Does He Secretly Have A Crush On You?

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Find out if he hides the fact he has a HUGE crush on you! Even if you don't have one on him, wouldn't it be fun to find out? And if you DO like him, even better! Take my "Does he have a crush on me?" quiz now!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught him looking at you when he thinks you don't notice?
  • 2
    Does he pick on you a lot?
  • 3
    Does he flirt with other girls right in front of you?
  • 4
    Does he do weird things to you sometimes (like ask you weird questions, examine your face, etc.)?
  • 5
    Does he act weird around your friends?
  • 6
    Is he trying to get your attention?
  • 7
    Do his friends sometimes start laughing when they see you?
  • 8
    Do little kids sometimes talk to you about him (especially his younger siblings)?
  • 9
    Do his parents look at you longer than they do other girls?
    Do his parents look at you longer than they do other girls?
  • 10
    Does he touch you often?

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Nunofyourbeezwax (10815)
17 days ago
Omg 😯 I love him and he might love me I’m crying with joy
Emily 💖 (80811)
47 days ago
I really don't like this quiz because...

1. He doesn't know my friends

2. He doesn't go my school

3. The answer was wrong i know he likes me #he doesn't know!!!
Rose💋 (75900)
52 days ago
I guess he really likes me :”OMG, he might have a huge crush on you! See if you can put in a little extra effort to get him to REALLY like you. If you want him to like you more, be extra nice and flirt with him so he won't be nervous or unsure. Sometimes guys are just as uncertain and nervous as we are.”
Anonymous sarcastic serial killer (23017)
56 days ago
*he not Hebrew (?? Where did it get that from??)
Anonymous sarcastic serial killer (23017)
56 days ago
I'm confused - so I got for 80% you are and it said no chance, so I did it again to see what the other results were and I got 30% and it still said a have very little chance! What is the better score? It also si says for 80/30% you are, I am what...? It's confusing it it says does Hebrew have a crush on you and then for ...% you are coz they don't correlate... what???
eliza (92727)
84 days ago
I'm best friends with Ethan Lulich. Carver goodman my ex best friend got jealous and now he's a real jerk what should i do?
Annabella Emma Elizabeth Jane Maria Pavia-Dav (27871)
90 days ago
Hi there is this boy called Joe and in class he is always staring at me and he said he has top three crushes and I am 3rd. P.s I have an ex called Luca and I kinda miss him. Lol.

I go to Kingsley in Leamington, it's a private school.
someone amazing(only into girls I'm a girl) (13001)
155 days ago
So my sister has a friend and her friend has a cute brother I like him so much. So my sister and I wee sitting next to each other and her and her brother and I was sitting next to him too.So then my sister called me a giraffe I called her a bear. Then he said than what am I? And his sister said a rat he heard a cat and he said ohh I like cats. Then she said a rat and then he looked at me and said then I'm the rat you're the cat. I was so happy then he said he did not shower from 8 days ago but I looked at him like what the heck.Then he smiled and said no I'm kidding so I smiled. Then there was an IMPORTANT PART WHERE I DIED so he looked at me/stare at me for like 30seconds. Then I had to go so I left. And one day at the Carnaval at my school he ran to me and said that my sister was looking for me and then I went and asked him if he could take my brother while I get my stuff and he said what stuff and I was like me bag. and one time I was calling my dad at the reception and he was waiting behind me and then he was dancing behind me and it was so cuttttttteeeeeeeeee
Ain't gonna tell u my name (78382)
159 days ago
Ok, so I liked this guy for like a year and half now, and I did caught him looking at me in hallways quite a bit, though people say that he's a jerk, though he is very nice to me and when he say something that might make me uncomfortable (even though I'm not), he says sorry immediately. and if he accidentally bumped into me or something he'll say sorry too (he usually says Get out of the way to others, or watch it.), I like him a lot but idk if he likes me, is there a possibility? Some of the quizes I took on him says that there's a chance, and I just need to work on it a little to make him confident in liking me back, idk, any experts here? Please help me, I'd like to try a little make up or hairstyles to change how I look, but IDK how, please help!!!!! Thankssss!!!!
yay (75551)
168 days ago
i'm so happy he likes me because i thot he like an other girl called Rebekah and girls in expedition told me that she sucks up to him and when she fell she was calling his name to help he but i didn't and today religious studies he kept showing me vines and then he asked me if he could sit next to me i said OK and he kept talking to me. and on a other lesson the teacher asked the hole class to go to the front of the class room and when ever the boy is going to sit next to me she always slides next to him so he cant sit next to me but when all of us had to get something he sat on her spot and when she came back she said hey i was siting there to my crush and he said no you were sitting over there and i was here and when the teacher said don't talk you can write if u want to talk and he said yo and i said yo then he said watsup i didn't say anything then when i was talking to hes friends i looked at what he was writing and he was going to write you look biuteful but when the teacher came in he rubbed it out and that girl Rebekah was looking at me in a jellus way
yay (75551)
168 days ago
For 30 % you are: He doesn't secretly loves you, you guys are already in love! Keep it this way!
14 % of 78878 Quiz participants had this profile!

