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Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

59.38 % of users had this result: Mostly As - There is a possibility you are bisexual. You are open to dating and loving a would notice your ideal girl even in the crowd of hot would enjoy sex with a girl...and you would even go as far as marrying her! Guy or girl, whomever you end up with will make you happy! You may have more of a preference for girls or for guys, but that doesn't make you any less bisexual. Do some extra thinking, and if it turns out you know you are really bisexual, I hope you find the girl or guy of your dreams! God bless the both of you <3

28.71 % of users had this result: You seem to be more on the straight side. If dating a girl and being in a relationship with her wouldn't satisfy you, then you are probably aren't bisexual, but only you know for sure. Perhaps you could also be pansexual. That means you are gender-blind and don't care what the gender of a person is as long as you love him or her. Maybe you are more into guys and the thought of dating a girl still seems awkward for religious or personal reasons, but either way, you could be pansexual. Look into that some more. Whoever you are, I hope you find happiness!:)

11.91 % of users had this result: Well, you sure love your Victoria's Secret commercials and Britney Spears's sexy videos. And while sex is a big part of being bisexual, it's not all there is to it - especially if you aren't emotionally connected to a girl. You're probably just interested in sex with a girl - which is OK! Whomever you turn out to be, though, I hope you find happiness. Until then, keep fantasizing about that sexy, hot woman and who knows - maybe you'll find a woman willing to hook up with you.