Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

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Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or is it just your imagination? Find out here!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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18 days ago

All I can think of is Cosmo the Space Wolf, but I know that’s not right...
18 days ago
Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie Matthew Matthew Matthew
18 days ago
Amanda- wowww, that is so cute!!!!!!
I have an extremely romantic side, but I keep it to myself (watching and crying over Tails the Fox falling in love with Cosmo, screaming "OTPPP" at the tv when I see a beautiful ship, wishing I could date characters and marry them and have a family with them... I'll stop there). Nobody rreally knows about that, except you guys now...hehe
19 days ago

💗... that boy likes you a lot.
I sort of have a romantic side. I imagine myself in a romantic relationship with my crush, or I will write x OC or x Reader fan fictions for myself, and I’m a huge shipper, but I don’t really like romance novels or movies, sorry.
19 days ago
So I wore the Gold top, black jacket, leggings, and boots. I got some complements on my outfits by some of the boys I met at Justin’s friends party. Must’ve been a cute outfit;)
Justin complemented my hair! Of all things! He was all “oh, your hair looks gr8 in a Dutch braid and I just sai thanks.

You guys do some recomendashons here?!?
Can I do other recomendashons?
Okay. Gr8:
Here’s my movie—— To all the boys I’ve loved before
It’s awesome. Very romantic and sweet. Perfect story. I watched it and loved it. You can get it on Netflix.
Now please tell me you guys have a romantic side. Because otherwise I’ll die. Also, the party was pretty good. Met the kids who are nearish and who go to justin’s School. Unfortunately, I’m homeschooled so don’t go to his school. But acording to some girl at the party named Kendra who’s supes nice, he doesn’t have a gf. Also, she says it’s supes obvious that Justin likes me! I was all: “OMG!!!!! REALLY!?!?!?!?” And she was all “yes. Of course. And you guys would make a cute cupel.” I ended up hanging out with her at the party. She’s aparently a loner. Deosnt seem to have many freinds. And if she deos....they weren’t at the party. She’s pretty, so I’d expect her to have freinds. But she deosnt.
Justin looked pretty shoked when I came up and was next to her.

Then Justin and I went home together. We took an Uber since Becca was busy at her boyfriends.
The song ‘Shape of you’ came on the radio. And Justin started blushing soooooooooo hard. I was just sitting next to him all “Are you okay?” Eksept I didn’t ask. I sorta just started a conversashon with the Uber driver. And when we got back he hugged me agen! Like he did yesterday!!!!!!!!!! 2nd time he’s ever hugged me.
19 days ago

Thanks for understanding.

Ryan’s Song Recommendation of Wheneverhood: Rising, By Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
19 days ago

Yes of course. I totally get wanting to be safe on the internet. I will uninvite you as soon as possible. If you still want to play, you can to make a fake email. All it takes is a username, fake name, and password. I’m playing under a fake one too.
19 days ago

Can I opt out of the roleplay? It looks fun and all, but I don’t want people knowing my name, since I didn’t use an alias when creating my email. I didn’t think of this problem until now, sorry.
19 days ago
Ryan’s Song Recommendation of Wheneverhood: Lionized, by Jeff Williams.
19 days ago

That’s such a good song! I like it when Harry goes on, mostly because memorizing all the rap parts of songs that are not rap is my life goal.


My email is Zolis the elf @, except without the spaces. Also, RWBY is on, YouTube (until volume 6), and Amazon Prime (until Volume 6).


I don’t know fashion very well, sorry! I’d go with the stay weird shirt, though, since it’s pretty much my life philosophy.
19 days ago
Whoops, meant fandom*
19 days ago
Lace- wow, that sounds so cool! Who/what fandomn do you use the characters from? I do Marvel, Sonic, Miraculous, Why Don't We, One Direction, TMNT, Voltron, Heroes of Olympus, Rise of The Guardians, Big Hero 6, Merlin BBC, and sometimes even Crush x Reader

Random fact- I watched the music video of Descendants 2 (what's my name?) and WOW. Harry Hook is just 😍😍😍
20 days ago

Google docs is an app you can get where you create documents and write and stuff like that. The cool thing is you can invite other emails to help edit your docs. Roleplaying is where you make up a character and play as that character with other people’s characters. As long as you have an email and the app you can roleplay with us :).
20 days ago

