Do You Like Her? (Made By A Girl For Middle School Boys)

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Welcome to my quiz! This is for middle school boys only, please. If you're asking yourself, "Do I like her?" I hope this will help you figure out how you honestly feel. I am not a love EXPERT, but I know very useful things about this kind of stuff.

  • 1
    Do you feel like you've got to keep looking at her for comfort?
    Do you feel like you've got to keep looking at her for comfort?
  • 2
    What is your status with her?
  • 3
    Do you have dreams about her?
  • 4
    How much time do you spend thinking about her?
  • 5
    Do you want to do all you can to help her?
  • 6
    What do you think the chances of you asking her out are on any given day?
  • 7
    How often does she stare at you?
  • 8
    If you were to hug her, how would YOU feel?
  • 9
    Now that you've answered a few questions, how much do you think you like her? 0 being hate-as-much-as-if-she-killed-my-mother, and 10 being crazy-mad in love!
  • 10
    Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
  • 11
    Three more questions! So, do you feel self-conscious around her?
  • 12
    You, your bestie and she are in the Room of Death. You are looking them both in the eyes and they're scared. Because one person in this room has to die. YOU make the decision - whom do you choose?
  • 13
    So - how did you like this quiz? (Each answer is 20 points, to be fair)
  • 14
    One last thing: How often do you two talk?

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556 days ago
Great quiz. I used to like this girl for nearly a year and although we used to talk a bit I never told her cause she was really shy and I didn't want her to start avoiding me or do something like that. When she became depressed towards the end of the year cause she was doing bad in her retests I sent her this really good painting of her I made which she thanked me for. Then she started avoiding me and ignoring me when I waved at her and it crushed me. A close freind of mine later revealed that she had a crush on him but he was revolted by her. Two weeks pass and the school year is over. When the next year begins she is nowhere to be found. Then I hear nearly five months later that this classmate of mine whose mother works in a mental hospital met her there and she told her that she couldn't remember her. I asked this girl who was supposed to be her close friend if she was going to do something about it like visit her or give her a call and she's like she doesn't know where she lives and her phone is permanently switched off.
Now the next year is over and I'm still thinking about this girl.
557 days ago
So how do I ask her out??
561 days ago
@dazed and confused, I am in the exact same predicament, except not in drama club. Its just theatre as a normal class, but we both do drama club as well. (Drama club is optional for theatre kids) But I just got paired with her for a dance in our upcoming play, so we are starting to get closer. I am fairly certain that she likes me back :D
568 days ago
I have too many crushes.....
568 days ago
She already is worth the pain
568 days ago
Well, I’m not a big but I am lesbian. So, it turn s out I do like her....
571 days ago
I have exactly ,count email, 0 classes with my crush(lucky me) but I do have one good thing going for me, we both are in drama club. So she usually sits with me and my bro backstage and we talk allot and the other day she started playing with her hair when she was talking to me(someone said that was important) but outside of drama we don't talk at all SOS
578 days ago
The girl I like is 2 yrs older than me. I met her in 4th grade and she was in 6th. Her brother was in my class, and he was nice. She and her brother are both from Sweden, and I don't know where they are now. I know she's in grade 10 now, but I don't know if she went back to Sweden, if she is going to my future high school, or if she is here but a different school. I miss her and I love her.
583 days ago
Hey, I'm a girl, but why is this only for boys? Also she is my bestie, so I can't answer that one question lol.
590 days ago
And I am a bisexual female and you should include the LGBTQ+
590 days ago
So I like this girl and she's my friend and she lives in a different city....
605 days ago
I asked her out to the movies.................

606 days ago
what is ¨them¨ refering to
610 days ago
I like her because she is kind of HOT but, idk I mean she sits next to me in math class and she says I'm smart and she talks and laughs a lot when we talk, she also asks me a lot of questions and she really laughs a LOT when she is with me, but outside that class she barely speaks to me.
612 days ago
i love her so much should i ask her out and how do i get her to like me?
619 days ago
So I should ask her out?
619 days ago
Tell them 💗 (the same happened to me)
620 days ago
My crush is hot but with others pestering me to ask her out...
620 days ago
asher (30281) 25 days ago
my crush is so hot :D

I think this is stupid. What is your crush actually? Do you spend every waking moment noticing little details that nobody else does? How they're flushed after a certain food. How some days they turn away from the group and the smile fades away? Probably not.
621 days ago
i like this girl i met online and ive never met her in person but shes so adorable in every way