When Will I Get My First Period

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This test CAN HELP you to know a little bit more, that when will you get your first period

  • 1
    Ok. Now, warning! These questions can get a little awkward. But....
    Have you got discharge? (The yellow/white stuff in your panties)
  • 2
    If you have discharge, how long gave you had it for?
  • 3
    Awkward but....
    Have your breasts started growing yet?
  • 4
    Yeah I know....
    Which size is your bra?
  • 5
    Do you have hair under your arms?
  • 6
    What about the hair down there?
  • 7
    Do you ever get cramps under your belly button?
  • 8
    Have you had a growth spurt?
  • 9
    How old are you compared to the age your mom got her period?
  • 10
    Do you get mood swings? Especially on mornings

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11 year old (83061)
12 days ago
Mine legit said to check my pants lol I honestly think I won’t be waiting too much longer ugh
GURLYBYE! (57387)
21 days ago
Dear, Please help (first page) your almost there, have you had spotting(small light brown,red,or pink spots in your panties) You should be getting it soon not too long cuz you almost have all the signs. I hope you have a good FLOW. (That was a terrible pun)
Please help (61348)
35 days ago
Please estimate me
Just turned 13
Mum got hers when she was 12
I have had a lot of discharge everyday since just over a year ago
I weigh 41 kg
AA cup
I’m always moody
Don’t get cramps
Always have cravings
I have a lot of pubic hair, armpit hair and leg hair
I sweat A LOT
please estimate me
Alicia (94748)
62 days ago
OMG I’m getting my period in 2-6 months UGH that’s ages
Kayla (24736)
70 days ago
mine said to check my pants. i got mine 5 months ago so pretty accurate
dal (87094)
82 days ago
Pls estimate
Age : 10
Weight:42 kg
Breast: pointy and triangular shaped
Had discharge for like 7- 8 months full and it is ruining my pants
I sweat alot
Armpit hair:have to shave every two days
Pubic hair : half way developed
Cramps all the time( everyday) and really hurts
Height: 4'9
Mood swings comes anyhow
Leg hair just started growing

Pls help
Mo (22567)
84 days ago
It said any day now. Many tests say one month or so... I'm almost 13 and I am reeeallllly exited!
Avery Mercadante (46265)
91 days ago
I’m so nervous. I got u should go check ur pants and I’m only 10
When you reply call me reply (30649)
94 days ago
Can somebody estimate me?

I am ten (Why am I here?)

I have been having cravings for junk food a lot

I weigh 36.KG

I have small 💗 if you look down it makes a triangle

I have had cramps now and then not really bad

I've have discharge for about 5-6 months and it's a small amount

I sweat a lot

Please stigmata me thx
Answer 2 meeeee (92735)
94 days ago
Yh I think Urs will come any day now
caitlin (68541)
95 days ago
oh ma god look what it said: they should be coming REALLY soon, you might wanna go check your pants...
Meee (67868)
110 days ago
Test said any day now!
Can someone still estimate?
Breasts are a bb but can fit a b
Hair down there is full and dark, just starting to go curly
Have to shave legs every week, otherwise look like a boy
Armpit hair just started going dark
Discharge has been heavy for 2 years( however sometimes I dont get it for like a week)
Same age as mum (13)
Around 42.5 kg
Cramps most days, always really bad though
Cravings alllll the time
Grown about 3.5 inches in 9 months
Crazy mood swings, you don’t want to be near me when I have them
Lots of my friends have started and I read online that if you are constantly near a women who has started it is supposed to ‘trigger’ Your flow

Thanks to anyone who helps
Stassi (86172)
113 days ago
Every test says 2-6 or 2-5 months is it acurate!!!
Gangster (37554)
116 days ago
Estimate me!
💗 Not fully grown, a cup
A little more than halfway developed hair down there
11 years old, almost 12
Mom got it at 15
Discharge is SUPER HEAVY! I have goop! (Ik it's gross)
Puberty started just a bit over 2 years ago
Sophie (61951)
116 days ago
In 10 and quizzes say 3-6 months 0-3 months and stuff like that
KittyKaja (89760)
119 days ago
OMG… the same results as a different test… 2 to 6 months… im only 11… i don't think i'm ready yet…
Sara (50614)
119 days ago
Idk ive had a rage of 2 months to 2 years, lol idk, I’m thinking 6 months being accurate
Devi (02764)
127 days ago
C YA!!! Got to got check my pants!!!!!!!! (I'm only 11) Ha.
Abi (Not my real name lolll) (54655)
130 days ago
I got go check you pants lol
Sophie (61951)
160 days ago
2-6 months sounds like the most accurate