Were you meant to be a boy or a girl?

Developed by: Lollipop

Have you ever thought that you weren't meant to be your current gender but a different one it may look like your a particular gender but what is your true gender at heart.Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Where would you go on the weekends?
  • 2
    What food would you eat?
  • 3
    What colour is your fav colour?
  • 4
    What sport would you play?
  • 5
    Your mum tells you to mop the floor what do you do?
  • 6
    Now it is a sunny day what do you do?
  • 7
    What sweet do you like the most?
  • 8
    What type of pet would you like?
  • 9
    What would you search on the internet?
  • 10
    What do you think of popular kids?

Comments (233)


Ish (39155)
4 days ago
I got 60 percent boy even though I am a girl!
Aviva Phia (02557)
7 days ago
YAY GIRL!!!!!! I thought I was going to get boy but thank goodness I got GIRL!!!!!
Samgladiater (12386)
20 days ago
I'm kinda sad I'm not a boy cuz there's sooo many advantages to being a boy!😡
Samgladiater (12386)
20 days ago
It said I was 40% boy!Im actually a girl! LOL 😝
Gary (66563)
21 days ago
Im. 40persent girl. Nice
Ryan (87081)
22 days ago
Awesome! I’m a boy in real life but it said I’m 70 percent girl! Kick butt! I totally want to be a girl!
Isabella (46717)
23 days ago
My sister got 50% boy lol
Isabella (46717)
23 days ago
It said I'm 40% boy but it did not say girl
Valina annasophia (82061)
26 days ago
This means to me.

Total boy: F-
Boy: F
Total girl: A+
Girl: A
Veronica Julia (82061)
26 days ago
When I took the quiz it said that I am a total boy well I retook the quiz and it said that I'm a girl!!!! Beacause I am a girl!!!
Mika Jodie (82061)
26 days ago
I am not a dude I am a girl Eli
Eli (98335)
28 days ago
60% Boy
I’ve been having a life crisis about my gender man I need a 100%
But great quiz my dude
Mika Jodie (82061)
28 days ago
YES GIRL!!!!!!! Two quizzes said that I'm a girl!!!!! I am a lucky girl!!!!
Allthetests (82061)
28 days ago
Katie: boy
Andrew: girl
Veruca the squirrel girl: girl
Isabelle: boy
Just Australian rainfalling: boy
Not telling my name: boy
Girl: girl
Veronica salt: girl
Scarlet the spider: girl
May: girl
Emily: boy
???: boy
Mk: boy
No need for my name ok: girl
No_need_4_my_name_ok_? (39773)
29 days ago
I am a boy.It said I am for 40% I am a boy so does that mean that for 60% I am a girl?
M.K (18042)
29 days ago
I’m a girl I got boy lmao
????? (62403)
31 days ago
I got 50% girl when a boy
emily (36472)
34 days ago
im a girl but i got a boy and i feel like i am a boy
May (81047)
40 days ago
I got boy and I like it 😛
Katie (95724)
40 days ago
I got total girl i know I’m meant to be a girl