone as much as I like him!
Ellie (72160)
6 days ago
He is very confused right now so look for clearer signs. Wow so helpful
Lace the Humorous (48769)
6 days ago
To AdvicePlease:

About R- Oh, he so likes you! Maybe you should move the first move... Unless you don't like him back.

Hope this helps!
LOVE (58327)
6 days ago

He definitely likes you!! You know that, no doubt. If you really do like him just say it. I know it can be hard but you need say what you feel. I would text him or just tell him to go somewhere else like he told you and just tell him! If you can’t/don’t want to date then just tell him to take things slowly with each other. I really hope this helps! Good luck! 😁😜🍀
◎Linka◎ (78095)
7 days ago
So I was at the end of the school year party with my friends and my friend named Henry walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else so I send sure and he took me into a class room and we talked for hours. And while we were talking he stared and listened to every single word that came out of my mouth. I guess Henry is pretty cute. Well I was talking and he took my hand and started to lean in. And he gave me a kiss on the cheek and my face turned bright red. I like him but I don't know how to tell him. What don't I do?
laura (12305)
7 days ago
To Lace The Humorous:

I don't think so, if a boy loves a girl, he won't make her sad and unhappy, he'll make her the happiest in the world, he'll cheer her up if she's not okay. He won't make her suffer and confuse her, it's not love, it's selfishness, it's hate.
So i believe that he just wants to end our friendship. If it's that what he wants, he got it. 😐😤
If you still thinking that he so loves me, prove it , give me signs...
thank you so much and sorry but i still need don't understand what's going on!!!
Lace the Humorous (48769)
8 days ago
To Laura:

He sooooo likes you. He'd only think so much about that if he liked you.

Hope this helps!
laura (25234)
9 days ago
To Lace The Humorous :

sorry for writing two comments , but i forgot to tell you something so important to me, when we talked about the cause he's started pulling away, i told him that it was more than a month that this subject was making me confused, he said that he's so happy because i think about the friendship between us, can you please explain this to me, are we just friends or more ?? Does he consider me as a friend or as a girlfriend ??
Thank you very much @Lace The Humorous , your ideas mean a lot to me !! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
laura (25234)
9 days ago
To Lace The Humorous:

Thank you very much for answering me, well i can't make the first move, i like him but i'm so shy for that. Two days ago, i asked my cousin for help, she told to just ask him what's wrong and why he is acting aloof, i asked him and he said that i'm the first who pulled away so that he has started acting the same way. Things are good now between us 😊.
we talk today, he told me : you are here ♡ . I really hope he loves me
and thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH Lace The Humorous. ❤❤❤❤❤
AdvicePlease (59151)
9 days ago
hey guys im really confused with life right now.
so this involves four boys for privacy reasons imma call them:
j-my ex
z-new kid that i think were friends
c- dude that likes me
r-friend i know because of j, think he likes me!
here goes and it doesnt fit so it will be in a few comments, sorry!!
relationship with my ex, j:
i miss him only because he grew into my life after the five months and ten days we were dating for. i shouldnt miss him because he treated me badly as in he hardly talked to me at school, we didnt hug or hold hands, he only sat with my group when i asked. i understand about not sitting with us because i guess we are "weird" and hes to "cool" to be sitting with us, well, thats why i never sat with him. i am under the impression he used me to be popular :(
whats going on today with j:
he has been ignoring me lately but i see him staring at me often when he say he doesnt. its ticking me off cause i couldnt talk to z because he came around and im trying to get over j so i ran away.
about z
hes the new kid and hes in my tech class. he teases me a fair bit because hes a little taller than me (im short) and for some lessons we have gone round tappingss each others foot and once we did, dodge away from them, otherwise youre "it" though it was just us two. he teases me about "dating" r, because im friends with him. i guess you could say he is a big flirt and he is reallyy popular for some reason
also this comment was really pointless so lol
about c
c is a guy i know from school and a fitness class and lately ive noticed hes been staring at me often. i got another bff to text him and she asked for him to text me and he did. when he did he asked if i would go out with him. the thing is, he is fake popular. everyone mocks him and its sad, but i dont want people to mock me, so i said no :( he was really sweet about it and i feel so badd! i want to like him because i want another bf because i need that feeling of protection.
lastly about r,
i got to know r from j, they are close friends, and because i occasionally hung out with j, i became good friends with r. lately he has been hanging around me and my group and sits next to me then and talks to me often in tech. i rolled my ankle badly the other day so i was on crutches today and he came and followed me to see if i was ok, when he was meant to be in class. i usually go with my best friend to a certain street and he saw me and when i said i was going to get chips, he said "ill buy some with you on friday. the next day, i saw him hang out with another girls so im like hmmmmmm and i got my bestie to ask him who he likes and apparently he likes either me or another friend. that night i texted him about that other girl and he said he doesnt like her, but i didnt say that i got told. the question here is does he like me?
thanks if you read all this and reply, you are the definition of amazing :)
Laci the Humorous (48769)
9 days ago
To Laura:

I think he really really really and a thousand more reallys LOVES you!!! Maybe you should reach out to him first and mend your friendship.

Hope this helps!