Does He Like You? (Middle School Girls)

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Let's face it...middle school guys are DIFFICULT to figure out. Do you suspect that maybe one of these pains in the posterior likes you? Wanna know? This quiz could help you find out.

  • 1
    When he talks to you, he:
    When he talks to you, he:
  • 2
    He has:
  • 3
    Does he talk louder or about crazy, daring things while around you?
  • 4
    How often does he talk to you?
  • 5
    Who approaches whom at school/other activities?
  • 6
    Does he get jealous when you talk to other guys?
  • 7
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 8
    What does he talk to you about?
  • 9
    Does he tease you?
  • 10
    Be honest....Do YOU think he likes you?

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Dat Girl (90051)
3 days ago
Uh okay i have a really bad crush on a guy we will name....uh..... Jerry. Me and jerry dont go to the same school but we do know each other through my stepmother cuz she is best friends with his mother. We see each other once in a while which is 😢.
But he melted my heart the last time i saw him which, btw, was yesterday. He chose to stay at my new house with be me and be picked up later!!!! WHO DOES THAT?! Only a guy who seems slightly interested in the strange girl there! Then we played a few games and he started talking! That boys seems to never talk! He is INSANELY shy, to the point that it looks like he cant speak. But he talked to me and was looking at me for HOURS. We accidentally touched like a million times but never said anything! I am so glad that he decided to talk! We had a lot of fun together. I just dont really know if he for SURE likes me(i like to know stuff). I really hope he does though because if he doesnt it will smash my heart because he is so cute and shy! PLZ HELP DAT GIRL!!!!!
Paris.viv (46984)
7 days ago
so i like this boy in year 7 ( I'm in year 6 ) we have held hands and we play together at recess and lunch at lunch we play soccer and at recess i play handball. a couple days ago one of his friends found out i liked him and told him. he was smiling and all and then yesterday he said he had a lil crush on me too my year 7 friend and today he said he wanted to ask me out to his friends and my year 7 friends. we have held hands and he always stares at me. i know there is something different because before we didn't talk but the problem is this girl zoe likes him and she knows he likes me ( well idk if he likes me for sure ) anyways she is real rude and was annoying him all day and he always try to talk to me but i get to scared! and help?
Cherry (93482)
7 days ago
Omg there is this guy in my class he always stares at me. I finally told him I liked him and he THOUGHT IT WAS A PRANK. Then again we do prank each other a lot
WhyDoIHaveACrushOnMyBestFriend (35721)
15 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend. He is a boy, but I have a crush on him for 3 years now. This year my other best friend (who is a girl) says he has a crush on me. Also my profile A was he is really shy and may have a crush on me.
Me :) (51416)
20 days ago
Well, soo.. there is the guy I like, and we ride the same bus and live in the same apartment complex, so I see him a lot.. however, we have no classes together, but we see eachother in the halls a lot.. he stares at me a lot in the halls and at the bus stop.. he also acts shy but at the same time confident.. he’s also a popular guy, but I know most of his friends (they are either my friend, go to my church, related to me, or in my classes.) I also know that if I ask him out, they will make fun of me or pressure him to say no, or if he tries to ask me out, his friends will make fun of him, mainly cause I’m kinda nerdy.. I have no idea what to do.. I REALLY like him and I’m pretty sure he likes me too.. It’s also summer time, so if I wanted to ask him out, it would either be over Snapchat or at my church.. does anyone have any advice on what to do??
Asia Marie (79984)
28 days ago
Welp, there is this guy that we can call V. I really like V, but I'm not sure if he likes me back. We have lots of classes together and we see each other in the hallway a lot, but I usually only talk to him during class, before winter break, he would look at me during class and smile, and he still does it now but not as much. We both have many same interests, and he teases me (in a playful way) but he teases other girls too. During History where we sit next to each other, he touches my desk a lot. We don't text outside of school or hang out, but we talk a lot during the day. I want to tell him I like him over Instagram since summer is coming and I won't see him for a while. How do I tell V that I like him A LOT if it's out of the blue cause I've never dm-ed him before? Btw I'm 13 and he's 14 but we are in the same grade.
anime trash (20020)
36 days ago
It said he likes me but he’s shy. I still am not sure. One of his friends calls me “(crush’s name) girlfriend”, smirks and looks away. I look at my senpai and his face is just light pink and doesn’t look at me. He does tease me too, and he made a comment about my breast once which I found dead hilarious. I have his number and he invites me to go to some places out of school. I’m the person that waits for the other person to make the first move, because I’m terrible at them lmao. I’d ask him but there’s only one thing keepings me back. Judgment. I’ve been judged before and I don’t want it to happen again. Dunno what to do :/
Jada (juju) (22653)
38 days ago
hey babas! i took the test and i think its right on the mark! it said he likes me but he's shy...YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all my friends say the same next time i see him im going to get his number!! the way i think about it is if hes shy, then he's to shy to ask me! so im going to ask him! i just hope this quiz is right on the mark!
38 days ago
