Am I Gay? For Middle-Schoolers

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I know how you feel. Scared, confused. That's how I feel as I write this. None of the other quizzes gives accurate answers. They ask you if you would have sex with a random person, or even your best friend. If you say no, that doesn't mean you're straight - it means you're smart. Don't be afraid. Take the one test that will give you the answer you seek. The HONEST answer. This is that test.
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    Have you ever "been with" a person of the same gender as you? Answer honestly. Don't be afraid.
    Have you ever "been with" a person of the same gender as you? Answer honestly. Don't be afraid.

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I've been confused about myself for a while, but one thing I've learned is that no gay test is final. They are only out there to help but are never a solid answer. Even if you get 90% gay, one quiz won't tell you who you are. Keep looking within yourself and you'll eventually know. Don't let anyone tell you who you are; you get to do that.
4 days ago
LOL OMG!! I'm dumb, I'm straight and I wasn't paying close attention to the questions and I kept thinking in my head oh same gender OKAY and I chose it thinking it said opposite gender xD And I got "you are gay.' 💗 LMAO XD
6 days ago
This was fun and a lot more accurate than other quizzes
10 days ago
I am bisexual apparently but I think I am cause I kind of like girls and boys...
13 days ago
Apparently I’m bi…
21 days ago
I still don't know what I am. I think I'm bi but idk yet. I guess I'll wait till I'm older.
21 days ago
I got 60% gay but I don’t think i am gay
21 days ago
I dont know what I'm there is this girl that is flirting with me and I dont know what to do and I dont know if I like it and I dont know how being in love feels like either
24 days ago
I think I am gay. Also I’m going to a liberal school filled with clueless leftists with glorious retardation frothing from their mouths. It’s going to be hard being a gay conservative at this school, assuredly. I’m surprised the majority of these libtards don’t take the short yellow bus!
25 days ago
I just think if this is to tell us if we gay then stop asking about family stuff
26 days ago
These only ask about if you have dated someone before
No “dating” in middle school actually means something
And we aren’t going to be doing any sexual stuff if we are eleven through fricken fourteen
44 days ago
So like, if somebody gets below 50% gay, their probably pan, poly, or Omni.
45 days ago
If you have any questions just ask here
50 days ago
Why were all of the questions just about being with someone already or being afraid? I'm not straight, straight people don't give oral to a random man in a public bathroom, btw junior in highschool not middle.
59 days ago
It says I am 50% _______
I'm so confused
62 days ago
I think I might be lesbian. I’ve never felt any feelings for anyone though. My friend just came out to me as bi and I’m so happy for her. But I don’t think I’m bi. This is so confusing. I hate this world. I was raised being told I like boys and that was that. People never even thought I might actually like girls!! It’s a messed up world. I want everyone to know, if you took this quiz then you probably are bi or gay or lesbian or Pan!! Don’t second guess yourself. - meee I’m 13 and I’m pretty sure I’m lesbian!!!
63 days ago
Okay turns out I’m 60% gay and I’m really not sure how to tell my parent!!! Someone help me?? Ps I’m female and 11
65 days ago
I am eleven and male. I am gay. Turns out, my now-boyfriend is gay too! I got. 90% Gay and I am happy. Everyone, I love you for who you are. The only reason I am not happy though is my parents are devoted Christian and I don’t want to come out. Any tips please?
76 days ago
ok so i've been kinda confused with my sexuality these few years and the test results said im probably bi so
77 days ago
Fun and fresh sister
Bisexual rat here and just wanted to say that it's okay to be gay my friends ✌😎🐭