It’s totally good. I completely understand. If I had disorsagrigicness and dyslexia I wouldn’t want to read or write more than I had to either.
Also, lol, sounds like something that would happen to me. But, hey, it’s a really good sign that he tried to rate you higher. Most people are more partial to their crushes and want to let them win, even if they weren’t the best.
My vote on the clothes is the gold top and black jacket, boots, and leggings. Personally that seems to be the prettiest.
20 days ago
(Lace) Sorry, I’m not a big fan of that sort of thing. I’m not really into riting and reading and that sort of stuff because of my disorsagrficness and slite dyslexya. Thanks for the ofer.

(Jass) Sweet Moma Jesus. He likes you a lot. I think your doing fine.

(Ryan) Uh. Maybes. You can post them just please don’t guge me if I don’t read them or comment because it’s slitly dificult for me.

(Sundae) wow. That’s a lil’ bit unfair of your parents ain’t it? I can’t beleive they would do that.

Today Justin, Becca, and I went to my place and Justin invited me to a party with his friends at one of their houses. I’m eksited!!!!!
Anywho. Today Justin sat in the kitchen as Becca and I tryed a baking competishon. Esenchally the first time I’d ever baked unless you count pre-made cookie dough at sleepovers and 3yr old partys. Becca won. No shok there.
Justin tryed to be super nice and gave me a 8/10 but Becca’s BFF: Miranda (who spent the night at theres) gave me a 5/10 and shes prety nice. And Miranda’s 12yr old sister Jess gave me a 2.5/10. I tried it and spit it out. Miranda choked on it and Jess spit it out too. And Becca cofed when she tryed it too. Yay.
Then we just spent the day binging YouTube vids and with a race around the neyborhood. Which Justin won, Jess (who’s surprizingly fast) got 2nd, me-3rd, Becca 4th and Miranda last but Becca and Miranda DID NOT try because I no Becca’s a good runner. and then we just hanged out and talked.
Miranda and Becca ended up getting cot up talking about some boy at their book club. Yes. Miranda and Becca do book club. In the summer. Justin, Jess (who is pretty cool werdly enof) and I just played Minecraft.

Now it’s time for my question of the day! What should I wear to the party?
- black spageti strap dress and black flats
- sparkly cropped gold tank top and black leggings and black jacket plus black boots
- Shorts and my yellow ‘stay weird’ crop top
- white tank top and black jeans with leather jacket plus black boots
- white dress black denim jacket and black boots
- watermelon shorts ( see Sara Beauty Corner, Diy clothes life hacks- I personalized the shorts and made them like hers) white sweater, and black tank
- Jean shorts and white crop top that’s also one of those 2 design tops- y’no the ones that you slide a hand on and it changes the design) it changes from nerdy emoji to love emoji)

So those are my choyces:)
Can i have a vote?

20 days ago
What is google docs and roleplay idk anything about it.?
20 days ago
Hey guys, just finished setting up the first roleplay. All I need is you guys’ emails and I can invite y’all! I’m so excited! All the details are on the doc. Also, multiple roleplays can be set up. If anyone has a cool idea, just start the roleplay and invite whoever you want to it.
20 days ago

Justin really, really likes you! He sounds like a dream boy lol. Just keep doing what you’re doing! So roleplaying is making up characters and basically writing a story with other people. Through docs, I’d invite y’all and we would type out what our characters say/do. It’ll make more sense once you try it. Thank you!


That’s totally good with me. I won’t read them until I catch on the show though. I’m working on finding a way to watch it.
20 days ago
Jass... I think you’re doing just fine. He definitely seems to like you.
Karol... I’m so sorry! I totally understand how that feels. I’m sure something had to of intervened or something. And if it was just her being a jerk, then you need to get a new bff. And we’re always here if you need to vent!
Sundae... oh dear! I completely understand being stressed out. Personally I just listen to music or something, but your hobbies are really productive. I bet your cheesecake was great, despite what P says.
To all dem people who responded to my idea... okay! I just need emails and I can get it set up. Is there any ideas for the roleplay y’all want to throw out? I have a few, but they’re only decent.
20 days ago
Sorry, just got home from school. Sounds like you’re doing good! 😁 I don’t really think you need any advice since you’re doing so well with Charles.