Your Warrior cat name, rank, looks, personality, and clan

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Have you ever wondered what clan you would be or what your name would be? Or your looks and personality? We'll take this quiz because It will give you some answers

  • 1
    She-Cat or Tom
  • 2
    Out of these names, which would you pick?
  • 3
    RP: Your camp is being attacked by some foxes that came to live here. You see a fox got hold of your mate, your leader, and a kit. Who so you save first?
  • 4
    What is your favorite color?
  • 5
    What clan do like the most?
  • 6
    What order would you save
    your leader, a kit, your mate, and a
    An elder?
  • 7
    Which rank would you want to be in?
  • 8
    Can you Climb or Swim?
  • 9
    Who do you look up to?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (116)


Danielle Monroe (82897)
14 days ago
What? When I picked she-cat I got a Tom but when I picked Tom I got a she-cat!
Feathercloud (02778)
16 days ago
Yes I'm in Thunderclan. I'm a queen . My mates name is Falconheart. Thank you so much
Featherpaw (31528)
16 days ago
Queen? But I don't wear a crown and I am an apprentice apprentices don't have k... BRUH!!!
and I dead too
Trust me (16725)
18 days ago
If you want thunder clan pick wind clan
Trust me on this (16725)
18 days ago
Everyone if you are a girl pick Tom if boy pick she-cat
WHY!!! (16725)
18 days ago
WHY AM I A TOM!!!! I GIRL!!!! Everyone is getting the opposite of what they say
WHY?!?! (00022)
19 days ago
I'm an elder tom in shadowClan. when I'm a girl and wanted to Clan
Hi (49295)
20 days ago
I'm a girl and I got a tom and I'm in wind clan ( wanted to be in thunder) AND I'M A MEDICINE CAT
Why?!?!??!? (69790)
21 days ago
I'm a girl and apparently A TOM, I wanted to be a warrior but got a medicine cat, and I wanted to be on ThunderClan no WindClan
Redfeather (92126)
21 days ago
I am a boy, and i'm apparently A SHE-CAT
Tigers1o1 (96162)
39 days ago
On the first question I picked she cat and ended up a ton wow just wow
Sandstorm (85238)
40 days ago
I wanted to be in WindClan not Thunder, I wanted to be a warrior not a queen. AND WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE A MATE. Done
zalin (31084)
41 days ago
I love warriors so much that is what made me a cat person is what warriors di to me and I luv my life by reading warriors and being a cat person.
FirestarHater#100 (62154)
44 days ago
Gahh! She found me!
SorreltuftSpwarrior (62154)
44 days ago
FirestarHater#100 (62154)
44 days ago
Rabbittail?! I'm an elder?!!! WHY!!!!!!
SorreltuftSPwarrior (62154)
44 days ago
Is anyone else here from mah SilverPelt fam? Cuz if so I luv ya!
Lol xd jkjk
but no really.
SorreltuftSPwarrior (62154)
44 days ago
I got Feathercloud, wish I could change her name to Iceshiver ;)
JayFeather12 (11711)
47 days ago
lol I talk to much XD
JayFeather123 (11711)
47 days ago