When will you get your first period?

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This quiz will give you a rough estimate on when you will get your first period.

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    When did you start puberty?

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:3 (89876)
37 days ago
for anyone reading this......periods SUCK!!! you do not want a period, before i got my period i wanted it sooo bad but now that i have it i know it sucks the cramps,bloating,randomly crying,worrying about leaking in school oh and opening pad in a school bathroom sounds like SHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSHHHHHHHHHHHHKKKKKKKKKKKKTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! anyway thx for listing to my smol rant plz enjoy not having a period trust me

peace out potato chip!! :P
Lali🌺 (05825)
79 days ago
it said 1-3 months!!
Discharge:A lot everyday I have to change my pantiliners 3 times a day
Breasts: kids XL/ Woman’s XS (aka A Cup size)
Hair down there: full and bushy
Armpit hair: gettin longer
Leg hair:gettin longer and darker
My age: 10 yrs old
My mom’s age when she got her period: 12 yrs old
Weight: 100+
Cramps: not often
Cravings: Everyday
Puberty: I don’t know if I started
Breasts again: my breasts started developings at 8 yrs old (I know really young)
Ohh helll noo (74502)
79 days ago
Any minute now! I dont realy want it...😒
Grace (76790)
83 days ago
I’m getting mine soon save meee I don’t want it I’m 10 nearly 11 save me
Blakala (30649)
98 days ago
Any minute now I am nine Turing ten I am so no thanks prepared! Oh go how do I approach my mom
Haha (13599)
159 days ago
It said Any minute now!
I have a few pads.
My breasts are a size C.
Spotting and Discharge.
My discharge is so much I change pantiliners three times a day.
I smell disgusting from sitting around.
Full, bushy, dark, thick hair down there.
Have to shave armpits everyday.
Shave legs everyday.
Crampings right now.
Craving chocolate right now.
I grew 4 inches this year.
I weigh 101 lbs.
I am 13 years old.
My mom got hers my age.
My mom keeps saying that I will get mine very soon.
I think I will get it very soon.
Please help me!
Sophie (61951)
165 days ago
1-3 months
Ok not a bad estimate
Roks (52658)
226 days ago
I meant minute my bad lol!
Roks (52658)
226 days ago
any miute now!!!yaaayy!!!
demisomething (38143)
262 days ago
hiii please predict me
i have discharge
it is alot
before it used to come every other day but now it is everyday
before it was lighter
but it is heavy now
my 💗 are an a cup
i have all the hair
i have cramps every blessed day for like 4 mins but it's not that painful
i really really reallhy want ot
Kitty (23452)
280 days ago
I got cramps while taking the test lmao
Kitty (23452)
280 days ago
I'm 11 and it says any minute now and my sister who is 13 is an AA cup
Arianna (06495)
312 days ago
It said 3 months. I'm so nervous!!! How I'm gonna tell my mom! Btw iI'm almost 13 so
Emily (80927)
315 days ago
Anomonous (46058)
333 days ago
It told me any minute now
kristi (56397)
339 days ago
Omg I am only 9 and it said 5-8 months now I am so freaking nervous
Whalemakesasplash (53388)
342 days ago
OMG OMG I'm not completely sure but I've taken multiple test and they all give me 1-6 months. My mom also said I should be able to tell her anything also. But my main concern is that I don't know how to approach my mom. Like I really want my mom to help me make a period starter kit and give me tips but I'm to embarrassed and my aunt said when I get my period she's throwing me a "moon" party or I'm other words a 1st period party XD SO EMBARRASSING (btw I'm turning 13 in a couple days)
Nunyabussnis (94247)
347 days ago
Sooo 1-3 months but I'm only 10 yrs old I. AM. NOT. PREPARED.
Hi (98825)
355 days ago
I have breasts getting rounder dark thin hair down there light wispy hairs under my arm my hair colored hair on my legs halfway devoloped always moody have had discharge for a couple months weight is 87 pounds and 12 years when should I get my period???? So anxious to know
Ella (65161)
447 days ago
Any minute now!