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Which Malcolm in The Middle character are you most like?

29.92 % of users had this result: Hey Malcolm. What's up. You're smart geeky Malcolm who tries desperately to be cool, but you're stuck with the nerds. Your family relies on you for nearly every situation. And you're born to be a bright and successful physicist one day.

11.76 % of users had this result: Reese. You share many similarities with Reese. You are the aggressive trouble maker. You seek to cause pranks to be played on any random passerby. You want to be a great janitor and hate to use your brain for anything other than crafting schemes. Way to go Reese, remember not to go to far with your stunts.

42.02 % of users had this result: Hey Dewey. You are the relaxed musician of your family. You are patient and try to avoid confrontation. You may have been forced to tolerate the beatings and cruel jokes put on you by your bigger siblings. Hold on there, you probably have a relaxed future for you once you get out of that joint.

16.29 % of users had this result: Francis is just like you. You are just like the mother stressing character from "Malcolm in The Middle," Francis. He's the oldest sibling and has some ways to go before maturing and having a pleasant family of his own. Your life may be similar to his, Francis overly stresses out about his mother, try not to be like him in this aspect.