What Lightsaber Color Would I Have?

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Here's a test I created that, if you were to ever make yourself a lightsaber, will determine what color it would be based on your personality. (Not really a need-to-know kind of thing, but fun, right?) So give this quiz a try right now!

  • 1
    What would you do if a civilian were being mugged in the streets of Coruscant?
  • 2
    What would you do if a person were trying to pick a fight with you?
  • 3
    What's your style when dealing with people?
    What's your style when dealing with people?

  • 4
    How is your temper?
  • 5
    What Force power would you use the most?
  • 6
    What would you do if your speeder broke down?

  • 7
    What would you do if there were a bounty placed on your head?
  • 8
    How are you morally?
  • 9
    You are on a training mission with Jedi younglings and are suddenly ambushed by wild creatures. What do you do?
  • 10
    What role would you most likely take on if you were Force-sensitive?

Comments (169)


14 hours ago
30: Blue - 30: Purple - 20: Green - 20: Gold - 0: Red
20 days ago
I like my lightsaber like I like my hair, red as blood
26 days ago
I loved it I got a green lightsaber at 50% the blue lightsaber at 40% then 10% purple 0% gold along with 0% red
30 days ago
40% green, 40% yellow and 20% blue. I seem to always get yellow or green as my lightsaber color in every test.
106 days ago
40-red 20-blue 20-green 10-purple 10-gold
108 days ago
This is my fourth year and I only get purple
109 days ago
30% green, 30% yellow, and 20% purple.
Let's go!
115 days ago
50% blue 40% green 10% purple
Guess I’m a full-on Jedi
118 days ago
123 days ago
30% Blue, 30% Red, 20% Purple and 10% Gold
125 days ago
I got 50% gold, 30% blue, 10% purple and 10% red
170 days ago
I got 40% blue lightsaber 30% green lightsaber and 10% red lightsaber
174 days ago
Irk it kept changing sith to south. Sry.
174 days ago
I got 40 red30purple 10 gold 10 blue. Im neither south nor Jedi. If you think about it the Jedi are slightly corrupt as they take children at the age of 1-2 and they don’t have a childhood. They also make big mistakes like in Luke’s case he turned on Ben Solo even though he wasn’t fully gone and may not have completely turned to the dark side. But I don’t agree with the sigh either as they use extremely dark force powers which I would not use unless in very bad danger. So over all I am neither sixth nor Jedi. I would actually be between Jedi and grey Jedi. Grey Jedi believe there is no light nor dark(which I disagree with), grey Jedi also believe that without evil there is no good(which I do agree with).
181 days ago
I got GOLD!!!!!!! I’m also part green and blue. Average Jedi.
184 days ago
I got purple 80% 15%red 5%gold
186 days ago
I got red, and I'm a sith
189 days ago
I got 20% for all of the colors. Nice.
194 days ago
40 %Gold I am a Jedi Consular !
40 %Blue
20% Green
195 days ago
50% Blue 50% Gold, I got the most bada** colors, awesome