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Love Is Released

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1 Chapter - 246 Words - Developed by: Epicness is all me - Updated on: 2014-03-15 - Developed on: - 926 taken- Die Geschichte ist noch in Arbeit

A boy named Connor is showing all of his feelings for Cheyenne in one whole day. It starts at school with his friends and him walking track in 6th period...

    Connor, Devin, and Jessie were walking on the track of the freezing day. They're arms covering them as the lightly shivered. Then Devin spoke.
    "I can't wait to slow dance with Lacey. It will be the best thing ever!"
    Connor interrupted,"I guess I'm going. With no one of course."
    "Come on Connor. There must be someone you like?" Devin said in a interrogative way.
    "I don't like anyone." Connor said in a light voice.
    "Connor?" Jessie tagged on.
    "Fine...but don't tell anyone else. It's....Ch...Ch...Cheyenne!" Connor blurted.
    "You have no chance with her!" Devin said as Jessie laughed.
    "Wow be kids." Connor said to them.
    "You should ask her out." A random voice said.
    "What the..." Connor turned.

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