Are you obese, fat, normal, skinny or anorexic? (For girls ages 11 to 16)

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What body type are you? Are you wondering, am I fat? Note: This test isn't meant to be scientific, just helpful. And it can only help you if you're completely truthful. Don't take it hoping for an unrealistic answer (in other words, be honest!) The good news is, even small changes to exercise and diet are usually easy to make, and can be highly effective.

  • 1
    What do your friends say about your current weight?
    What do your friends say about your current weight?
  • 2
    Are you happy with your current weight?
  • 3
    Have you ever gotten negative comments about your weight?
  • 4
    How many meals do you usually eat per day? (Normal size, not including desserts/snacks)
  • 5
    How much do you exercise in a week (not including P.E.)?
  • 6
    Which emotion below describes how you feel when you look at your stomach?
  • 7
    When you eat a meal, do you ever gain at least a pound?
  • 8
    Can you run fast?
  • 9
    Can you stand on your feet?
  • 10
    What is your BMI?
  • 11
    Do friends & family make comments about your weight? If so, which one, mostly?
  • 12
    LAST QUESTION: Are you planning to change your weight?

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I an 11, im 78 pounds. I dont eat lunch or snack at school but once i get home i make myself some junk food like fries or noodles l sometimes look at my stomach and even tho i am always told im skinny i want to be thinner. I get happy when people tell me im skinny, ive never starved myself or ate nothing for a whole day.
What do u guys think
7 days ago
I am 13 and I am 55-56 kg I usually starve my self so I can lose some weight I am 1,62 height yeah I am not that tall and I have a friends that they are 1,61, and they are 40 and 45 kg I am really ashamed of my body and some of my friends the are saying that I am fat but they say that they are joking . But I feel heart broken because they don't know what I've been though to lose some weight I even stayed for 3 days without food and PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT I know its not good starving because even my mom hasn't stayed even for 1 day without eating and I know its not normal especially for a 13 year old those days were really difficult for me . And I had school and I was going there with empty stomach and I was smiling even tho I was heavily breathing my stomach was hurting pretty bad and I didn't had any energy for even standing and I started starving when I was 7 I had stayed for 2 days without food for me that is normal to stay at least 1 day without eating its not that big deal for me and actually no one on my family has noticed something . From that day when I was 7 I started doing it almost every day or when I eat I eat 2 meals a day I always skip breakfast even when I don't have school and I usually skip lunch I usually now eat 2 meals . Sometimes I get really offended from my brother he says EVERY SINGLE DAY that I am fat even and my mom and dad says so , and I get really offended when I sometimes tell my mom that I hungry but she doesn't care . My life is just a fake smile that with that I can hide my pain I always fake smile when inside I am dead now I am got used to it , it doesn't really bothers me when my stomach growls I just ignored it , but I recently took some quizzes about if I have anorexia or something and all the tests I took the say that I am on a highly risk on going there . But I don't understand how can I get one because its not like I can see my bones or something actually some but I know that I am not skinny .
11 days ago
Tbh, I've always felt insecure about my weight even though I'm normal. So I tried to diet strictly for a week and I couldn't even last. My head hurt, I was tired and cranky and starved myself. I'm back to eating normal and exercising sometimes to stay fit. Please,please look after your health before your weight. Society's messed up everyone's beauty standards and I hope you can look past that and see yourself. Life isn't about weight. If you really need to lose weight, please do it in a healthy way. It will take time, but don't give up. When you don't feel beautiful, Love yourself a bit more. YOU FOR YOU.
13 days ago
I´m 12 (and 1/2 but who cares) and I am a bit overweight. Sometimes when I stand, i cant see my feet. I feel fat. My BMI is 22.12. That is considered overweight for a 12 y/o that weighs 117+ lbs and is 5´1. I am so afraid, that I skipped dinner yesterday, only to eat toilet paper (i know, it sounds crazy) and i feel like skipping breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I dont want to be an anorexic.. what should I do?

Also i am getting a bit sick... my immune/respitory system is kinda weak rn.
15 days ago
Reading the comments i realise that so many 11-14 year old are so concerned about they weight. Someone who stuggles with anorexia (eating disorder) it breaks my heart because at that age you live ypur life go outside and play with your friends chase one another without caring about your weight you see life to the fullest and enjoy it. So anyone reading this i get it in society we live in you have to look a certain way in order to be "perfect" or "fit in" but society will only change you into something you are not. Don't allow the words of others tear you down till your knees i get it it will hurt but show yourself that you are strong and will over come this. A number on a scale doesn't define you. Your individual self the person you are on the inside does. Know your worth and never settle for less that what yoy deserve. �
15 days ago
Im 12 years old. All my friends say im skinny. I weigh 41kg (after i eat about 44kg) There are sometimes when i think i am skinny but when i look at my self in mirror i dont believe im skinny and its becoming a real problem for me 😥
16 days ago
I am 11 years old and I am not happy with my body weight. I weigh 38kg and am just below average height an I really want to lose weight but for me I can't because I have asthma so I can't do much sport, and I have oral allergy syndrome, which makes me allergic to literally all fruits and vegetables and nuts. How can I successfully lose weight?!?!
16 days ago
I'm 13 and I am obese. I am 5'4 and 165 lbs. I starve my self, just so I can lose weight. It has worked so far. I was originally 250 lbs, and from consumeing 0 calories, I lost alot. I am still fat. I do occasionally eat now, its only a few fruits or veggies. I feel discusting though...
17 days ago
I'm 11 and I'm very overweight. i tell my mum that I want to go on a diet, but she says no and you are perfect. I gain at least 2 pounds a week, an currently I am 240 lbs ish. I'm not very tall, 4" 9' and I get bullied at school slot for my triple chin and 4 fat rolls. As you can imagine, I eat ALL the time and I am really concerned about being obese. My dad works at McDonald's, so that is where I normally am. My BMI is 51 which is obese.
26 days ago
I’m chubby I guess... obese? Wouldn’t surprise me. I used to always workout an hr a day, eat healthy low carbs ect but I get depressed and give it up and do nothing and eat junk going back to step 1 it always repeats and I’m sick of it it’s like I can’t stop this cycle. :( I’ve just gotten out of my depressive stage and am ready to start again but I can’t keep repeating this advice plz?
27 days ago
I mostly got chubby :(
28 days ago
How to type in a website name and make it clickable?
28 days ago
That sathari guy is quite normal
28 days ago
Your quite short a tiny bit chubby (not being rude here or anything)
28 days ago
My bmi is exactly 13.7
28 days ago
I throw up 1000 or more times a year and I'm a boy I am bulimic and anorexic it happened when I was called fat now I can see my ribs by the way I put up an anorexia story on YouTube and now I need help
28 days ago
Hi, I am 17, 5'1, and around 104 pounds. I love exercise, which is my favorite hobby, and have strong muscles, especially in my legs. I am not sure if I am thin, average, or chubby though. What do you honestly think?
28 days ago
I'm skinny and my stomach is flat. And that is great I like being skinny
31 days ago
I'm 11 and 84 pounds. I'm 4'4. I'm smaller then some of my friends. I'm on the chubby side. I don't care because our world is getting fat so just accept it. Half of my class are on the chubby side. Five people are on the fat side. And the rest are average but still gaining weight. I live in Australia. I don't care what people think of your body size. I think you should care if someone has some mental issues encluding anorexic. Being on the over weight side isn't that bad. From all the fat people I know they love being fat and feel great. So dont be sad if your fat maybe even try it out for a bit. If you want loose weight. Just don't feel bad about yourself and have a healthy mindset.
34 days ago
Over 75%? Well Im Not Planning To Change