Which Percy Jackson Cabin do you belong in?

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Do you know what Percy Jackson cabin you should be in? Are you 13 or up and still haven't been claimed? Well, now you can know what cabin you will end up in!

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Sophia (08946)
I'm here again. I tried the quiz again. This time I choose you know weird stuff like sunny and nice and light. But i still got Hades which was weird cause I totally ignored him. This is rigged or something this can't be right.
Sophia (08946)
Ya, I always get Hades like "look alike" I know. My real dad hate me. First I was like I love Hades, hades ma dada.
But after a while i got tired. Cause I started writing depressing things in my diary that isn't even a diary. It's like a place where i take out my feeling. Like the urge to kill someone.
Gods i really sound like a child of Hades. I'm going to start with Norse gods instead.
🎶 (03933)
4 days ago
I got Hades!!! No surprise here :)
Jenna Mack (11050)
28 days ago
OH YEAH I'M NICO'S SIBLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got Hades if you couldn't tell
Nobody-get it?no?i'll just leave now (25036)
51 days ago
What is ur dam problema w/ hades ppl? I mean he just ended up w/ the Underworld and became a little okok A LOT...Like he is...But if he would be zeus and zeus would b him u d think differently of him

*sigh* yea i got hades too
Leo's gf (move Calypso) (25036)
51 days ago
Ugh...*charmspeaking*Drew , don't MESS WITH MY LIFE! Also, Piper ,can u show me around?
Fun_Guy225 (74449)
60 days ago
Poseidon for the win people!
Liv (93897)
77 days ago
Somehow I got Hades...
I didn't answer any questions with anything to do with that cabin.
Aryan (88772)
94 days ago
East or West Hades is the best
Luisa (33282)
96 days ago
I got Hades I am definitely not Hades I am the exact opposite of him and there weren't many choices but ty for making this
Bob (17512)
96 days ago
Greek dude 101 (17512)
96 days ago
Why do I keep getting hades all the time l chose everything of poseiden!!
Aura Maxtrix (09420)
101 days ago
I got Poseidon... three cheers!
Wisegirl07 (73188)
134 days ago
I feel you guys who got Hades!! I answered everything poseiden and got Hades. Tried it again did everything Aphrodite and still get Hades. I did everyone else's answers and I always ended up with Hades. I answered no Hades. I said nice and sunny!!!
Annabeth (58896)
148 days ago
I got Poseidon exactly what I wanted!
Annabeth Jackson (61508)
154 days ago
This is so inacurate
Annabeth Jackson (61508)
154 days ago
what I answered everything posiden and got aphrodite
drarry jackson (31528)
159 days ago
Hades :D
upset (72722)
159 days ago
there are only 5 choices per question small range of cabins to choose from i got athena on every other test except here i got hades
Kanna (36588)
165 days ago
Aphrodite. Pretty accurate, this is the fourth test I got her 😂