Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or is it just your imagination? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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39 minutes ago
Evelyn Rose: He sounds sweet, also sounds to me that he likes you. He may be trying to figure out how to tell you, or to trying get to know you better. Talk to him more when he comes over or whenever you see him, look for any of the common signs that you can find about online. It's not a for sure way to tell, but it may help.

Anyway, update from last night because i nearly freaked out.
So i didn't get a chance to ask C to continue our game because he came in late and i was talking to a friend about my story. So i may ask him about playing next week. But anyway, when church started we sang a few songs, two that were games in a way, then we played one game. While playing one of them, i glanced around the room and thought i saw C's gaze coming my way, but i could of been wrong because it's a big room. After that, we played a really big game called Chain Reaction. I was near the back, C was about 4 chairs away from me.
As we played, and as i got closer to the front, the girls were winning so i got closer to him as well. And when i got to the very front, He was also sitting in the front so we were sitting face to face. We watched the coin flip, and when i landed on heads i started to look down to see who'd win. As i did that, i caught C's gaze looking straight at me. So i met his gaze and smiled bigger then i already was(i hadn't meant to but i did) and we just stared at each other for about 10 seconds until he had to move to the back because the boys had gotten a point. I don't know if that was a competitive thing(Because we both become very serious when we're playing any type of game) or if it was something different.
Then when we had finished(And the girls lost btw) everyone put away some of the chairs and then we prayed. After that, i saw a few more chairs that hadn't been grabbed and everyone else was going to get some hot chocolate, so i did the nice thing and grabbed a chair. C had also grabbed some chairs and when i took the last one he said "Thanks". i'm pretty sure he was talking to me, because i was the only one near him at the time, but it still sort of took me back a little.
15 hours ago
Sorry, I still have part of the story left, I accidentally hit add comment!

Anywyas , so there was a moment when we were not talking , and just looking into each others eyes, so I just walked away.

I decided to go outaide , because I was bored. Max and them we're throwing the frisbee, put they stopped as my brother cooked duck for tgem (don't ask why, lol) and I was shooting hoops. Max was likw , "Evelyn do you think I can make this in to the hoop with a broken arm." Bkah , blah, blah. Then he asked me to shoot some hoops, so I did.(I actually tried)

So anywuqs , we were talking with my brother and Max told a joke. I didn't really find it funny, but he was staring at me after he said the joke, so I laughed to make him feel good, and he smiled.

We went into the backyard and were blowing up soda cans with the sling shot.Max was throwing it make and forth with a friend(remember it's soda so if you drop it, it will blow up) and Max was pretending to Chuck it at me(teasing). Then we went into the street to Chuck one up into the air, and I asked a question. Max didn't hear me so he walked closer and closer until he could hear me.

After a while we went inside. My bro, Hank, and friends were hanging out in th kitchen, and I was in the living room. Max went up to me and asked me if he entertained me. I kind of like him, but didn't want to make it obvious, so I said eh. And he smirked and said eh, then walked away.

After a while I had to leave to water girl at a game, and they were going bowling, so I said,have fun bowlinb , which I kind of meant for my brother, but Max shouted Thank you, Eve lyn!

SO, so you think he likes me?
Is he just being nice?
15 hours ago
This may be kind of long, but here we go! I would really appreciate if you gave me some advice! :)

So, my brother has been friends with a guy, we will call Max, for a long time. Well, being the younger sibling, I tagged along, and would play with them . Now I'm in middle school, and Max is a freshman. So, whenever Max is ever at my house, he says, "Hey, Evelyn", and "Bye, Evelyn" which I thought was normal, but for some reason my dad thinks is a sign he likes me. So anyways , that got me thinking. us

Well, a month ago he was at my house, and him, my bro, and their gang were putside . I saw Max looking into my house, and once he found/saw me he smiled and waved to me. This isn't the good part. Now, here is the good part.

So, recently Max has been to my hoise . He said Hi to me like he always does. My brother had friends over again, so of course Max was inviyed . Anywyas , so they were going outside, and I was talking to my brither , will him a nd max were finishing putting their shoes on. My brother went outside , so it was just me and Max. It was really awkward because my and Max were just staring into each others eyes, while talking. he recently broke his arm, so I was talking to him I'm about that.
18 hours ago
I'm stuck right now!

There is this kid, and I guess I like him. It all started at our middle school musical rehearsals. He started talking to me, and making me laugh. When he was in stage, he would be doing all these really funny dances, looking at me the whole tine . He has a nickname for me(it's not a cute nickname) The night of our rehearsal he went up to me, and asked how I was doing. At the football g am e (we both are in the sidelinss passing out water and such) and he was telling me all the players names to help me out. Our arms and shoulders were touching eachother. When I'm nervous, I talk with my hands , and I was telling him I was worried about something, and he grabbed my hands/wrists and told me I was okay.