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: OMG, he might has a huge crush on you, see if he will comes to you!
Ruby-Jo (72943)
169 days ago
This guy Tim was in my class last year. His friend told me that Tim thinks I’m than pointed at the board at the word kawaii which means cute in Japanese and I replied by accidentally insulting Tim. Then one day I said to myself “I’m not smart “ Tim was seating near me and said “no you’re good” while nodding. Then I’ve caught him glances and staring at me. He also told this girl that he had a crush but wouldn’t tell anyone who, only his brother knew. But I’ve also got mixed signals like when there was this rumour going round that I had photos of him but I didn’t he said to me “pleases delete the photos because I don’t like you and will never go at with you” but the entire time he couldn’t make eye contact with me I replied what photos but why that time he walked away as fast as possible.
What does it mean?
Does he like me?
Joanne (23493)
180 days ago
I actually dated his friend and tbh he hasn't broken up with me yet... And I like him. He flirts with me by msg... Asking me if I want to have💗with him. Sleep with him. He even asked me sexual qns. In class with have eye contact but we don't talk alot. My feelings for him are quite strong but I'm really confused now. Does he like me? He says he misses his ex and he has a crush on my best friend but... He rarely talks about her. He thinks I treat him as a brother so he calls me sis and treats me lika sistor. Plsssssss can u tell me if he likes me too?!
SLiMe! (81845)
206 days ago
Yay! Thanks so much! I'm crushing on this guy, Chase, and we have orchestra together!!! He is ALWAYS staring at me, all of my friends told me so, and I caught him too!!! He is so nice, funny and sweet!!!!!! I know he's crushing on me! Hehe
Cute (85619)
209 days ago
I like this boy and he is the cutest boy from my class he wears glasses and I don't and I'm writing a letter to him so I can put in his locker on Valentine's day and he stares at me but stares at my grind to so I don't now if he likes me or he likes my friend. 😔😔😔😞😞😞😞
Random child (38287)
210 days ago
During class this kid named ryan is always staring at me hes really smart and really funny but i never thought of him in that way . I used to stare at him because i would try to figure out what he was thinking and we would just have random moments in class where we were both done with our work so we would literally stare at each other for like 10 seconds its really weird but i took this test and it said 60% omg omg he has crush on you. Im not sure wether i should believe it or not because im already dating someone and he found out a while ago. I dont think of him in that way but im a really curious person so i really want to know but if he does then i gave to tell my bf because they r friends and he shouldn’t like me in that way if he knows his friend is dating me. Anyway sorry for wasting your time i just had to get it off my chest.
Thian hanghal (77136)
227 days ago
This is crazy!!!!!
He trys me today.
Precious (66006)
232 days ago
I don't know if he likes me he looks at me and when i look back he turns away he doesn't talk to me once we had this science project so we were paired the project had to do with magnet so i used it to take he key and he had this toy on it ,it was like flying then he laugh the first time and we were paired in three so the third just kept on playing with magnet and he said that h should give it to me do you think he likes me but too shy to tell
Book Girl (19427)
232 days ago
His mom nudged him and gestured to me at Open House. He oviously has a crush on me. Yay?
Book Girl (19427)
232 days ago
Got a 70% as an OMG he might have a huge crush on you or it said something like that. I like him to. EVERY ONE THINKS I LIKE HIM AND HE LIKES ME. I GUESS I'm happy.