Your Warrior Cat Name, Rank, Looks, Purr-sonality & Clan

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For humans like us, life without Warrior Cats would be cat-astrophic! If you've ever wondered what clan you would be in, or what your name, looks and personality would be like, here's your opportunity to find out! This clan-tastic quiz will give you all the answers!

  • 1
    She-Cat or Tom?
    She-Cat or Tom?
  • 2
    Out of these names, which would you pick?
  • 3
    Your camp is being attacked by some foxes who want to live there. You see that a fox got ahold of your mate, your leader, and a kit. Who do you save first?

  • 4
    Which of these colors do you like best?
  • 5
    Which clan do you like most?
  • 6
    In which order would you save these: your leader, a kit, your mate and an elder?

  • 7
    How would you want to be ranked within the clan?
  • 8
    Which can you do better - climb or swim?
  • 9
    Which do you look up to most?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (228)


108 days ago
I got Whitechest, the smart and helpful riverclan med tom, his pelt color is pretty much self-explanitory (I don't think I spelled that right, but no one cares about grammar). He's white with a black chest and paws, and he has an apprentice named Hollypaw :D
115 days ago
hi! i got feathercloud
125 days ago
And I chose to be a warrior too!!
125 days ago
But I chose to be in riverclan
riverclan is the best
125 days ago
Oh yeah I got feathercloud
131 days ago
Can I be a med cat please P.s I got Feathercloud
131 days ago
I got Rabbit-tail and he is a TOM I said SHE-CAT I at least wanted to get Stupid feathercloud or something, but I got a Tom elder, seriously?
139 days ago
Uh I got Feathercloud of Thunderclan I’m a queen? I really hate Thunderclan, Lol 😆
143 days ago
I got whitechest which is ok, I guess but I said I was a she cat and I also wish that they had an option for medicine cat
175 days ago
i got whitechest and im a girl -_- but anyways does anyone just redo the quiz after they get their scores and do either the best or worst to see what you get ._. and hope y'all wh see dis has a good day
183 days ago
I keep getting fricking rabbittail!!! 😡😡😡 I wanted a queen or leader, and i got a tom elder!!! What the frick?!?!
186 days ago
Even though I’m male!
197 days ago
I got whitecheast
I feel kinda good about him
200 days ago
I got white chest even though I'm female '-' fox-dung...
203 days ago
I got Rabbit Tail....
204 days ago
I got sandstripe a stubborn windclan warrior it suits me well because my friends always say I'm way too stubborn :D
219 days ago
I got a MALE i chose FEMALE. But anyway, i got Whitechest a Riverclan medicinecat
226 days ago
I got FeatherCloud . A Thunderclan Queen. I always want a queen
228 days ago
I got Feathercloud, a ThunderClan queen!
245 days ago
I am a golden she-cat with green eyes