I finally told a some of my frjends (only like 7 of t hem) and some of them said I should tell him how I feel. My friends gave him some hints, and he figured out it was me. He seemed kind of happy that it was me, idk!

Anyways , for a couple of hours I decided that I didn't like him. So, after school he said Hi to me, and so I said, hey can I talk to you? I told him I don't like him anymore, and he said, "oh, okay, t hats okay." which I kind of thought was a weird answer. He then w ent up to one of my friends and s aid that I was lying.

Anywaus , then my friend was talking to him and said, " you like Eva" and he never denied it, but never said yes. But the next day, he texted my friends saying that he was kidding.

So the next day, I was just kind of ignoring him, I don't really know why. and me and one of my other friends were walking down the hall, and he was walking the other way, and he smiled/smirked at me and he looked atme . I looked atbhim , but didn't smile back.

Later that day he went up to me at my locker an d said Hi, Eva. " I just said Hi back, and kept in going with my life.

Even later that day he asked me if I am mad at him, and I said no, which is true. He seemed kind of happy about t hat.hats

A t lunch we both had battle of the books, and after our battles me, him, and a group of people were walking down to the lunchroom to dump out trays. My tray was empty, so he pushed down on the tray to make it fall(he did this in a not mean way, just teasing) so I started walking faster to gently hit him with my tray. Then on our way back to ckass , we were walking next to eachother.

I'm justonfuesed confused . do you think he likes me?

Please note he is a year ahead of me and is popukar. He is very confident.
Goat girl : Maybe if you drop hints like :-
•Crane your neck and pretend to look for something or someone and when your eyes meet his..just let a slight smile out while continuing the journey of your gaze.. (this is what I used to do and M got the hint..I guess)
•Whenever your eyes accidentally meat his lock it for like 2-3 sec then continue doing whatever you were doing...
•Wink if you are confident enough..( well I am not..and I have never done that before too)
•And if you want to ask him to play with you again... whenever you are having a continuous conversation with him..ask friendly "you remember that day I was about to win" and like most guys he may say "next time we will see..who wins.." so don't really have to ask him but you can get him to ask you instead..

If any of my advice helped you guys.. PLEASE HELP ME OUT by giving me advice about M..(as always)
I need a confidence boost. Last week C and i were playing air hockey, and we didn't finish because church started. And i wanted to ask him if he'd like to play again, and that the score could be reset(Because it was like 3-0 with me winning). But i feel like i'm going to freeze up like i always do, or if i don't freeze i'm going to stutter and i only stutter when i'm nervous(and i feel like he'd know that because i'm usually confident when i'm talking to anyone). I would think the amount he makes me laugh is enough to give me away, but it's not so i don't really want to act like a nervous wreck in front of him. Yes i want to to find out i like him, but i want to have a good idea if i'd be rejected or not before i give any hints(once i told my crush i liked him, even though it was a long time ago, i remember how after that we hardly spoke to one another).
Also Karol : I am also very very VERY sarcastic...and I like M bcz he is very very Very we make a good pair I guess...
Look wise me and him both have a pale skin...and pink glow...he is cute and hot combined+ funny + intelligent (a bit)

Who wouldn't like such a boy...
Karol : I know how awkward it feels when everybody likes you 😅😅😅well bcz there are like 3 other boys in my class other than M who like me...and I have got like 10 options for a boyfriend but what can I say...
The heart wants what it wants...

So today I was wearing a sweater over my school shirt and when the temperature rose I removed my sweater and M got a chance to flirt with me...he said "Are you feeling hot?" I was like yes..why? He was like remove your shirt too...and he again kept saying the same thing whenever I said the's so hot out here (today we were all practicing our parade bcz tomorrow it's out sports day) and after sometime he ignored me completely...I mean four days ago when he gave me that letter.. whenever we locked eyes he blushed so hard but today I couldn't see that inner happiness in his eyes...
Also today I wasn't able to give him that letter because I actually lost I prepared another letter for him.. saying

You know what you are a playboy...once you are flirting with me and next you are ignoring me...I just want you to make up your mind..either take a decision..take a step forward or don't flirt with me at all...So → I love you too...and I'm ready to meet you "daily early on the side of games room" And if you want to keep playing don't bother flirting...

So guys wish me luck so that I can get some alone time with him tomorrow...😭😭
Miss polite: nope, never had a boyfriend and may not ever have one if I can't find someone who will stand my sarcastic jokes all the time😅
SugarBlossom: he may like you, and is trying to hide it when people tease him about it. For instance, they kept teasing a kid I knew a long time ago because he liked me. But I'd say go for it!