Hey....I don't usually do this but hey...give it a chance so I did this test and it said....YES I absolutely love him but I'm the shy...studder...quiet girl that stays in the corner and donno what to say to him about dis so....I am not good at this...plz....send help
Sarah (26131)
39 days ago
Reply to Cindy: If you already think he likes you, then what's the point of bragging about it under the excuse of asking if the clearly obvious signs mean that he likes you? If you think he likes you, then just go for it. Just be careful that you aren't fooling yourself. Think about it.. does he treat you differently then he does other girls? If he's just an awkward person in general, then that wouldn't necessarily mean that the signs point to him liking you. Assess the situation with an outsider's point of view, and then decide what you should do from there. Good luck with your crush, Cindy.
♡Delana Don♡ (87833)
44 days ago
Reply to cindy: I think you should ask him if he likes you, but boys tend to not admitt to things so yeah good luck cindy ♡
Cindy (33872)
45 days ago
OK so there is this guy in my class who I am like %60 interested in. He sometimes teases me, looks me into my eyes and gets very red when he talks to me. SO STRANGE. I FREAKED OUT WHEN I DID THIS QUIZ, I GOT PROFILE A. he does show some signs that he doesn't like me, such as annoying me, runs away when he sees me.. Help?
Remedy Atkins (87833)
47 days ago
so there is this guy in my class named Jack. I think he likes me. I feel this way because one day I was sitting with my friends at lunch and all his buddy’s stand up from there table(btw there mean too him. Anyway the stand up and walk over to me and talk/shout that Jack likes me!!!! I looked at Jack still sitting at his table blushing and looking embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say. Later in the school year me and Jack became good friends. I was at a football game walking around and all of a sudden Jack walks up to me and asked me it I would want to sit with him in the grass. We did. And while we were sitting I noticed Jack was leaning in closer to me. And he kissed me. I might like him a little.what should I tell him. Should I tell him I like him?
💜Delaney Don💜 (87833)
47 days ago
plz help me I’m begging you
%u2661Delana Don%u2661 (87833)
47 days ago
((maroon)WHAT DO I DO!!!???(emaroon))!
♡Delana Don♡ (87833)
47 days ago
I like this boy in my class and I told him I liked him and all he said was ok:(so irk if he likes me but every test I've took says he does.he hangs out with me and my friends(which are all girls).and we are all friends. He hangs out with us because all the other boys makes fun of him:( some of my friends have told me they like him (which I think is weird because it's not like he's hot or anything. But I think there's a chance he might like them. And he might like me! I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME!!!!!!!PLEASE
BTW:I can't date yet either can he.
Phoenix (39176)
51 days ago
There weren't many choices for answers, like, What do you two talk about,we don't talk about sports, and pointless things, well, that means different things to different people. Also, I don't think some of the questions were relevant to if a boy likes you or not, like, How much do you think he likes you, because that might just be a guess, so it isn't a reliable answer to help the result. I don't think my result was correct, also.
shaina (55863)
56 days ago
He started talking to me when my friend didnot have a crush on him ANYMORE, WHAT DO I DO?
Aliyah (93800)
60 days ago
Well there is this guy, ill call him um... Joe. K. Evervsince winter break, he started talkin to me. He stutters when he is around me. When im in class and I look up he starts blushing and looks down. He acts goofy around me, and he gets embarresed. Every one thinks he is cool and noice because he is the pitcher and the qb. But then one day i did something stupid, and i regret it SO badly. He was sick for a couple of days, so he was absent. Me and my friend hacked into his email. God do I regret that. All i did was send my friend something. But then when he cane back, well ill tell u. The story begins with him coming, looking very tired and sick, and i tell him its picture day. Then his 8th grader friend cones over and ask, "hey is dat ur gf?", and he slowly replies no, so then the dude ask me if i was, and i of course said no. He knows someone hacked into his account cuz he got a security alert, but he didnt think it was me. Then later in the day, my little friend, the one who hacked with me, said I did it. At night i sent him sorry, and i said not to get mad at my friend. Anyways, its been about 3 months since that happened, and every thing kinda retured to normal. But then, he was asking one of my other friends about his ex, and if she has a boyfriend, and what is he like. Now dont get me wrong, his ex is very nice and my friend too, but she aint even pretty. And, maybe said that just to get me jealous, but idk. He is one the sweetest guys ive ever met. After that, i caught him looking at me, and he gets really nervous and now he stats looking me, directly in my eyes. He teases me, and flirts. And also, i have a 7th period, which is a class that adds an extra hr after school, but he stays after school for voluntary detention, not detention, but u can do ur hw. One day my mom picked me up, and she was talking to an other parent, and he gazed at ne which felt like the longest time, while i was in the car and he was outside. But i follow him on social media, but he doesnt even follow me back, and i know he is active. I honestly dont know. He is a pretty shy guy, but he is the most popular too. I dont know should i ask him out, what are his feelings for me? Somebody pls tell me!
jada (24897)
64 days ago
responding to " a guy" ask her how she feels about you. because before u know it she will like someone else and u will have missed your chance