Am I gay? Middle school

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I know how you feel. Scared, confused. That's how I feel as I write this. None of the other quizzes give accurate answers. They ask you if you would have sex with a random person, or even your best friend. If you say no, that doesn't mean you're straight, it means you're smart. Don't be afraid of it. Take the one test that will give you the answer. The HONEST answer. This is that test.
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    Have you ever "been" with a person of the same gender as you? Answer as honestly as possible. Don't be afraid.

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A girl... (77602)
I’ve been questioning myself lately and I need someone to talk to. I’m going into 8th grade this year.
A boy. (97113)
2 days ago
I am apparently 50/50 and I honestly don’t know what to do. I need someone my age (13 about to be in eighth grade) to talk to. Ignore your up to talk and my age I’d really appreciate it I need advice. Thanks! 6173479945
Tjeerd (31797)
6 days ago
I had suspicion that I might be bisexual, and it says I'm 50% gay, so I guess I am...
Me (77247)
10 days ago
I am currently in a gay relationship kinda but he asked me out by saying that when he came around mine he tried to hold my hand 👌👌
Jaden (94107)
11 days ago
Phillip, I'm single and I'm bi. ;) I'm also a boy.
Wolf (32832)
11 days ago
well I’m 40% gay and 40% straight so
Does not matter (45072)
14 days ago
Well this wuz fun. Doesn’t change anything about me though.
My name doesn’t matter (97595)
19 days ago
I got 50% and I have been wondering if I’m bi... still I’m still young (7th grade) so I’m not really sure of anything now....
someone (85234)
22 days ago
70% gay and im 12 lol
just wait until im 16
Fat Mung Bean (64444)
29 days ago
%50 Gay, Well, Of course I'm bisexual lol
Ivy (65804)
31 days ago
I still don't know if I am gay or not how do I truly find out
phillip (77767)
31 days ago
it was not ezey for me but i am liveing life to the fulest and you shud to
Someone (25100)
34 days ago
40% gay. Well I’m bi so that’s kind of true
Jenna (17670)
37 days ago
100% gay y'all i knew it from the start
Somewhere over the rainbow (20522)
43 days ago
I got bisexual I am scared to admit it but I am, I currently have a crush of a girl named Faith but I also have a crush on a boy as well.
Toni (91066)
43 days ago
I knew I was bi bit I never really wanted admit it. I have a crush on this girl her name is heather but’s then I also really like this boy named tyler
Female (36566)
48 days ago
Im 50/50 and I like this girl thats my friend right now, but i dont know if shes gay... What do I do?
female (74238)
48 days ago
i mean i came as 40% and i walk around the world saying im bi already, and im in a relationship with some one as the same gender as me, but shes the only girl ive ever had feelings for. sooo, im confused now.
Fricklet (44643)
55 days ago
Well I was only friends with them
Elaina (02389)
58 days ago
I got 70%. I think I may have figured out my identity at last. Bi, but WAY more attracted to girls.