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Sam and Cat Trivia Quiz

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How much do you really know about Sam and Cat? Take this quiz to find out!

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    What is Sams Real name?

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1567 days ago
I love Sam and Cat. Best show ever next to victorious. So sad it stopped. Love Ariana and Jennette so much. They are my idols for life.
1577 days ago
Im watching sam and cat right now in my bedroom on my TV and its really funny I watched this since I was 6 years old and my favorite character is totally Ariana grande she's my idol I like her songs she plays Cat Valentine on victorious and sam and cat im sad that icarly sam and cat and victorious Stopped filming I am sad of that but it's is what its is Rest In Peace Victorious,iCarly,sam and cat R.I.P I miss you tori Vega victoria justice Trina Vega Daniella monet Cat valentine Ariana Grande beck Oliver avan jogia Jade west Liz Gillies Samantha pucket jennete murcurdy Robbie shappiro matt Bennett HAVE a great life all of you ill miss you even though you stopped a few years ago thank you
1578 days ago
Sam and cat is so good and funny
1651 days ago
On number 1 the answer isn't there because Sam's real name is Samantha picket
1683 days ago
I only got 3 right coz the questions didn't make sense!
1717 days ago
i love Sam and cat because Sam is in icarly and cat is in Victorious but i know Sam Puckett but she is liked anything but food and I how she loves money because she use to go jail but she's free now but i did see her in TV shows and i know cat is in Victorious but she hopeful but she really like Robbie in Victorious but she does like anything about him before her and her cat Valentine and tori Vega and Trina vega and back Oliver and jade west and andri Anderson and Robbie and other shows is rivalry carly shy and Spencer shy and Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett and GABBY and Nora dis and anybody to in the shows on TV shows and anything but soon I love it a lot and so much better now and everything will be soon and videos and bye now ps I am taking with Peyton Owens in my school west Morgan high school has my boyfriend and my prom date bye now after then my name is ashlee hill bye
1739 days ago
I loved this quiz Sam and cat
1878 days ago
I have 2 right and 8 wrong