And it's kinda awkward when everybody likes you...
So basically, this guy has been my best friend for like 2-3 years...he said he has a crush on a girl in his class but I kinda think he was lying. Someone on my bus yelled out that he's in love with me but she said it was a joke. Someone else yelled out that he liked me but never confirmed if it was a joke. I am so scared. The same person asked me if I used to like him and without thinking I said no. He looked kind of disappointed. My crush I think has tried to make physical contact like trying to touch my arm. I don't know what to do! Please help!
2 days ago
Karol: Thank you sooo are Indeed good at helping...
As I haven't bee updated do u have a boyfriend or the way congrats on having the two boys to like you..😅
Also I will finally get to see M tomorrow and I wrote Je t'aime aussi purposely instead of writing I love you that I can drive him a bit crazy...

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me through thick and thin...

Me: Honestly if you ask shouldn't be upset that your bf dumped you for such a reason bcz it literally shows he didn't really loved you or just wanted to get in your I will say get over him because there is someone perfect waiting for you out there...

Wish me luck guys..
3 days ago
Ok, thanks Goat girl and Karol!! I’ll try my best, but right now I’m on a week long break, so I’ll see what happens after. We aren’t on the same teams, but our brothers are the same age so maybe I can find some excuse to talk to him then, since they have a tournament coming up :) And we have held eye contact for some extent before, so I’ll try to keep watch! :D
3 days ago
my bf dumped me last monday bcs i wouldn't let him bang me
3 days ago
Miss polite: I took french classes, and je t'aime aussi means something like "I love you so much" or "I love you too..." if I remember correctly
I personally think he wants you guys to be official, but is afraid you'll reject him...and honestly I don't blame him. It hurts. But I'd say go for it!

Sooo...I have no crushes!!! I'm so happy, even though 2 boys in my class obviously like me...
3 days ago
Welp :/: do you two play on the same team? If you do, or even if you only practice or play at nearly the same time, don't be afraid to talk to him. Find some reason to start a conversation, like about the sport since you both play. Usually that starts something and you will start talking more. Maybe ask him for a few pointers, or what his favorite way to shoot is or something.
3 days ago
" so what are we now..? If your letter was genuine then I'm ready to meet you *daily on the side of the sports room...* Je t'aime aussi -google it's meaning later..."
So that's my letter..and as some of you may know... Je t'aime aussi means I love you too..

So I'm just terrified that what if this is going to turn out like last time too..and if it does than I will never talk to me again because he would have been playing with my feelings for way too wish me luck for Wednesday's meeting with M guys ..

Also tell me do you think this letter from M was like last time or does this sounds genuine..and he wants us to be official..what do u think guys ...?

I'm stressed thinking about what ifs
3 days ago
Hey guys ! I was just sitting on my mobile phone when a random thought hit me that.. what is M is just pranking me like last time when he gave me a letter saying " I love you, will you be my girlfriend" and said the next day that he just wanted to know how would I response..
But this time I feel like it is genuine bcz he asked me to meet him near the sports room...and he used the statement
"Will you meet me daily near the games room"
Keyword : Daily

I feel like he wants us to be official now and after I gave him a letter saying that I like him too...he again wrote I love you on the backside of my notebook...

Now I have been waiting for four days as it was our holiday..and I will meet him on Wednesday (the day after tomorrow) and now I have written a letter for him which says...
3 days ago
Welp :/ - It could be that he likes you, but just because he stares at you doesn't mean he's absolutely star struck. Your grade had nothing to do with it at all (I almost started dating a guy in senior, and I'm a freshman). Keep us updated. If he finally approaches you first, he's interested.
If you don't talk, look for common signs: blushing, friends teasing-yes, guys do it, too- holding eyes for longer than necessary.
Hope this helps!
4 days ago
I’ve talked to him occasionally but I don’t remember us really having a whole conversation before. Every time I’ve seen him, which isn’t very often because we aren’t in the same grade, I find him staring at me. I’m honestly super shy, so I kinda just look back at him. This test says theres a bit of a chance he likes me, but I’m really too nervous to say anything. We do share multiple interests, tho. Idk I need help 😔. Btw, I’m in grade seven and he’s in grade nine, and we have both played basketball for years and I just started to realize him staring and know I’m crushing super hard 😩 does anyone have any advice??
4 days ago
Miss rose: aww, you think I'm good at helping? Thanks!
The best advice I can give you is to stay away from both of them for a while (your friend and the 18 year old). You might get a shot with the bad boy later on, but for now I would just lay low, not worry about any boys. Once you feel ready, start back at square one.
Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I've had a lot going on lately!