Minecraft Quiz

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How much do you know about Minecraft? Find out now!

  • 1
    When Minecraft 1.7.2 was released, it was called...
  • 2
    Which one of these mobs can wolves NOT attack?
  • 3
    Which block is unable to break in survival mode?

  • 4
    You need to be holding _____ for chickens to follow you.
  • 5
    Stone swords deal _ hearts of damage
  • 6
    The Nether contains all of these blocks/ items except...

  • 7
    On what date was Minecraft released for the PC?
  • 8
    What is the ID for Air?
  • 9
    Which Minecraft Youtuber has an axe named Betty?
  • 10
    These are all foods in Minecraft except...

  • 11
    FALLEN KINGDOM: (finish the lyrics!)
    I used to rule the world
    Chunks would load when I gave the word
    Now every night I go stow away....
  • 12
    Evil mobs don't spawn in the _____ biome
  • 13
    What is a Minecraft character's default name?
  • 14
    How many hearts does the Wither have?
  • 15
    How many people in multiplayer can you have at MAX?
  • 16
    Creepers are fail models of...

  • 17
    Which one of these are you able to get poisoned by?
  • 18
    Before Minecraft made Redstone, ____ were going to be in Redstones place.
  • 19
    Which is the fastest breaking block out of these four?
  • 20
    At first, Minecraft was going to be called...

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