Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or is it just your imagination? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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29 days ago
i am a freshman and my boyfriend is a junior we started dating 3 4 days ago. we have one class together. i see him in the morning before school starts during our class and sometimes at lunch. he likes t make really bad decisions and ignores me in front of people. except in class. i got curious if he still likes me. he hasn't been hanging out with me and i am confused i got told by the quiz He is very confused right now, so just watch for clearer signs. i really like this guy and i have a hard time with relationships because i get used alot for show. it hurts but that's reality i hope he is for real this time because he is him and everyone thinks we are perfect. the bad boy and the good girl how does that not go perfect. unless movies lie!!! they are never true so who am i kidding
30 days ago
Ryan : M is indeed a tricky one..and that's why I'm here right😅

Karol : it's ok...I know I am going to be heartbroken by the end of this year.. because me and M will seperate maybe.. because he will go for commerce and I will go for science so...😭
He is not confirmed that what will he opt... anyways..enough tension about the future...I think I will ignore M in the morning but then help him out in the exam..then again ignore him once or twice then have fun with him at last.. because I deserve some time with him too right😔
30 days ago
Miss Polite: whoops, I called you by random girl's name😣 sorry
Also, M seems to like you, but it's kinda hard to tell if he's just a player. And you MUST share these things with us. We all need to vent or talk to people about certain things, and your parents may not understand, or you just can't tell your friends. That's why we're here. For the serious things and the silly things.
For example, I haven't told anybody about how broken my heart is or how I'm afraid to love because of John or previous crushes or how depressed I am. Nobody knows I use this chatroom, either.
Long story short, we're here for everybody every day.

P.s. today is Keith Kogane's birthday...just thought I'd throw that out there...
30 days ago

I’d pilot Yellow.

Miss Polite:

M is... a tricky one. He might just be flirting, but it‘a really difficult to tell for sure. I’m sorry that I can’t give better advice.
30 days ago
Don't read it all if you don't want's just.. sharing all these things with you guys makes me feel better...

So today our science teacher was going to give us the results of our science test in the 7th period and in 6th period I was about to cry because I was scared...I didn't do well in that test..well, not as much as everyone expects from me...I got 32 out of 40 which is a shame from me because my family and teachers expect 41 out of 40 from me...

Anyways, in the morning I went to the examination Hall and M was sitting on the seat behind me...he stood up and said... please help me out in the exam...I was trying to ignore him...I didn't reply...he again said hello?? I still didn't reply...I could tell he was pissed he leaned down in front of me to catch my attention and waved his hand in front of my face..I still didn't look at him...and when his friend came...I started talking to him..(I'm evil sometimes..I know , but this was for ignoring me)he looked at me on a weird way and then walked away...

Then when I was sitting in my seat revising for the test...he was like won't you help me...I said who are you always with...he pointed out towards his friends and said them...I was like..then go ask them to help you out..he said ok from now on I will always be with you...I didn't reply anything and turned around to hide my tomato face...😅

And in the last period we were given a magazine to read..he asked me to open page 52..when I opened that page..there was line written "just touch me touch me" he was like..come and just touch me😉..I was like..Noo🤪...when will I learn to stop blushing like a tomato..and I think you guys understand that when you have a light pale skin..and you blush it looks so obvious..🙄

So now I'm thinking how to behave with him on Friday..and that's the last day before our 5 day gotta make it memorable right...

Any advise?
30 days ago
Goat girl : when I was small , when I used to hear about the affairs and crushes of elder people..I always used to think , how complicated their life is...and now when I'm in class 10th..I am experiencing a lot more than the things I used to hear that will find someone who will be just as much interested in you as you are in him... because if love and respect is one-sided than the ship doesn't float for long...

Karol : thanks...❤️🤘maybe that is why people call me "miss polite"
(BTW my name is Urvashi...but I don't just have gotten confused..)

Also guys let me know if I'm boring you with the "M thing" ...
30 days ago
Ryan: I'm a Hufflepuff too! One of the plny ones because everyone in my school is a Slytherin lol.

Miss Polite (J'ealynn): you are just the sweetest person ever❤❤❤ I appreciate that you're here for all of us. And we'll be here for you whenever you need it.
Sundae: yeah, I did good. I got one of the highest grades (not to brag, but it's fact). Honestly though, if we ever met in real life, I think that you would move in with me haha

For those of you who know Voltron (and it's probably just me and Ryan here) what lion would you pilot? I'd definetly be the Blue Lion, since Lance and I are sooo much alike.
30 days ago
Ryan: ima huflepuff too!!!! like T and B and a few other of my friends are hufflepuffs to lol.

so at recess b was talking to D ( B and D are dating now btw.) and i was just minding my own bisness when T comes up behind me and i like " ima break this pen." i just nodd my head. but like he was right next to me //
31 days ago
Miss polite: When i read your love life, mine seems so basic and boring(I mean, i can't even talk to my crush ).

