What Middle School Clique Do You Belong To?

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Find out if you're a Popular (Prep), Athlete (Jock), Outcast, Nerd, or Normal

  • 1
    How many friends do you have?
  • 2
    What do you do on your free time?
  • 3
    What is your average grade?
  • 4
    What's your favorite subject in school?
  • 5
    What do you wear to school?
  • 6
    There's a test today! What do you do?
  • 7
    How long does it take you to get ready for school?
  • 8
    What kind of music do you like?
  • 9
    What do you think you will get?
  • 10
    Bye! How did you like this quiz?

Comments (45)


Mikyla (47242)
15 days ago
I got mostly popular but 0% athlete. are you tricking kidding me I'm even homeschooled for it this year cuz thats what my life revolves around lol
Hi (30345)
19 days ago
40% outcast and 20% popular? I literally have no friends. I'm also 20% nerd but I'm not even in middle school yet lol.
Narwhal1Girl (51875)
21 days ago
I already knew that I was popular.
Clairvoyant (00534)
41 days ago
How did I get outcast I am very extroverted cause wait... I am going to middle school next year so it doesn't count
Hello (83648)
53 days ago
I wouldn’t call my self popular I’m in the middle of normal and a bit popular
Someone.... (68066)
54 days ago
Yup, a nerd, just I wanted :)
*introverted* (79108)
58 days ago
50% nerd and 50% outcast. Descibes me perfectly.
pranitha (30236)
65 days ago
Just to compliment, this is a great quiz. I got popular. I see how, I socialize with everyone and I got normal a well.
ajah (57503)
76 days ago
this is a great quiz it make u learn different things
Via (64732)
96 days ago
I'm popular wow~!
Nat🦄🦄 (80825)
116 days ago
Yayyyy mostly normal a bit popular and some other stuff 🦄🦄
😐 (04041)
117 days ago
Outcast even th test knows ahhhhh
Scarlett (89315)
117 days ago
Mini Becky G, It's just like when ya have tons of friends it's so gr8 but it's not the most important thing ever and it's also stressful cuz every1 expects u 2 be perfect!
Mini Becky G (38567)
119 days ago
Jordyyy, please tell me whats it like to be popular? Cus i don't have very much friends. In fact, my best friend might be betraying me with an old best friend.
Jordyyy (16367)
124 days ago
Soz I was just mucking around have fun bye xx
Jordyyy (16367)
124 days ago
100% POPULAR! ( not to brag or anything) xxx
Jordyyy (16367)
124 days ago
40% athlete 40% popular and 20% normal
FashionPopularGal!!101 (41416)
126 days ago
Yay! 50% popular, 40% Normal, and 10% outcast!
FashionPopularGal!!101 (41416)
129 days ago
Yaasss! I got popular. Obvi! I love shoppings! Peace and Love guys!
130 days ago
((Green))I got 40% normal 30% outcast 20% popular and 10% nerd, andddd 0% athlete seems acurate.