The Walking Dead Trivia

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How much do you know about the #1 show on TV?

  • 1
    The TV series is based off what?
  • 2
    Where does it take place?
  • 3
    The show began in?

  • 4
    Who is NOT in the show?
  • 5
    Season 1: What was on the necklace that Andrea got for Amy?
  • 6
    Season 1: What was Patient 19's relation to the CDC dude?

  • 7
    Season 1: Which hand did Merele saw off?
  • 8
    Season 1: What were Shane and Carl hunting for by the lake?
  • 9
    Season 2: What flower does Daryl give to Carol?
  • 10
    Season 2: Where do Shane and Otis go for medical supplies?

  • 11
    Season 2: Patrica is...
  • 12
    Season 2: What draws the herd to the farm?
  • 13
    Season 3: How many guys did Rick's group find at the prison?
  • 14
    Season 3: What do the Woodbarians call walkers?
  • 15
    Season 3: What's the Govenor's real name?
  • 16
    Season 3: Hershal left a Bible with a message for the Govenor. What was it?

  • 17
    Season 4: What name did Carl give to the pig?
  • 18
    Season 4: How much pudding did Carl eat?
  • 19
    Season 4: Where are Captain Hero, Miss Booty-Shorts, and The Human Mullet going?
  • 20
    Season 4: Who are the creepy leaders at Terminus?

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2422 days ago
There's a scene that shows the walkers following a helicopter toward the farm. Then the gunshot keeps them coming toward that direction
2436 days ago
#12 is wrong Carl's gun shot at Shan killed him and drawer all the walkers/bitters to the farm
2466 days ago
Carl's gunshot while firing at Shane after he had been turned is what drew the walkers into the farm
2615 days ago
Make sure to spell names correctly