Am I Gay? For Middle-Schoolers

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I know how you feel. Scared, confused. That's how I feel as I write this. None of the other quizzes gives accurate answers. They ask you if you would have sex with a random person, or even your best friend. If you say no, that doesn't mean you're straight - it means you're smart. Don't be afraid. Take the one test that will give you the answer you seek. The HONEST answer. This is that test.
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    Have you ever "been with" a person of the same gender as you? Answer honestly. Don't be afraid.
    Have you ever "been with" a person of the same gender as you? Answer honestly. Don't be afraid.

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6 days ago
I am a 14old boy i am bi and i want a girlfriend text me. 916-968-8088
9 days ago
Middle schoolers just can’t do “it”
11 days ago
Are you able to help me with finding someone in strathroy-caradoc area in Ontario???
19 days ago
I got 50% I like girls and am a girl I have not had a crush on a boy in 5 years so ya I love my self for who I am I am just scared to tell my mom and dad they not like gay people so ya give me luck because am telling theme today.
20 days ago
Whoever said gays should die in a fire your a homophobic i support LGBT Love You All😘
23 days ago
I got 50% so I am a Bisexual 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈I am happy with who I am (not really I hate myself)
25 days ago
💗 gays, they should all die in a fire.
35 days ago
I took like 3000 tests before this all saying I was bi even tho I'm pretty sure I'm gay. This one seemed pretty legit even though obviously no ones sexuality should be defined by any test.
48 days ago
I got 60% percent homosexual. Pretty accurate to be fair. I’m bi 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈and I’m proud. I was scrolling through these comments and I saw a lot of questions, like is this really okay to be gay, and , what do I do if my parent don’t support me, and a whole lot of stuff like that. What I’m going to say is that ITS OKAY be whatever you wanna be! It doesn’t matter if you like guys gals non binary pals or all of the above, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like anyone. All you have to do is be you. No one else should tell you what you can or can’t be. That includes your parents/community/friends. You don’t ever have to identify yourself to anyone any way, your sexuality is your business no one else’s. Don’t ever feel pressured to be something your not. And for all you Christians that think that gay is a sin against God. It’s not, I’m pretty sure Jesus washed all of our feet. Jesus doesn’t care who you are, who you love, Jesus loves us all. (Also: Jesus is Pansexual, but don’t quote me) Jesus and God, or whoever else you worship, they won’t care if your gay, bi, pan, poly, what ever! You be you boo.

Love you all and love yourselves!!!!
50 days ago
i support all of yall plus im bi go equality
54 days ago
I got bisexual and I’m kinda struggling with my sexuality at the moment I’ve never been in a relationship before but I did have two other crushes before. I’m a girl and I had two crushes on boys and I have a best friend of 2 years and i think I may like her but she is a girl idk
138 days ago
50 percent gay I think I might be bi
141 days ago
Lol 20% gay even tho i know i am
146 days ago
I got 60% which is true because I like all genders but I do prefer girls and I am a girl
150 days ago
I've been confused about myself for a while, but one thing I've learned is that no gay test is final. They are only out there to help but are never a solid answer. Even if you get 90% gay, one quiz won't tell you who you are. Keep looking within yourself and you'll eventually know. Don't let anyone tell you who you are; you get to do that.
152 days ago
LOL OMG!! I'm dumb, I'm straight and I wasn't paying close attention to the questions and I kept thinking in my head oh same gender OKAY and I chose it thinking it said opposite gender xD And I got "you are gay.' LMAO XD
155 days ago
This was fun and a lot more accurate than other quizzes
159 days ago
I am bisexual apparently but I think I am cause I kind of like girls and boys...
162 days ago
Apparently I’m bi…
170 days ago
I still don't know what I am. I think I'm bi but idk yet. I guess I'll wait till I'm older.