Does This Great Guy I Met Online Like Me, Too?

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Have you ever met a guy you really liked online, but were unsure whether he liked you back? Take this quiz to find out! (Note: This is just for fun, so please DO NOT SHARE personal info with some random guy based on your result, OK? And if your gut tells you he's too good to be true, believe it.)

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    What platform did you meet him on?
    What platform did you meet him on?

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6 days ago
I'm not sure about the test results because it only says he might only wanna have "sex" with me which I don't believe. We met like almost 3 months ago and we know everything about each other... he always tells me that I'm kind, sweet and the only one he trusts... we also know how our bedrooms look like LOL. the only thing we don't know about each other is our looks... but we describe it. We used to rp in the chat for fun as if we live in one house (his house also he lives alone irl) and he always hugged me and carried me. He also asked me on a date!!!! we also slept on each other's laps and we shared his bed onse (we only slept and it's just a rp) . He has a gf but he keeps telling me he likes someone else but don't wanna break her hurt so i thought since I'm the only one who he keeps laughing with and feel comfortable talking to I think I'm his crush... also I like him but I'm scared... we r both teens and he is a year and half older than me and I have never dated anyone in my life... also I don't believe in true love but now Idk anymore... we live so far from each other (plane journey for over 24 hours) I think i could use any advice from u guys.
8 days ago
Hes already my best friend tho
8 days ago
I met dis guy in a game like a few days ago, and i have a crush on him... hes 1 year older than me tho. I THINK he likes me...? Idk. He seems to like me becuz he is asking if imma girl... alot. And even asked, "Would u say yes if i asked u on a date?" To make sure imma girl lol. Idk
10 days ago
H E L I K E S M E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
28 days ago
so i met this guy online hes so overprotective hes always texts me like everyday to see how im feeling or how was my day and always says ily and sends me cute texts and does rp (role play) hes always hugs me in role play and gives me forhead kisses and tells me to stay safe when im going to bed or offline . omg and when im back online i find like 9 to 10 texts from him , he likes calling me short and cute im 4,11 hes 5, something . and we love aurguing about dumb stuff and he always replys to everything on my story ,i love him so much ,we promise to meet each other one day , we both plan to go bird watching to gother one day . he always open up to me and we always know when one of us is sad . and we like calling each other names . hes gay tho but i still love and support him .hes always there for me and i will always support him in everything .i just love him hes the best guy friend ive ever met online
53 days ago
He might like me!!!!

The only problem is that my parents don't let me on the site I met him on anymore so imma sad.😢😥😭

What do I do!?!?!?!??! My parents are soo strict and mean!!!

Plz help me.
74 days ago
Does he love me or not
109 days ago
“She don’t like you” *insert donnys theme* F boiz
111 days ago
Sorry again for recommenting stuff😅
111 days ago
I met a boy on a game and I know he's an actual kid because his brother plays sometimes on his account and I can tell because his brother changes the avatar and his brother won't speak to me and when I give my friends proof they get angry at me but I know he is an acual kid. I met him 3 weeks ago. I have a crush on him but he's an online friend but I asked him if we could meet sometime and he said that he wants to know me better first and then we could. In case he's a catfisher I would have my mom around me when meeting at some point. It seems like he likes me too.
111 days ago
Mkay but on the "are you sure it's actually a guy," I started laughing because it's a girl that I am talking about xDlmaooooo
111 days ago
I don't know if he likes me and I have never seen his face nor heard him but last time I trusted a friend about that I was right and I know I was right because I MET HER. He's a year older than me too.. Advice? Please..?
111 days ago
I don’t want him to see this sorry.
111 days ago
a b c d e f g ewwwww
111 days ago
A b c d e f g h j k
111 days ago
please! Say something
111 days ago
hi !!! how are you all doing
111 days ago
hi I need to refresh
123 days ago
and he also keeps talking ab a bunch of hot girls he knows💀 but he said he didn’t like them but thought they were hot-
123 days ago
I met this guy on Roblox lol and I added him on disc he kept asking me for pictures the first 3 days we talked but then I told him how uncomfortable it was and he stopped he used to send flirt emojis too and long messages but it’s shorter now since we argued a lot lately and he seems really dry but he’s so sweet even tho he’s dry like omg I don’t know , he knows where I’m from and which country I live in and name and I know which he lives in and his name but I’m not sure he keeps saying inappropriate stuff to me and asks me inappropriate questions but I’m so deeply in love and I’m always really clingy but I feel like he thinks I’m too young for him and I kinda feel stupid for loving someone online.