Are you obese, fat, normal, skinny or anorexic? (For girls ages 11 to 16)

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What body type are you? Are you wondering, am I fat? Note: This test isn't meant to be scientific, just helpful. And it can only help you if you're completely truthful. Don't take it hoping for an unrealistic answer (in other words, be honest!) The good news is, even small changes to exercise and diet are usually easy to make, and can be highly effective.

  • 1
    What do your friends say about your current weight?
    What do your friends say about your current weight?
  • 2
    Are you happy with your current weight?
  • 3
    Have you ever gotten negative comments about your weight?
  • 4
    How many meals do you usually eat per day? (Normal size, not including desserts/snacks)
  • 5
    How much do you exercise in a week (not including P.E.)?
  • 6
    Which emotion below describes how you feel when you look at your stomach?
  • 7
    When you eat a meal, do you ever gain at least a pound?
  • 8
    Can you run fast?
  • 9
    Can you stand on your feet?
  • 10
    What is your BMI?
  • 11
    Do friends & family make comments about your weight? If so, which one, mostly?
  • 12
    LAST QUESTION: Are you planning to change your weight?

Comments (399)


Ellexis (53796)
14 days ago
i am 13, 5'4 and 132bs. i'm a former competitive gymnast and i now run xc and dive on a national team. it says im overweight/fat and i should go see a doctor. i feel kinda bad because i thought ii was actually fit, but i can run a mile in 5:35… is it just muscle? i also look kindaaa fat too but i feel deadass hurttt😂
Megan (74054)
15 days ago
I’m 4’11, 13 years old, and weigh 100, am I fat?
Charll (20358)
16 days ago
I'm 5'2 and only 39 kg , I'm skinny but I'm okay
Aoife (81217)
17 days ago
I'm eleven, five foot eight and 143lbs.
Is that alright?
Sarah (02907)
19 days ago
I'm a girl and 11,4'6 and 42kg ,am I fat?
Allie (89223)
19 days ago
Im 5’4 and weigh 107 pounds but i feel like i can lose more weight
Sims (81852)
20 days ago
I’m 5’3 a girl and weigh 132 pounds i hate myself
Alondra (37671)
20 days ago
Im 11 im going to be a 7th grader i weight 75 pounds
Anoushka The freak (34134)
22 days ago
You should check your bmi
Nobody (67156)
22 days ago
Im a 5ft 7inches and 110 pounds is that normal.
Anoushka The freak (34134)
22 days ago
Im 13 and I'm 5'2" and 90 lbs. I hate my body and trying to lose weight. My best friend is a recovering anorexic and her mum told her 2 weeks ago that she can't be friends with my coz im getting anorexic and she thinks I am. But im not so I'll stay the same until the summer holidays I guess :(
big fat loser (24818)
23 days ago
Lisa you need to go on big fat loser
Lisa (24818)
23 days ago
I an 5 feet tall but i an 979 pounds.
my DR says i need to see DR now the DR go by the name of now as a short name.
Don't Worry 'bout My Name (77714)
23 days ago
5 feet tall and 101 pounds. Says I'm skinny. I Don't think I'm skinny. Quite the opposite actually. :
Patty (40139)
24 days ago
It says I'm obese and I need to lose tons of weight, I don't think so! I'm an 11 year old girl and I'm only about like 350-400 pounds. My mom is making me go on a diet but I sneak in a snack late at night, only like a choclate cake and 5 potato chip bags.
:) (47077)
26 days ago
I'm 5'1 and I'm almost nine stone, about 125-126 lbs. I'm just about a healthy weight, but I'm still not happy with it.
Oof (78656)
27 days ago
Im 5’1 and weigh around 120, i feel fat all the time but my friends say im skinny
Jessy (61887)
28 days ago
It says im normal then skinny then anorexic then fat/chubby then obese btw 0% for the last 2 yay i hope i dont get too skinny thoyayayyay
Fat (68365)
29 days ago
You said I am obese you have no idea what my life is like I have a liver disorder and my kidneys don’t work properly and my knee is not molded properly so it hurts
Fattty (92615)
29 days ago
I have a big fat belly and my mom says i need to loose weight