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Which NBA Star Are You Most Like?

39.19 % of users had this result: Chris Paul - A point guard is usually a leader and instructs his teammates by making plays. Respected and usually underrated.

30.04 % of users had this result: Michael Jordan - Highly respected for skill, but judged for his actions whether on the court winning games or off the court making commercials and/or controversy.

15.04 % of users had this result: LeBron James - Generally underrated, you show a large set of skills you use regularly, and understand your role as the middle man. You are a good player overall.

8.79 % of users had this result: Tim Duncan - Possibly underrated, you strive to make efficient plays that win games. Your efforts on the court are rewarded with your teammates being open from your distraction as a big man.

6.94 % of users had this result: Wilt Chamberlain - Not the most enthusiastic or exciting player, but you do what matters: rebounding, scoring and potentially winning. Put in to fix teammates' mistakes and to make easy buckets.