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I created this quiz to test you on how well you know Minecraft, my personal favorite game! Whether it's your fave, too, or just one of many, have fun finding out how well you know it!

  • 1
    What is the default skin, and what name does it have?
  • 2
    What are the main hostile mobs in Minecraft?
  • 3
    Who is the creator of Minecraft?
    Who is the creator of Minecraft?
  • 4
    What are the three mobs you can have as pets (as in, they have to be tamed)?
  • 5
    Which character is well-known to be scary?
  • 6
    True or False: Minecraft is only single-player.

  • 7
    Which block must you have to survive?
  • 8
    How does Minecraft end?
  • 9
    What are the main tools in Minecraft?
  • 10
    I'll make the last one easy - what is Minecraft?

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Comments (347)


19 days ago
he still a bi___ tho
19 days ago
I sweared on the last part
19 days ago
there is no end in minecraft you can continue on fight the wither make the end again(aperantly I want the advancement)and continue your minecraf dreams the creator is a total 💗
20 days ago
There is totally NO end to Minecraft! When you beat the Ender Dragon, you can continue to play the game. That answer should be changed. The creator of this quiz obviously doesn't know how to play the dang game. D:
40 days ago
bring bring a got all 10 baby but i m awesome *dabs*
42 days ago
good quiz i liked playing it
42 days ago
boi there is technically no end to the game of minecraft, when you defeat the enderdragon yes, you have pretty much beaten the game, but, this does not mean minecraft is over or "the end", the world allows you to continue on playing and such indefinitely. Thus, I should have a 10/10 score, instead of a 9/10 score.
46 days ago
I looooooooove this quiz!!! Whoever made this,thank you!!!!
76 days ago
Endermen arent full on hostile only if you attack them or look at them
78 days ago
There is no end to Minecraft
Herobrine is a hoax
You can survive without wood.You just can't kill the ender dragon
For redstoners,The game is about logic
79 days ago
Palr of ducks I didn't read the full comment
79 days ago
Palr of ducks you Can't kill the ender dragon without wood.No wood=No wooden pickaxe no stone iron pickaxe etc.You need to go to the nether to get blaze rods No diamond pickaxe no nether and you you Can't make the nether portal with buckets because you need iron.And no flint and steel.No nether.No end
79 days ago
9/10 And also who the heck is herobrine,a myth?
81 days ago
i got 9/10 the one i got wrong is the "when does minecraft end" one WHICH IS CLEARLY NO END TO MINECRAFT you can still play after you defeat the ender dragon.
82 days ago
Also I got 6\10
82 days ago
Love him or hate him! Villager #284 is spitting facts!
82 days ago
I use Magic and you Can't!
83 days ago
sorry but, there is no end to minecraft. sure, once you defeat the ender dragon you get a credits page, but you still have to go on. minecraft survival never ends.
87 days ago
No end to Minecraft and Herobrine is a hoax
89 days ago
Lol 10/10 easy 😆