What Wings of Fire: Freaks dragon are you?

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Hey, people on allthetests and Wof fanon, what Wings of Fire: Freaks dragon would you be if you suddenly jumped into the story?

  • 1
    Do you like science?
  • 2
    How do you feel most of your day?
  • 3
    Where do you want to live?

  • 4
    How many friends do you have?
  • 5
    You could team up with some aliens and rule the world! Would you?
  • 6
    One positive trait about you is...

  • 7
    One negative trait about you is...
  • 8
    You are being attacked! What will you do?
  • 9
    You found a helpless animal. What will you do?
  • 10
    Final question! Which of these elements is your favorite?

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84 days ago
I like this Quiz but it is not the best.
245 days ago
Im 60% Blank! 10% Golem! 10% Shrike! And Last but not least, 20% Riverbeast :D :3
249 days ago
You are the pale blue dragon, Golem. You are loyal to the core and would defend your friends to your dying day.
282 days ago
im Blank i think is best! I liked her!
326 days ago
I got Golem I'm happy with that.
355 days ago
It's my mother's and I was always put to sleep by it puff the majic dragon who lives in the sea who frolliqicks in the automous in a land called honnahly little draggy paper yea hybrids are not the way to go I would never want to be hybrid sry fellow ppl I want originality and that's what it is and people that follow are fine but when truth be told it comes down we are not superhuman and we all die we can go somewhere else or not but I choose to get back up and fight as a dragon as my moms says me I'm a dragon Ball kinda guy as you can find them balls in another coders mind but I think this one she found the balls lol and we re populated haha universal mind anyways dragon or not we are in a matrix don't want our games ruined now do we little rattel rattel lol baby goo goo Gaga yea it's all hybrid myth and. Myths but there are truths to story's like this one don't ruin your family's Tor fool and it is what it is I'm a slave to the system so are you and when there upset cuz u want out and want to bred cuz ur so strong then have fun this is a devoloping world not a battel thing but mabye in the end could be mabye we surpassed them and they still trying to get it but it's ok we all our hear for something everyone's a aliean and this is the last planet the stars are the dragons and Igor is for a apple wich was my friend play or not he chooses where he goes likeme north star I want to go but not battel do we get uploaded is there a heaven and hell ? Good luck with your search for a new place to live at home with my daughter and I are going to try not to let you know that you have been working yea figures dragons vs Norse mythology cool rather be a dragon guess thoughts are our lights and yours communicated sorry but not sorry u come as gods kill we die as men and no more games come back as titian's for the gods and they will be here to exam so they are not my gods I live in the oceansea turtle haha harder shell thanu think Thor lol a dog really ugly but that's fine Idc we battel angels not gods cuz good Punch's can come in handy and add up rebuild with not this Google lucky patches was envoled lol but who nos no script is there too but knights and dragons are our family's lol Rome and Greek old old castels lol like the one I shouldn't. Have put on yours my bad can't get it to leave yea heavy :(( I'm sry it was sent with a child in mind lol gold silver iron?? Are they Viking s or gods cuz alieans supposed to be gods and I don't want to die nor just see colors thanks keep me posted if you ever beat a never ending story
379 days ago
50% riverbeast. IM A HYBRID!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Sry im too loud
400 days ago
50% Golem pale blue, loyal, friendly, savage and ruthless in battle.30% Blank, full of passion and vigor. Albino RainWing.10% Riverbeast, shy and intoverted. Likes to be away from troubles.0% Shrike passionate about your work, want to do good deeds, but unfortunately they end up cruel.
433 days ago
HORIZON, I think what you DID was KILL YOIRSELF when you smashed into Peril ON PURPOSE back in book one.
433 days ago
Fine. I guess I'm 50% Shrike and 50% Golem. I can work with that.
434 days ago
I got Blank the Albino RainWing. OwO
454 days ago
Ima skywing icewing hybrid! My name is firefrost!
478 days ago
Um I don’t know what I did?
520 days ago
You are the pale blue dragon, Golem. You are loyal to the core and would defend your friends until your dying day. You are very friendly normally, but in battle you are savage, ruthless and amazing to watch. You are a Icewing made of stone and frost.
582 days ago
Seawing/nightwing hybrid id call myself Starfish
638 days ago
You are a dark blue and lime dragon, Riverbeast. Despite what others may think, you are very shy and an introvert.,you prefer to be on your own, away from the troubles in the world. You do however, like the friends you have and value them gratefully you are a hybrid of seawing and nightwing. YAY Riverbeast is a beautiful name I would love this life as a character in wings of fire!!
677 days ago
683 days ago
I'm a dark blue dragon named Nightriver. Despite what others may think, I'm are very shy and introverted. I prefer to be on my own, away from the troubles of the world. I do however, like the friends I have and value my friends greatly. I'm are a hybrid Seawing-Nightwing.
888 days ago
912 days ago
So this was so wrong