If everyone's saying their names, might as well say mine. Mine's Jayna, and somehow I've actually met others with the same name.
31 days ago
Sundae(Arielle) Karol(Carolina) and random girl(J'ealynn) thank you so much for feeling comfortable enough to share your I will be updating you guys about M from tomorrow as it's school tomorrow..and im very excited to see him(as usual)

Also I hope I'm not boring you guys with my "updates" on M..bcz there is no progress and M is unable to make up his mind...don't know what does he even wants...if he is not ready to commit then he has no right to get jealous...🙄🙄🙄
31 days ago
Okay. I think there’s absolutely no way we’re not related somehow!
I hope you did well in your test even though you had the panic attack. I hope your mental state starts getting better.

Miss Polite:
I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to scare you! I just needed someone to ‘listen’ and I guess you all got brought in to it. I’m so sorry! I feel like you all are like my bestest friends in the universe. 😅 (Also you’re English is essentially 200 x better than mine and I’m a native speaker)

Since everyone is saying their name is Arielle. Some who’ve been on here for a long time know that because I’ve said my real name a few times. My nickname is Ari, only my friends really call me that and my sisters once in a while.

Ravenclaw...but I originally wanted to be a Slytherin and retook the Pottermore year 3 times trying to get Slytherin and I got Ravenclaw every time so I guess I’m ravenclaw😅 I’ve never thought I had a ‘Ravenclaw personality’ but after reading about all the ravenclaw attributes and watching every video on YouTube about Ravenclaw .... I realized I was a Ravenclaw 😂
31 days ago
Miss polite how sweet are you 😘😘
31 days ago
Hope you all are okay...

Be okay...!
I'm scared of any of you posting a comment about your bad health condition...we have been together for so long and I feel the connection between us now...and I don't feel good when any of you say that you are sick..and I can't even do anything but just sit and pray...
31 days ago
Karol : I and sundae might be long lost twins...sorry to hear about that...
There's a reason that I'm very healthy physically(by physically I didn't mean to say I'm fat😅...I'm actually fit😤) and mentally and that's because my father is a doctor... hiding anything from him is impossible (but that doesn't mean that he knows about M...I kept that letter from M for two days in my house so secretly, hoping no body would see it)..anyway as you guys know where I am from and what my name is...don't mind any grammar mistakes as my first language is not English...😅...I am trying hard though..
31 days ago
Ravenclaw which my friends say is surprising because I always say I'm an 💗 purple is my favorite color
31 days ago
Wow... I wish I had the guts to say my real name, but my Paranoid Personality Disorder is being annoying.

Sundae and Karol:

I’m so sorry you’ve been having those panic attacks. I’ve never had one, so I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like.

Random Question:

What are your Hogwarts houses (if you know)? I’m a Hufflepuff, which always surprises people because I’m quiet and like to read.

You all have super pretty names, and mine is boring. Whyyyyy am I so boring? Aaaaugh.
31 days ago
miss polite: wow. thats a very pretty name. Mine is J'ealynn. ( J-lyn). sorry i havent been posting alot. just got caught up with homework and stuff.

so today at school( lets start from the end of math class.) so i was walking to my locker and i opened my locker and i was putting my math binder away and i hear T say," ohhhhhh. this is this your locker???????" and he like sticked his head near my locker and im like "yeah". and then i hit my locker partner in the head with my locker. oops.

so then i had yearbook and i guess it was ok we have to choose thwemes and these o=are the ones people want.

1. space
2. retro 50's dinner
3. something
4. something
and a few more.

so i have decided to do choir next year. its my last year in orchastra but i mean atleast i gonna do something i know im good at. ( i was butchering the 4 finger A's on the violin today. i was terrible.)

but yeah. ill try to post more offten.

and.... T posted a new video on his yt channel but he screan recorded it so all you heard was the engine( he was playing this offroad game) of the vehicle and not his voice so it was really funny. his channel is WolfDude1818.
31 days ago
Miss Polite: wow, you really have an awesome name!
And since you said yours, I'ma say mine...
My real name is Carolina, pronounced Care-oh-leen-ah, and was my gret grandmother's name (who i never met, but whatever), and it's the name of an Italian princess.
Karol is my nickname since I don't think I'm too princessy😅
Sundae: ok we're definetley connected. Today I had to be tested, and I had a HUGE panic attack. I couldn't breathe, I went pale, tears filled my eyes, I couldn't see, and a lot of people actualy grabbed my arm to keep me from falling over.
It's been happening a lot more recently now...especially in school...
31 days ago
Sundae : even if i didnt do anything I'm glad to help...
31 days ago
Guys if you use tiktok and want to see my face *willingly* you can check out my profile...its @urvashi_gaur02
So yep now I'm a lot comfortable with you yeah my name is Urvashi and as many of you don't know hindi i guess and i have a hindi name...
Ur means heart and vashi means to control , so Urvashi is someone who can control anyone's i wish i could use this power of my name on M...
Superstitious enough😅
So moving M was a bit distant or i don't know why maybe because i started talking to R in a polite way...again...i don't know what M wants...he flirts..he talks about proposing...he gives a love letter asking to be his girlfriend...and then he says this was because he wanted to know how will i answer...and then again goes to flirting and when i talk to other guys.mhe ignores me..and then again if i pay attention to him only he again starts flirting and being clingy...idk what to do...why can't he just make up his mind...