Am I gay? - for boys 12 through 16

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This shows if you are gay, bi, or straight. when you get your results if you need to talk to someone, email me at, if you think you are something else than the test result you are right the test can't be one hundred percent right! Be completely honest

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    First off be completely honest with this. If you aren't, the test scores will be inaccurate and that means you are wasting your own time, so yeah!

    What do you think you are?

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Roscoe (32097)
I'm Bi! I already knew it but it has been confirmed.
Charlie (86111)
10 days ago
That last question was brilliant, than you for offering your support to those who need help.
Matt (27151)
12 days ago
I got 52 percent gay only because, I have not.kissed my crush yet or asked him out :)

Mikael (23329)
14 days ago
Yaayy! 62% gay! Whoop it is time to celebrate! I'm getting me food and a lot of Netflix movies lmao byeeeee~ Xx
seth (69912)
18 days ago
i got 58 bi i think im alitle more straight then and i dont know how tell my parents who r are hardcore Christians
Marko (94593)
21 days ago
I got straight hell yeah
Emmalynn (48106)
22 days ago
I'm a girl and I'm bi yay! Hello by the way
omg (22119)
47 days ago
y'all wilding in these comments y'all are ridiculous AHHhahah
Lars (80208)
47 days ago
I`m gay
James (82049)
52 days ago
I'm 58% gay never kissed a boy or had been in a relationship but I I've got a boner from a guy and also you see where this is goinghappy
Koala (08942)
57 days ago
For 42% I’m gay & for the other 42% I’m bisexual!
Johan (08942)
59 days ago
I’m gay! I knew I was, but I had to make sure. I’m kind of happy! :)
So. (69155)
68 days ago
I got gay, idk how I feel.
Hi (27563)
78 days ago
ew I’m not gay
Me (17059)
86 days ago
I feel I am mor than 33% coz I have had 2 boyfriends👬👬
Yay (36138)
87 days ago
Omg so frikin happy I'm bi but pretty sure I'm gay. Hopefully I don't need to ask questions...
me !!!! (93029)
90 days ago
thank god i am not a gay i am stright hell yeah i am going 2 the bar and pick up a chick
and i got 80% stright
12 YO (28996)
94 days ago
I’m gay and I like it this way
LGBTQ (35622)
110 days ago
I got 62% bi but I think I’m more gay
Gay kid (66854)
119 days ago
I got gay so look out world heres a new gay boy😘