Does He Secretly Have A Crush On Me?

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Find out if he hides the fact he has a HUGE crush on you! Even if you don't have one on him, wouldn't it be fun to find out? And if you DO like him, even better! Take my "Does he have a crush on me?" quiz now!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught him looking at you when he thinks you don't notice?
  • 2
    Does he pick on you a lot?
  • 3
    Does he flirt with other girls right in front of you?
  • 4
    Does he do weird things to you sometimes (like ask you weird questions, examine your face, etc.)?
  • 5
    Does he act weird around your friends?
  • 6
    Is he trying to get your attention?
  • 7
    Do his friends sometimes start laughing when they see you?
  • 8
    Do little kids sometimes talk to you about him (especially his younger siblings)?
  • 9
    Do his parents look at you longer than they do other girls?
    Do his parents look at you longer than they do other girls?
  • 10
    Does he touch you often?

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10 days ago
Right so someone told this guy I liked them but really were just friends but now he looks at me and talks about more than normal
13 days ago
dear oof I'm lucy,
I need advice. my friend told this guy that I like him but I do not know if it is true. now he always stares at me. once he tried to ask me if it is true but I acted like I did not know what I was talking about but I did. I am a nerd that is good at reading and math. and I had my head buried in a book. plz, give me advice!!!!!!
16 days ago
Hey just did this quiz it was fun but I don't know if it is right or not!? If you need advice come to me and I will help you! 🙃🥺
24 days ago
@Sexy Ravenclaw
Thanks for the answer! We are 15.

The thing is, when he talks to me, the way he behaves and talks to me could mean that he likes me, but he does none of the other “typical signs”.

@Stabaura thanks for the answer & good luck
34 days ago
@ X7753C @Stabaura @SexyRavenclaw
41 days ago
@X7753C, yes. It is INCREDIBLY obvious he likes you. Unless, like @SecyRavenclaw said Jean just being dumb
41 days ago
For 30% you are: He doesn't secretly love you - you guys are already in love! I'm kind of surprised you needed to take my quiz, but I hope it was the answer you were hoping for. Whatever you're doing that makes him like you so much, keep it up, because it's definitely working. Good luck to you and your awesome guy!
Soooo he told me he broke up with his girlfriend, I was the second person he told. He was flirting with me he was still dating and obviously flirts with me now. Three girls in my classes already ship him and I together and give me looks every time he flirts and they say he’s staring at me every time he gets the chance. I’m pretty sure he likes me but I don’t want to get my hopes up. What does anyone else think?
46 days ago
Hi@X7753C,I think he has a HUGE crush on you. Acctully,he defenitly does.Also,how old are you, because somtimes boys of a certain age(10-15)act really dumb.
54 days ago
*There is only a little chance* Ok....well. Some of the guys in my class probably think I have a crush on this one guy. They always ship me with the wrong people! It’s not like I hate him, but definitely DONT have a crush or anything like that!!


In P.E., when we were supposed to sit on the bench, he came over with his friends to where I was sitting and his friend asked me if I had seen his post about his soccer game. They told me to check it out and sub to him on YouTube. And sat down close to where we (my friend, that had just gone to the bathroom and I) were sitting. They kept pushing each other further in my direction until the guy was sitting really close... I kept moving further to the side where most of the girls where sitting, but they pushed him closer and one boy said, that I don’t mind right? And the boy laughed. When they kept pushing I asked them how close they wanted to move over before they’d stop and since they just made some stupid remarks, I went to sit on a different side of the bench and they laughed

Btw, his friends have talked about other girls he likes when I was there, so that’s another reason why he probably doesn’t like me, but what do you guys think?

Other than that, I can’t recognize any signs that he likes me, and can’t think of a reason, why he should have a crush on me, but sometimes his friends act weird when we have to work together and stuff. And when they walk past me and my friends in the hallway, he is the only one, who starts talking to us (even tho he doesn’t have to, but for some reason he often talks to me). I JUST DONT WANT THE BOYS TO THINK I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM, BECAUSE I HAVENT, but they always act as if I like sitting next to him, which I told them I don’t, but they don’t really care

Thanks for reading and answering 💙
54 days ago
I got 50%. For some of them they were "I don't know" when I wanted to put No. Like the "talk to other girls and flirt in front of you" like no he talks to only his friends which are all guys and a little bit of his best friends girlfriend. Seriously. I don't think so. I've only seen him looking at him and im pretty sure its because im looking his way but not at him.
71 days ago
I just NEED some kind of answer, his friends and ALL of my friends know something that I don’t and it’s driving me crazy I just want to know if he likes me or not, is that too much to ask?!?!?!?!?!?
74 days ago
74 days ago
I got 50% and it'd be worth a shot if he wasn't older than me.
100 days ago
60% considering we've only know each other for about a week, but see each other a lot....hmmm...
103 days ago
Charamel: whut. he secretly likes me...?but, it seems like he hates me ;-; ( not emerald )
Emerald: Hmmmmmmmm... someone from yo school? Probably... (i dont go to school anymore yeeeeee)
120 days ago
He secretly has a crush on me. OMG
124 days ago
I'm confused. I'm a gay female and he's a gay male but we really like each other. Any suggestions as to why this is the case?
129 days ago
Ummm well I'm in yr 8 and he is in 9 but I couldn't tell if he liked me and now I do he LOVES ME! WILL HE ASK ME OUT!
138 days ago
Wow we’re already in love? 😘😘😘
Or he might have a huge crush on me? 😘😘😘 Wow!!! Tysm! This gives me SO much hope because I already knew he likes me but I wanted to know how much ❤️❤️❤️
139 days ago
Ugh At first there’s the "then I’ll punch them too" so I thought this was me. But the has he touched you? "I’m gonna go throw up".Um like stop quoting me...:) I got he has a huge crush on me btw xx