Am I Gay? For Middle-Schoolers

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I know how you feel. Scared, confused. That's how I feel as I write this. None of the other quizzes gives accurate answers. They ask you if you would have sex with a random person, or even your best friend. If you say no, that doesn't mean you're straight - it means you're smart. Don't be afraid. Take the one test that will give you the answer you seek. The HONEST answer. This is that test.
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    Have you ever "been with" a person of the same gender as you? Answer honestly. Don't be afraid.
    Have you ever "been with" a person of the same gender as you? Answer honestly. Don't be afraid.

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2 days ago
I took this test for fun, I'm in middle school and already know my sexuality, just wanted to know how gay I was without being bombarded with *HOW DO YOU LIKE TO HAVE SEX* *WOULD YOU DO YOUR BEST FRIEND* *NO? WELL THEN YOU'RE ASEXUAL*
3 days ago
16 days ago
I wasn't sure what I should have expected but, I'm still surprised I got a 60%
22 days ago
I'm 80 % I'm gay but I'm scared
22 days ago
40% :/ my sister thinks I’m gay. I think I’m gay.. but is it a phase?
25 days ago
Hi guys! How many of you are girls?
26 days ago
holy moly i am 40% gay okssgegssgsgsgsgsgs
30 days ago
I found out I was not totally straight when I was 11. Had a 16 year old boy with me in Boy Scouts. We tented together 2 years till he was 18 and spooned every time we had a chance it was incredible. I’ve only been with girls since I’m 14 now. But it’s been a year since that I miss him so much
31 days ago
I got 50 50 so i dont know if I’m gay or not so dis it help me and what is if I’m bi hmmm!!!!! Thank you for reading this
32 days ago
I definitely don’t think I’m full on gay but I might be bisexual and I need reassurance that I or aren’t kinda pissed this quiz didn’t have a bi option
32 days ago
It says im gay maybe its true cause i like this girl in my pe class and we used to hang out all the time before quarantine (in school) and now i dont know what to do should i say i like her or should i just wait
35 days ago
it say im gay though i like a girl and boy so how
36 days ago
I’m a 12 year old girl and I got really close to this boy in my class and I thought of him as my best friend, then he told me he likes me and I tried to think of if I should tell him I like him back of not say anything, but all I could think about was the cute short girl that sits behind me in science class. That was literally 6 months ago and I’m still confused. I’ve taken at least 30 of these quizzes and I finally found one that’s not all about sex!!!! But I’m still confused :/
40 days ago
What do you mean only 50% chance of being gay? I am a u s e l e s s l e s b i a n who has never liked a man in her life. (I’m not angry or trying to be rude, I’m just sayin)
40 days ago
@morgiana keep in there there will be better times think of the positives I know u prob won't see this but I sometimes don't eat at all cause the people would call me fat and cause I'm bi they'll call me nasty names, u were born because I bet ur an amazing person and don't let those thoughts get the best of u no mater what I let them get to me it DOES NOT HELP ANYTHING so plz plz plz for the love of god don't do anything stupid ❤️ I wish u better times ❤️❤️❤️
41 days ago
Why 😭😭😭 I have no friends, no family, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, celiac disease, diabetes, and now this why did I have to be born
42 days ago
It says I'm 80% Gay. 💗
44 days ago
It says 50% gay so what about the other 50% what happened to that
44 days ago
so....... i am in seventh grade and im a demisexual lesbian. im scared to come out to my friends cause i think theyll pull that straight girl whos homophobic toward lesbians/not be friends with me because theyre religious. so i feel the urge to come out as bi and not lesbian. is this a good idea or not?
45 days ago
it said I was probably bi and I had a feeling I was